third meeting. (1966)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Babayan A.

Script writers: Belokurov L., Bayan P.

Operators: Berenshtejn Yu., Rafikov M.

Anouncers: Hmara L.

Other authors: Bek-Nazarov K.


The film is dedicated to the 3 rd International Competition. Tchaikovsky, who was in Moscow and its participants.


Reel №1

The hands of a pianist playing the piano.

Panorama of the auditorium of the Moscow Conservatory, the audience applauded.

The girl is putting on the poster of the 3 rd International Competition.

Tchaikovsky on the curb.

View of the part of the poster tube and one of the streets of Moscow.

The poster opposite the cinema "Khudozhestvenny", the posters of the competition on the streets of Moscow.

People buy the competition program.

The queue for tickets to the Grand Hall of the Conservatory (from above).

People in line for tickets, registering the numbers of people standing in line.

Faces of people.

Portraits of the contestants posted in one of the street stands.

A landing aircraft.

Participants of the contest with musical instruments in their hands leave the airport building "Sheremetyevo".

Contestants descend on the plane's ramp.

The plane of the Indian airline landed, the view of the part of the airfield.

Participants of the contest are walking along the corridor of the airport building.

Arrival of members of the International Jury - Philippe Newman, Gaspar Kassado.

Minister of Culture of the USSR Furtseva EA welcomes the jury members in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses, the view of the palace hall.

Panorama of the presidium of the grand meeting.

Furtseva E.A. gives a welcome speech.

The violinist Leonid Kogan read out a greeting letter from the composer Shostakovich.

Contestants from different countries talk with each other.

The international jury before the first round of the competition.

General view of the hall.

Speech by violinist Viktor Tretyakov, types of auditorium, listeners applaud.

Speech by the Dutch violinist Christian Vorga, Vorg behind the scenes after the performance accepts congratulations from colleagues.


Furtseva Ekaterina Alekseevna - state and political figure Kogan Leonid Borisovich - violinist




Moscow [820]

Musicians; Meeting

Reel №2

Performs Mexican cellist Apollonio Luna with the sketch of Popper.

The study of Popper is performed by Soviet cellist Karine Georgiyan.

Jury members listen to the performer.

Canadian cellist Gisella Depkat performs Tchaikovsky's nocturne, listeners applaud, go out into the foyer.

Portraits of cellists-participants of the contest, which took place in the second round.

Members of the jury discuss the questions of the competition.

International jury in the Great Hall of the Conservatory.

Italian cellist Marco Scano performs G. Banshchikov's work "Four fleeting moments," the faces of listeners.

Bulgarian cellist Stefan Popov performs "Prelude" of Ekonomov.

American violinist Eric Fridman performs "Gypsy tunes" Sarasate, the faces of listeners.

Jury session, faces of jury members.

The chairman of the jury of violinists David Oistrakh conducts the meeting, the members of the jury speak, a vote is being taken.

Violinist Ruben Aghranian performs Brahms' Concert, views of the Great Hall of the Conservatory.

Performs Dutch violinist Emmy Verhey with Mendelssohn Concerto.


Oistrakh David Fedorovich - violinist




Moscow [820]

Musicians; Composers

Reel №3

Chairman of the jury of violinists David Oistrakh among the members of the jury.

Members of the jury take their places before the finale of the violin competition.

The face of the violinist Victor Tretyakov.

Listeners in the hall, Tretyakov's mother is waiting for the speech of her son.

Tretyakov begins his speech, the faces of the jury.

Tretyakov's mother in the audience listens to the game of his son.

Tretyakov performs Tchaikovsky's Concert, the faces of listeners.

Perform Japanese violinists Masuko Usioda and Yoko Sato.

Leonid Kogan among the members of the jury.

Kogan during classes with Yoko Sato, the face of Kogan.

Speech by Yoko Sato.

Performers are violinists Oleg Kagan and a pupil of Oistrakh Oleg Rat.

View of the table of the jury.

The audience applauds the participants of the competition, the panorama of the hall (from above).

Teachers congratulate the participants of the second round of the contest.

Composer Tikhon Khrennikov thanks Yoko Sato for the brilliant performance of his work.

The participants of the contest from different countries talk with each other near the building of the Moscow Conservatory.

The cellist Maria Chaykovskaya, led by Mstislav Rostropovich, is preparing to perform in the third round of the competition, rehearsing with the orchestra "Variation on the Rococo" by Tchaikovsky.

The face of Rostropovich.


Oistrakh David Fedorovich - violinist Kogan Leonid Borisovich - violinist Rostropovich Mstislav Leopoldovich - cellist Khrennikov Tikhon Nikolayevich - composer




Moscow [820]

Musicians; Composers; International cooperation

Reel №4

The cellist Maria Chaykovskaya speaks at a competitive audition.

