Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1944 № 712-2 working material

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Producer UFA

Reel №1

Eastern front, the direction of Zhytomyr, Kirovograd, Nikopol.

Melting snow, two horses are eating grass.

German soldiers near a self-propelled, clean weapons.

Rest between battles, the soldiers slept.

PNRM. on the accumulation of forces, the distance can be seen the train cars.

Soldiers talk, shave, eat.

Near General Staff.

Tanks and infantry are on the road by the river.

Horse carts move.

The meeting of father and son on the front-line roads, they kiss.

Cars, motorcycles riding through the mud.

German planes dropped containers with gasoline.

Open container in the form of a shell, take out the cans, are the tanks.

The tank inscription "Hildegart".

The radioman in headphones transmits a message in the box.

Shoot German guns.

Officers discuss the situation on the map.

They're coming tanks, soldiers sitting on them, the infantry is on a dirt road, a skirmish.

The infantry in the village, the soldiers said a resident.

Soldier boots knead mud.

On the way, go carts, on the sidelines of burning Soviet equipment.

Arrival general, rewarding soldiers crosses

Eastern front, southern direction.

The retreat of the German troops from the territory of Bessarabia.

German soldiers descend to the river, to meet a woman with a yoke.

German soldiers are in the city.

The population goes behind the troops.

Train Station, is a train with troops and equipment.

Germans blow up industrial enterprises and strategic targets.

The explosion of the plant, the tube falls.

The movement of German tanks, infantry through thick mud.

Gets stuck motorcycle, the soldiers pulled him.

Soldiers riding on tanks.

Type in the tank opening.

Invasion of the village.

Burning appliances, tools

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Reel №2

Eastern front, southern direction.

The Germans on the banks of the river, her vision of the city.

German artillery firing in the city.

Attack Corps.

Burning Appliances.

Signalman with telephone.

Marines on the streets collect parachutes.

Rest soldiers


The funeral ceremony.

Hall, Goebbels delivers a speech.

Order on the pillow, the laying of wreaths.

The funeral ceremony in the city, is a RAD squad with shovels or other types of troops.

Residents pulled his hands in a Nazi salute.

The coffin on a gun carriage driving up to the pantheon, making the pantheon


The funeral, memorial hall, the relatives of the deceased in the front row.

Speaker Goering.

The laying of wreaths.

Hitler coming to the tomb, correcting ribbons on the wreath.

Marshals with batons


Celebrating the 55th anniversary of the Fuhrer.

Playing Symphony Orchestra of the Berlin Philharmonic.

Speech by Goebbels.

Parade on the streets of Berlin, marching band from the Brandenburg Gate.

People marching with flags, flowers.

The festively decorated cars, houses, ruins.

Slogans on the ruins of houses.

People read newspapers.

German Chancellery, guests painted in the book of honorable guests.

Berlin in ruins


Hitler on the review of the tank corps.

The cortege of cars traveling on the road.

Keitel, Donitz, Guderian, engineer Bauer met the Fuhrer.

Build soldiers wounded efreytor with a bandaged hand, Hitler conversing with him.

Hitler and entourage inspect new models of tanks

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