Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1944 № 711

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Producer UFA

Operators: Vigand,Frikfeher,Yanke,K-H.Shmidt,Valjdman,Cajss i dr

Reel №1


Composer Hans Pfitzner on the day of its 75th anniversary will conduct the orchestra, performing music from his operetta "Kethen of Heilbronn".


On Easter prize races at the Berlin Karlshorst racecourse there are tens of thousands of Berliners.

Placards with the names of the jockeys: Zimmerman, Albers, Chapman et al.

Among the spectators many soldiers.

Start racing with sprepyatstviyami



Against the background of the radio tower sculpture of a man and a woman with fragments of columns and books.

Newspaper "Reich", over a photograph of Hitler with military commanders at the headquarters of the title "inexorable solidarity".

The head of the Greater German radio microphone in front of the doctor.

Rau reads message Reich Propaganda Joseph Goebbels from the weekly "Das Reich" of the barbaric bombardment of enemy aircraft German cities.


The coal mine in the Ruhr area.

The next generation of miners in the classroom at a vocational school.

Classes at the chemistry laboratory.

Practical training at the mine.

The guys on the construction of the tunnel in the mine, they drive a wooden mounting.

The work is evaluated by the Commission and recognizes good.

Diplomas of graduation.

Eastern Front / Karelia /.

The soldiers cut down a tree in the forest.

The soldiers at the front in his spare time produce wooden baby crib as a gift for a soldier-fathers.

Kern Shmettser - the first person of the division, which will be able to bring young son from the front cradle.

Soldier carries on holiday gift wife and son.

Arriving by train to his hometown, he is met by his father.

The soldier with his family.

A small child is placed in a wooden cradle.


Area Cassino.

Destroyed city after the Anglo-American bombing.

The kind of place where the fighting took place.

Statue and mural on the wall, accidentally surviving among the ruins.

Nine US tanks attacked a mountain pass, where German troops had taken refuge.

A soldier looks through the telescope.

There is a heavy artillery bombardment of German positions before the tank attack.

German anti-aircraft artillery opened fire in response.

The bombardment of American tanks.

Artillery fire forced German paratroopers to seek shelter in the mountains.

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Reel №2

Eastern front.

Crimea State.

German transport aircraft "Giant" deliver reinforcements and ammunition.

Onboard image: winged elephant carries the trunk of a big box.

Huge motors, vehicles and tools fade into the belly of "Giant."

Planting a company of soldiers.

Plane in the air.

He flies over the sea.

Aircraft and ships delivering different loads German units defending in the Crimea.

German coastal anti-aircraft battery fires at Soviet planes.

The arrival of the German convoy to its destination.

Eastern Front, Kovel district, besieged by Soviet troops by March 16th.

In terrible weather conditions and armored infantry units supported by SS units moving through the snow.

They will have to get into the city surrounded by the enemy to break through the encirclement.

One of the squadrons of the Luftwaffe supplies are surrounded by soldiers with everything you need.

The plane is directed to the area of ​​Kovel, throws food for the German troops stationed in the environment.

Unloading "bombs supply" with a variety of supplies for the troops.

View Kovel.

German soldiers on holiday, wounded.

German armored train on the tracks.

environment for the elimination of operations of German troops.

Actions tanks "Tiger" and the infantry.

Air connections Junkers-87 dive on the enemy position near Kovel, dogfight.

Colonel Hoffman, commander of the parts, we obtain the release of the task of the garrison.

In stubborn fighting German tanks leading the way grenadiers and SS units.

They approach the border Kovel, are fighting in the suburbs.

All around burning houses, the streets are broken Soviet tanks.

The Germans are prisoners, among them many Asian people.

Wounded Soviet soldiers.

April 5, 1944 - the removal Kovel siege.

Gruppenführer SS Lieutenant General Herbert Gille and officers greeted Colonel Hoffman and award distinguished themselves in combat soldiers and officers.

Sergeant catastrophe - one of the infantrymen who have received the Knight's Cross, comrades congratulated him.

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