Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 710 (1944)

Newsreel №58973, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:12, black-white
Production: UFA
Camera operators:Kilian, Andre fon Piotrovski, Zedler, Rajzgen, Valjter Konstantin Shtojtcner, Jozef Shafgans, Rammeljt, Aubele, Bullerian, Karl Zonntag, Nahtman, Ervin Erlenkyomper i drugie.

Reel №1

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Celebrating the 65th anniversary of the writer Augusta Hinrichs.

Writer walks in the park, it is suitable to the forester, shaking hands.

View Hinrichs honorary diploma from the guild of artisans of the city of Oldenburg in 1936.

Hinrichs in the office working on the play, typing.

He's rehearsal for his new play at the theater folk Oldenburg, discusses the role of the actress drawing.


Tours of the Croatian dance ensemble in Vienna.

A fragment of the concert.

Performance of folk dance ensemble.

In the hall of the soldiers.

Germany, Kohlberg.

More than 100 athletes of the German Army are taking part in the race over rough terrain at a distance of 7500 meters.

Start mass race.

Athletes run through obstacles, through the mud, ditches with water.

Winner - a representative of the air club from the city of Stralsund Max Rennen.


Training sessions in carving wood school in Pirna (Saxony).

Students under the guidance of the master in the classroom.

They cut figures out of wood, the boy hurt himself with a knife.

Wizard carves the head of Casper character dolls theater with a long nose.

The performance of the puppet theater with Casper.

Young spectators.


German military factory.

Production of tools for vehicles.



Restoration of German troops building farms which were destroyed during the war in France, returned to the owners of their homes.

Meeting people, which was a ceremonial presentation of the keys.

People come to the rebuilt barn with cows.


Master Hagi Weiss, founder of copies, and layout work of famous artists and architects of the last (?): Michelangelo, Raphael, Botticelli, Donatello and others.

Weiss created layouts cathedral in Orvieto, Siena, Florence, St.

Peter's in Rome.

Pictures of famous sculptures and paintings in Italy.


Representation for the wounded soldiers in the peasant folk theater in Schliersee, Bavaria.

Soldiers sitting at the tables in the hall, girls in national costumes spread of coffee.

On stage at the backdrop depicting a scene of people's lives, two women appear in national costumes, they sing folk songs to the accompaniment of the national string instrument, which plays a man.

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Reel №2

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Knight Knight's Cross, Colonel Heinrich Trettner, commander of the 4th Parachute Division, presents the Iron Cross distinguished themselves in the battles of Nettuno soldiers.

Awarding special Shpanga soldiers at the position.

Comrades, congratulations soldier with the award, presented a bouquet of wildflowers.

The pause between fights.

The soldier sitting on the grass, cut the knot of crafts.

Soldiers engaged in daily chores: shave, play cards, read newspapers, pancakes fried in a pan.

Soldier holding a puppy on his hands, the other jokingly puts on a helmet dog, all smiles.

The alarm on the battery, the time shouting through a megaphone.

Gunners ran to the guns.

American planes in the air.

They fired at the German anti-aircraft guns, guns.

Close-up of abandoned burnt pancake.

The explosions on the ground.

Start reconnaissance aircraft from one of the airports in Italy.

German pilot does photography, collecting new data about the enemy.

Above the harbor of Anzio.

Reconnaissance aircraft returns to base.

Processing of aerial reconnaissance in the headquarters.

The map is set based on images new targets for the German long-range guns.

German heavy gun on a train platform begins to bombard the port of Anzio.

Calculation with guns.


Shoot guns.

Eastern front.

Neighborhood of Narva and Peipsi.

Reinforcements for the Army Group "North" (commander, General Georg Lindemann cavalry) on trucks and tanks follow the front line.

Motor vehicles and horse-drawn carts going down the road in a blizzard.

The soldiers approached the car, lights up at the driver.

German reconnaissance detachment goes on snow-covered Lake Peipsi, the hill town visible.

Scout writes.

German guns firing at Soviet positions.

German detachment in the village, the soldiers searched the house.

Soviet soldiers surrendering.

Reflection of the Soviet counterattack.

German soldiers firing machine guns, rifles, anti-aircraft guns.

German court with sea shell Narva.

The massive attack of German airplanes assault on the Soviet rear.

The shelling of the area and Soviet tanks with strafing.


Hero Pilot Maj Hans-Ulrich Rudel in Berlin.

He was awarded the Diamonds to the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords.

It is with the German officers and soldiers, talks about his battle, a military career.

He sits down on the plane.

The plane takes off and heads toward the eastern front.

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