Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1944 № 729

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1. Germany.

Total mobilization of women.

Call in the press to women to take places of men in the workplace.

Women in employment agencies.

They have machine tools in munitions factories.

Women-the controllers of the trams.

Training women drivers, women driving.

Female firefighters serving in the fire police.

They are preparing to extinguish the fire.

2. Germany.

Corporal Batnah the vacationer from the front, on leave at home.

Meeting in his hometown Kazbariene, the hero is greeted at the station with flowers.

The speaker reports about his feat: he knocked out Soviet tanks with bazookas.

Parents, neighbors near the house.

The hero with the mother.

He's in the carpentry shop, trying to work the plane.

3. A second front.

Fighting in Normandy.

German cars with the infantry, camouflaged with branches.

Boom for the bombers.

Anti-aircraft battery in action.

Shot down, burning on the ground an American airplane.

German tanks in the attack, the artillery supports the tank attack.

Burning and destroyed American tanks.


Prisoners of the allied forces.

Armored car in action.

German infantry on the outcome of the governmental positions.

Fire heavy anti-aircraft guns.

4. Poland.

The suppression of the uprising in Warsaw.

Warsaw in the fire.

The shelling of the city.

German troops in street fighting.

Arrested and killed on the streets.

German General Stahel directs the suppression of the uprising.

The SS in battle.

The shelling of rebel positions.

The Germans in the ruins of Warsaw.

Explosions, shooting bazookas.

The evacuation of civilians from the city.

5. Eastern front.

Speaker on "big German attack".

Counterattack German troops.

Infantry and tanks of the "Panther" and "Tiger" in the attack.

Look in the seam of the tank.

Support the attacks of ground troops from German aircraft.

Fragments of air combat.

A house fire with strafing.

The movement of German reinforcements to the front.

There is a column, escorted her children.

Preparation techniques.

Go train with the equipment and materials.

The German division sent to the Eastern front.

Is equipment, tanks, infantry.

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PzKpfw V, PzKpfw VI, Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer, Sd. Kfz.234, ju-87



World War II