Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1944 № 734

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Producer UFA

Operators: Bellinghaus, Kurt Ekart, Grasdorf, Hajnc Gyunter Gyorish, Kubesh, Lampert, Karl Zelljbah, Kurt Zegler, Rudoljf Majer, Pfiffig, Vem, Vajlj i drugie.

Reel №1

Germany. 10th anniversary of "Agricultural services" Hitler Youth "in Kyuhenbahe.

In the morning the boys ran out of the house, wash in the yard.

Young people in one of the agricultural estates studying agricultural techniques and the agricultural profession.

Man shows the guys agricultural machinery, tractors.

Girls and boys milked cows.

The boys cleaned the horses.

The instructor conducts theoretical studies on agricultural, agronomy.

It demonstrates the ears of wheat.

Future farmers in the practical training on the ground.

Children learn to sharpen the scythe, mowing the grass.


Workers are sent to factories.

View shop with machines.

Women and older workers in a factory.

The man is spinning a steel wire, a woman applies a layer of varnish on the cable.

Women at work at the winery, they wash bottles, paste labels.

Senior mechanic in one of the shops of machine-building plant for the machine.

Female hairdresser at the salon.

Master of man shows a woman hairstyle.

School hairdressers, she cuts a man.

Exhibition of various articles of straw, corn leaves, reeds.

Technique of manufacturing such products.

The girl tries on a hat of straw.


Young people mobilized in the "total mobilization", marching to the barracks.

Distribution of uniforms and ammunition, weapons.

Young people in the barracks.

They try on uniforms.

Young soldiers on the march.

Western Front.

Map of military operations.

The retreat of the German troops to the east of Aachen.

On one of the military road going car, camouflaged with branches.

Most of the German troops retreated in an organized and now provides resistance to the enemy.

German warships at sea.

They were able to take military supplies to the Belgian and French coasts.

Loading soldiers, military equipment, wounded.

Over the river is being built pontoon bridge protected by the smoke screen of the air raids.

German tank crews on vacation.

Unloading ambulances.

"Planned" withdrawal of German troops from the area after the surrender of Kandalaksha Finland.

Soldiers marching along the forest road.

Fleeing civilians after "Finnish disaster" to the Swedish border.

Refugees with their belongings on carts, livestock.

People with belongings waiting for boarding the train.

Speaker of "spinelessness" Finnish leadership.

Eastern front.

Actions of the German heavy guns, mortars.

Heavy rocket launchers stopped trying to break the Bolsheviks.

German soldiers are on a forest clearing, fire, dig a trench.

Plaque Soviet aircraft.

Soldiers in the shelter.

On the field, burning haystacks.

German troops reflect the "Bolshevik attack."

In Courland the first seven days of fighting the enemy lost the technique four armored divisions.

German heavy tanks moved across the street.

Broken truck at the curb, the word "Studebaker" on the machine.

Shootout with Soviet troops.

The struggle between self-propelled guns and approaching Soviet tanks.

Marines with bazookas, machine guns on self-propelled guns are waiting for battle.

paratroopers group came close to the T-34 tank, the projectile enters the tank.

Artillery inciting two Soviet tank.

Burning Soviet tanks.

German tanks on the march.

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