Investigation Homeless - killer. (1998)

Telecast №58947, 1 part, duration: 0:10:11
Production: Highway Patrol
Director:Svetlaev N.
Anchor:Kolesnikov S.
Camera operators:Odonovich O.



The TV program tells about the criminal situation and murders among homeless people.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The presenter goes into the basement, says the opening speech.

Moscow, Novy Arbat, traffic.

Kursky railway station.

Homeless people are fighting on the square near the train station.

A homeless man is sitting against the wall.

In the frame is a young homeless man at the train station.

A pack of stray dogs.

A homeless man eats noodles.

Train station, an electric train arrives on the platform.

Panorama of the railway track, fence.

The building of the Moscow Transport Prosecutor's Office.

The corpse of a homeless man in the bushes.

The corridor of the prosecutor's office, employees walk.

A sign on the wall near the office - "Prosecutor-criminologist Kramarenko A. I.".

A police officer interrogates a homeless man on the street.

The territory of the station, there is a loader with an empty cart.

The general plan is an investigation team at the crime scene.

On the ground - the corpse of a homeless man.

Two homeless people are sitting by the bushes near the fence.

Large - police car.

Large - holster with a pistol on the side of the policeman.

The criminologist examines the corpse of a homeless man, the investigator keeps a protocol.

Large - clothes of a homeless person on the ground.

Entrance to the Kurskaya metro station, panorama of the station building and the forecourt.

Panorama of the railway tracks, concrete slabs where homeless people gathered.

The train is going slowly.

A drunken group of homeless people.

Panorama of the fence.

Large -iron mesh, reinforcement parts.

Investigative experiment - fragments of operational filming.

Investigators and operatives interview witnesses, reconstruct the picture of the crime.

Police officers near the entrance to an abandoned house.

Premises, rooms of an abandoned house.

The basement of an abandoned house is littered with boards, garbage, empty bottles, etc.

View of the fence and passing trains from the basement window.

Says the prosecutor-criminologist Alexey Kramarenko.

In the frame is a correspondent.

Says Kramarenko.

View of the building of the Kursk railway station.

Station territory - people are walking.

View of an abandoned house near the train station.

A room in the house - dirt, garbage, various junk, etc.

Large - the loop weighs.

Large - empty vodka bottles.

Large - a branch of a tree with leaves, part of the car "Rus".

There is a stele on the road - "Belaya Dacha Microdistrict", a truck is passing by.

The territory of the agricultural farm "Belaya Dacha" - an investigative group is working (footage from the investigative experiment).

A witness is in the frame.

View of the destroyed, abandoned buildings of dachas, garden houses, gazebos, etc.

A witness is in the frame.

Large - empty vodka bottles are lying on the grass.

Photo by Igor Gushchin.

Footage from an investigative experiment - an employee of the investigative team enters a shack, a witness stands nearby.

View of the hut from the inside - trash, garbage, etc.

A large-burnt teapot.

Old barrels, garbage on an abandoned plot.

Large - mesh fence.

Panorama of a fence, an abandoned plot.

Large - bonfire.

Near the remains of the fire there is a homemade wooden table and benches made of logs.

Panorama of wooden boxes with empty bottles.

Footage from the investigative experiment - employees of the investigative team are walking along an abandoned site.

The suspect in handcuffs answers the investigator's questions as he killed a drinking companion.

Criminologists dig up the ground at the crime scene.

The sign on the building is "Moscow Transport Prosecutor's Office".

On the table is a folder "Supervisory proceedings".

In the frame - photocopies and photos of suspects in the murder.

Various fragments from the operational video (investigative experiment).

View of the railway tracks, an abandoned building.

View of the building on Panteleevskaya street.

Says the prosecutor-criminologist Alexey Kramarenko.

View of Kotelnicheskaya embankment, high-rise.

Homeless people at the train station.

Orderlies pack the corpse of a homeless man in a black bag.

A homeless man at the train station, sitting against the wall.

The half-decomposed corpse of a homeless man in the basement.

A group of homeless people is sitting.

Criminologists examine the remains of a homeless man (skeleton).

People on the street of the city.

A criminologist photographs the corpse of a homeless man in the entrance.

A homeless woman in the bullpen.

The corpse of a homeless man lies on the ground.

A homeless man eats noodles.

The presenter in the basement - says the final words.

Key words

Crime, crime, murder, homeless, train station, prosecutor's office, investigation team

Locations: Moscow

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824]

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