Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1944 № 720-2 working material

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Producer UFA

Reel №1

Eastern front, central portion.


German soldiers who are on holiday in the immediate rear.

Soldiers talk.

An officer with a map among the soldiers.

Build troops, they sit in the trucks go.

General among the soldiers on the streets.

Distribution of parcels, took out a cigarette, candy, etc..

Gun crew on the outskirts of the city.

The car enters the city of Vitebsk past the church.

The traffic controller in civilian clothes.

Pointer with a lot of labels.

The bus with the wounded, loading them into cars.

the station type.

From building out soldiers with suitcases.

The building of the commandant's office.

On the wall hangs a stand "Vohenshau", classified by Vitebsk, reads soldiers.

On the inscription in German building "Publisher", and from there go to the newspapers.

The soldier with the newspaper "Panzerfaust" in his hands.

On the road going trucks.

On a snowy field to the hut goes biker, comes into the house, the soldiers slept on the bunk.

The newcomer raises comrades.

The stove is a fire.

The soldiers wash, eat.

Young men with bowler.

On the desk phone, the signalman receives.

The meeting with the card.

German soldiers walk through the woods, down the hill.

Smoldering Ruins.

The soldiers fired from the shelter.

The street has a gun.

Burning a Soviet tank.

Clubs of smoke, fire.

Night attack.

missiles of light in the sky, flash the guns, tracer bullets


The boys - students politshkoly run to the layout.

German non-commissioned officer of Apicius, a knight of the Iron Cross 1st Class tells the pupils about his exploits on the eastern front, he explains his story on the layout.

Those guys.

Driving battle


Speech by Minister of Information petenovskogo government Arrio in the hall

Eastern Front, in the Vitebsk region.

German soldiers in a trench, an observer with binoculars.

Come soldiers.

There's a sign: "Frontline holiday home" dugout with humorous inscriptions.

Figure of a naked soldier in the tank - a bath.

Makeshift shower, wash the soldiers.

Barber in the air.

Women carrying tureens.

At the table officers and nurses.

deficit Sale - wine, cigarettes and others.

Sports. ball games, jumping.

Performance of the front of the theater: performance of acrobats, circus, ballet stunts on bikes.

Dance "Snake Charmer"

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