Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1944 № 716-2 working material

Film-document №58968 2 footages, Duration: 0:10:35.835, Black-white to collection Price category G
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Producer UFA

Operators: Briks,Bromund,Ekkeljt,Gerke,Hirt-Reger,Kilj,Karl-Hajnc Shmidt,Temmes,Cshajle

Reel №1


German rest home for soldiers in the castle Kukshtayn.

German soldiers and German.

Concerto in memory of the fallen.

Playing organist Professor Vepssler.


Wounded, the locals.

View of the city and the park.




German peasants at work.

They carry a cart with peat.

Tillage plow and hoe


German youth competition in gymnastics.

Gymnastics on the crossbar.

Jumping horse.

Mass physical exercise.

Humorous, boxing, games



The beasts in the arena.


Leo is on the wire.

ground acrobats


Marines visiting sailors.

Marines on board.

Mariner gives explanations.

Excursion to the port.

Admiral gives explanations.

On board the boat


German military factory.

Tour honored officers and soldiers.

They hot shop.

The minister of armaments Albert Speer, speaking at one of the German factories.

He was among the workers and employees


A special team of sappers neutralize huge sea mines.


Sappers at work

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Reel №2


Visit of the President of Slovakia Dr.

Tiso in Germany.

It welcomes the Führer.

They are sent to the machine


Resetting the American troops in Burma.

Marines in the jungles.

Fragments of fighting the Japanese.

American wounded are in hospital

THE USSR. Bessarabia.

The southern section of the Eastern Front.

Neighborhood Seret Yass River.

German and Hungarian soldiers built fortifications.

The soldiers bathed in the river.

Machine amphibian on water.

Hungarian infantry and German infantrymen go ahead.

Reflection of the Soviet attack.

Destroyed Soviet tank.

Carrying ammunition under fire.

The infantry is moving forward behind the tanks.

Shoot tank.

Captured Bessarabian village.

Germans among the ruins of the village

Key words

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Scene №1


Translation railway switches.

Train on the bridge.

Trains carry bulky loads.

Used provisions in the train.

Tanks on railway platforms.


Organ concert in the hospital for the wounded.

Professor Buhler takes organ mass in memory of the fallen soldiers.


View of the city and the park, the castle Kukshtayn landscapes.


German military factory.

Tour troops shock troops, they are in the hot shop, a large press


Submission to the Bush circus.

Tamer of lions, lion walking on a tightrope.

Two bears.

Speech parterre acrobats.


Farmers Shteyermarka for field work.

Plowing the land on steep slopes.

Unloading fertilizers.

L. Eastern Front, the Carpathians, the district Iasi-Chisinau.

German and Hungarian soldiers built fortifications.

Installation of barbed wire.

The soldiers on holiday, they bathe in the river, bask in the sun.

Machine amphibian on water and on land.

German and Hungarian units go to the front.

Self-propelled installation of Zrinyi.

Fragments of a battle with Soviet troops.

Destroyed Soviet tank.

Shoot German guns, carrying shells under fire.

The infantry is behind the tanks.

Captured Bessarabian village.

Shoot the tanks.

The Germans are among the village ruins.

Key words

Marder III, PzKpfw III, PzKpfw IV



Circus; World War II