Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 727 (1944)

Newsreel №58976, 2 parts, duration: 0:15:28, black-white
Production: UFA
Camera operators:Robert Daljmajer, Valjter Frentc, Erih Shtollj, Ervin Erlenkemper, Bellinghaus, German Dressler, Jekish, Kok, Kurt Grigolyajt, Diter Liphardt, Pfiffig, Cajss, Martin, Venig, Gerhard Haller, Gyunter Biderman, Fric Mozer i drugie.

Reel №1

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Despite the differences in age, gender and profession is fighting the whole German nation.

In the east, you need to build defenses before the onset of the Bolsheviks.

German youth is sent to the construction of new fortifications.

Boys at work: they dig anti-tank ditch.

Soldiers led by them.

Older men and women at work.

View from the plane on strengthening ready.

Eastern front.

The section from the Baltic Sea to the north end of the Carpathians a lull between battles.

On the road going trucks.

German motorized infantry infantry moves to the front.

The tanks on the highway.

German artillery is pounding the Soviet positions.

Knight Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves Sturmbannfuhrer SS-Hubert Erwin Mayerdress commanded a battery of heavy guns.

German artillery and anti-tank guns firing at the advancing Soviet tanks.

German heavy tanks in the offensive.

It is necessary to free the village, fiercely defended by the Bolsheviks.

SS troops before the assault.

Captured Russian village house in her blaze.

Soldier shows that the bullet hit the bowler.

The commander of the 5th SS Panzer Division "Wiking" SS Gruppenführer Herbert Gille, together with his soldiers defending Kovel, on the radio to call in reinforcements.

German infantrymen with light infantry guns under the cover of tanks begin to counterattack.

The tanks shelled positions of the Bolsheviks.

German soldiers captured from the Russian village in the town of Kovel district.

They eliminated the breakthrough of the front line.

Padded Soviet tanks.

Burning a Soviet tank.

German soldiers walk past a broken tank, drop into the slot.

Western Front.

Petenovskaya French police in the fight against the guerrilla "terrorists."

The building output of people with their hands up, leading a column of prisoners.

Interrogation of captured "bandits."

In one of the rural roads of France after the raid.

The car with the broken windows.

French field police checks of vehicles and drivers.

Verification of documents.

Arson home farm owner suspected of aid bandits.

French counterfeit money distributed by the Americans.

German infantry sent to the front.

Anxiety, soldiers hiding on the sidelines.

AA batteries are placed on the open fire on the approaching squadron of American bombers.

The enemy repulsed a raid, and convoys continue the path.

In combat position, the unit commander gives the order.

The soldiers in the trenches.

Field-Marshal Hans Günther von Kluge inspects one of the sectors of the front.

At one of the stations seen approaching enemy tanks opened fire on them.

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Reel №2

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Western Front.

Several enemy tanks pulled back and now stand just in front of the position.

Marines and paratroopers, armed with anti-tank weapons, destroy the tanks in the vicinity of the position.

A soldier in a helmet with camouflage net.

Reflection of American tank attack.

Unknown grunt hero, hit by two heavy American tank for a few hours on the same day awarded the Iron Cross, Commander shakes his hand.

German tanks in a counterattack.

Artillery firing day and night.

Sorties of the enemy supported only through the regular logistic supply through the English Channel.

North Sea.

The German U-boat in the raid.

Scenes inside the boat.

Giving commands.

The crew at work.

Release torpedoes.

Trouble with the appearance of the aircraft.

Immersion, surfacing and other maneuvers.

Hole in the boat, its liquidation.

The crew on board the boat pops up.

Key words

Western Front, World War 2, artillery, tanks, troops, weapons, France, personalities
North Sea, World War 2, Navy

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