Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1944 № 730

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Producer UFA

Operators: Angoek, Aljbert Ammer, Vojgt, Robert Daljmajer, Gajgals, Zaksinger, Erih Shtollj, Andre fon Piotrovski, Karl Zeljbah, Viljgeljm Mala, Fric Mozer, Valjter Konstantin Shtojtcner, Rudoljf, Shefer, Federer i drugie.

Reel №1


Along with the struggle of the German troops at the front does not interrupt the work of the defense industry.

Farmers to harvest.

Highlands in Bavaria.

Here farmers are making great harvests with great physical exertion.


The hay mow, loaded onto carts.

Urban population helps farmers.

Girls and boys of the imperial service labor service arriving at the weekend for the harvest.

Grandson and grandmother at work.

The consequences of new activities in Germany in connection with the declaration of "total war.

Economic Council, in cooperation with labor exchanges everywhere are working on employment is not engaged in the production of the population.

Newspapers with a list of activities / "Locale-Anzeiger", "Folkisher Beobachter" /.

People read newspapers.

Closing of theaters in Berlin, September 1, 1944.

Women at the recruiting center.

At a Berlin defense plants occupied an entire troupe kinobaleta.

Women for processing details.

Women in the locker room, in the laboratory.

During the lunch break.

Children in kindergarten workers.


The use of trams for transportation of various goods in the cities.

Tram drags hooked to his car.


The civilian population in the east of the country, as well as in East Prussia, is working on the construction of earthworks.


In the ranks are tested in battle sailors.

Vice-Admiral Hellmuth Heye awards distinguished sailors.

Lieutenant Alfred Vetter, the commander of the group of 211-th diversionary assault connection, Knight's Cross awarded.

At the same time a number of torpedo boats German driver handed a golden cross.

Both groups, which held the awards were presented to the Supreme Commander of the Navy Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz, it bypasses the operation of seafarers.

Close-up of a lieutenant Fetter, talking with the sergeant of the 1st article Berrrerom.

Since the opening of the second front German Navy sunk 4 cruisers, 9 destroyers, 2 corvettes, 1 special purpose vessels and 35 ships and cargo vessels.


Celebration in honor of 22-year-old fighter pilot Erich Hartmann.

Squadron commander Senior Lieutenant Hartman at the reception of Hitler, rewarding pilot Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds for the 300th stricken enemy plane.

General aviation Hans Zeydeman congratulates him with the award.

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Reel №2

Western Front.

Retrograde operations of German troops.

Through exercises of retreat and providing strong resistance, the German command was able to repel the enemy forces and to gain time to pull fresh troops and heavy weapons.

Go infantry.


Cars follow the on position.

Crossing on a pontoon bridge.

German troops in the French city.

The soldier photographed passing tanks, traveling motorcyclists.

Street fights, shootings.

Tank battle with the enemy.

Eastern front.

Active in the construction of trenches and bunkers near Narva.

General of the Waffen-SS SS-Obergruppenführer Felix Steiner and Belgian Nazi leader Léon Degrelle, recently introduced to the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves, to discuss the situation.

Tanks firing on Soviet positions.

Shoot the big guns.


The suppression of the Warsaw Uprising.

Street fighting in Warsaw.

German guns shelled neighborhoods of the city.

German soldiers on the streets.

Tanks and assault guns begin to assault the individual buildings.

Then the remnants of buildings are taken by assault infantry.

Under the cover of a smoke screen Marines pulled forward.

German tanks in the streets.

Burning Warsaw.

Shoot German guns, flame throwers.

THE USSR. German bombers start.

Aircraft guns fired at the convoy of tanks, ground targets in the rear of the Soviet army.

Top view of the road and riding technique.

The plane swoops down, closer to the goal.

It explodes the truck with fuel.

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