Performance of the cellist of Leningrad Eleonora Testelec.

Jury members listen to performers.

The hand of one of the members of the jury making notes.

Musician and teacher from the US Grigory Pyatigorsky among the members of the jury.

American cellist Lorenz Lesser is performing.

Performs Japanese cellist Ichiro Yasuda.

The performance of the Finnish cellist Arta Norez, the jury members listen to the musician's play, the general view of the hall.

American cellist Stefan Cates is playing.

Speaker student Rostropovich Karine Georgian.

The conductor shakes the cellist's hand after the performance, Georgian leave the stage.

Karine Georgian takes congratulations from teachers and fellow students behind the scenes.

View of the part of the channel to them.

Moscow, on water there is a ship under hydrofoils "Raketa".

Participants of the competition during a walk through the channel.

Moscow, the banks and bridges of the canal.

Panorama of part of the territory of the Moscow Kremlin, the contestants examine the Kremlin's architectural monuments and cathedrals.

Musicians; Life and leisure; Architecture

Reel №5

Participants of the competition from Czechoslovakia brothers Glinka in the territory of the Moscow Kremlin during the excursion.

Pianist Jiri Glinka performs "Scherzo" by Chopin.

Emil Gilels is the head of the jury of pianists.

American pianist Misha Diktor performs the musical poem of Arno Babajanyan.

The composer A. Babajanian listens to the performance of his work, applauds the musician.

The young participant of the competition, the Soviet pianist Grigory Sokolov performs the "Spanish rhapsody" Liszt.

The audience applauds.

The participant of the competition goes out after the performances, take autographs from Lyudmila Zykina.

Listeners in the hall of the conservatory during the performances of the vocalists.

Chairman of the jury of vocalists Professor Alexander Sveshnikov listens to the next contestant.

The Bulgarian singer Elvina Stoytseva performs an aria from Tchaikovsky's opera Mazepa.

Black American singer Simon Estes performs Tchaikovsky's romance "Amid the Noisy Ball ...".

View of the part of the building of the Tchaikovsky House-Museum in Klin.

Inner appearance of Tchaikovsky's office, there is a table lamp on the table.

The piano in Tchaikovsky's study.

A note written by Tchaikovsky.

View of the veranda, trees in the park of the house-museum.

Participant of the contest American singer Jane Marsh performs "Letter of Tatiana" from Tchaikovsky's opera "Eugene Onegin", faces of jury members.


Babadzhanyan Arno Arutyunovich - composer Gilels Emil Grigorievich - pianist Zykina Lyudmila Georgievna - singer

Musicians; Composers; Museums and exhibitions

Reel №6

Maria Biesu performs Tosca's aria from Puccini's opera of the same name.

The audience applauds.

American participant Veronica Tyler performs aria from Gershwin's opera "Porgy and Bess".

Vladimir Atlantov performs the aria of Canio from the opera Leoncavallo "Pagliacci", the faces of listeners.

Panorama of the audience, listeners applaud.

People at the turnstiles on the street are waiting for their turn to pass to the performances of the participants of the third round of pianists, they ask each other extra tickets.

Checking tickets, policemen follow the order.

View of the hall of the conservatory.

Belgian pianist Andre Degro performs the first concert of Brahms, accompanied by an orchestra, faces of jury members.

A student of the Moscow Conservatory, pianist Georgy Sirota performs the third concert of Rachmaninov.

View of the balcony of the Great Hall of the Conservatory, listeners applaud.

Musicians; Composers

Reel №7

People in the foyer of the Great Hall of the Conservatory during the intermission, Arkady Raikin talking with one of the members of the jury.

Types of empty hall, piano on stage, portraits of composers on one of the walls.

Listeners come into the hall after the intermission.

Young pianist Alexander Slobodyanik is preparing for the performance.

Slobodyanik performs Tchaikovsky's concert, a panorama of a part of the hall, faces of listeners and members of the jury.

Performs American pianist Edward Auer.

Performs the post-graduate of the Moscow Conservatory Victor Eresko, the view of the part of the hall (from above).

Speech by American pianist Misha Speaker.

The audience applauds the performers.

Laureates of the contest and members of the jury on the stage of the Great Hall of the Conservatory.

Minister of Culture of the USSR Furtseva EA during the awarding ceremony.

Composer Tikhon Khrennikov gives gold medals to the winners, those present applaud.


Furtseva Ekaterina Alekseevna - state and political figure Raikin Arkady Isaakovich - entertainer, theater and cinema actor Khrennikov Tikhon Nikolayevich - composer

Musicians; Composers; Political figures; Persons of arts