Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1944 № 714

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Producer UFA

Reel №1

Short propaganda film of "Thomas" series.

Thomas the train flirting with a woman, she did not answer him.

Thomas decides that the matter is this - his tie, he takes off his tie and sends it to his mistress Frau Schmoller with the note: put the tie to other things.

Thomas encourages viewers to take things in favor of the needy, and, like him, to contribute to the campaign to collect things in 1944.



Speech by the leader of the Hitler Youth movement Artur Axmann to young workers munitions factories, professional participants of the all-German event.

Close-up of diploma Karl Schantz, who won in the competition for metal forging.

The hall in which the competitors gathered, covered with mosaic floors, assembled members of the Hitler Youth and women's organizations.

The children receive a diploma from the hands of Reich Minister Herbert Backe.

The winners will also receive a special badge.

The second diploma, Big, issued Gerda Zyulke as movie editor.

At the ceremony there Gauleiter of Saxony, Martin Mushtman.


Speech Reichsleiter, head of the German Labour Front Dr.

Robert Ley at a meeting of workers of the military factory, has received the title of "the Model National Socialist enterprise".

German workers, award-winning for the valiant work.

Interior Minister Walther Funk presents diplomas "labor pioneers" distinguished work /1.5.1944/.


Demonstration models of clothes, converted from the old, in one of the enterprises.

Poster display.

The models show model on a wooden platform during the lunch break.

Spectator-military factory workers.

Dresses, combined different fabrics, dark dress, made of men's dress coat.


Bicycle racing in the rain through the streets of Berlin to celebrate the opening of the season.

Fans at the track.


Lieutenant-General Karl-Wilhelm Specht, holder of the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves, the inspector general of the army command, produces a review of the future officers who are serving the state labor service.

Marching workers' detachments with shovels in their hands.

General stands in front of soldiers, sitting on a bench, verifying their theoretical training.

Specht shoots from a rifle at the target.

Students demonstrate the general athletic skills, they pull the rope two teams, performing sports exercises, conducted steeplechase cross-country, are struggling.


The meeting of Hitler and Mussolini in Klessheim Castle near Salzburg /22-23.4.1944/.

Hitler and Mussolini go together through the hall of the palace to hold a meeting, in which the allies decide to continue the struggle until victory.

The meeting was attended by Marshal Rodolfo Graziani and Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel.

Groups conversing German and Italian officers, the chief of the Chancellery of Otto Meissner.

At the end of the meeting Mussolini, accompanied by German generals and Marshal Graziani visits of the Italian troops, watching the maneuvers.

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Reel №2


The military and merchant ships at the pier.

Paul Hellman, the first captain of a merchant ship, "Osorno", awarded the Knight's Cross.

Captain congratulate colleagues.

It produces award sailors.

Meeting in the wardroom of Captain convoy before sailing.

The convoy of German ships in the sea, they are accompanied by minesweepers, cruiser and aircraft.

Seaman near onboard instruments, the dog sits.

Seaman zoom flags.

Barrage balloons in the air.

The appearance of enemy aircraft, an alarm on the ship.

Antiaircraft guns firing at the enemy.

The convoy of ships to continue.

Eastern front.

Squadron "Immelman" celebrates its one hundred thousandth crash on one of the German front-line airfields.

On propeller label is attached with this figure.

The commander of one of the compounds, Colonel-General Otto Dessloh accompanied by a squadron commander Lieutenant Colonel Hans-Karl Shteppa bypass the guard pilots, among them Knight Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds Major Hans-Ulrich Rudel.

Rewarding pilots in the unit there are two new Knight Knight's Cross.

Aircraft on the field ready to fly.

The squadron flies in the form of three wedges.

Battles at Narva.

The Germans are equipped with fairly large and well-fortified bridgehead.

Grenadiers in camouflage expected offensive in the trenches.

Latvian SS men prepared tools to fight, carry ammunition.

The attack of Soviet aviation, the soldiers hiding in the trenches.

Downed Soviet aircraft-burning on the ground.

The officer looks at his watch, arrows show 16-00. Start of the German counter-attack.

Shoot the big guns, mortars, cannons.

Soldiers beat machine guns.

Communications Commander receives messages.

Shoots a German rocket launcher.

Infantry and the Waffen-SS are preparing for battle, the soldiers jump out of the bunkers.

At the onset of the division are the tanks "Feldgerngalle".

PNRM. vast field on which foot runs.

View from the slot on the tank column moving.

Infantry and the Waffen-SS way through barbed wire.

Shoot the tanks and guns.

On the snow-covered field lie the corpses of dead Soviet soldiers.

Go Soviet POWs.

German soldiers in the occupied village of rest after the fight, they eat, smoke cigarettes, a soldier shows his helmet pierced by shrapnel.

The award in the trenches distinguished Latvian SS German Iron Crosses.

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