Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1944 № 696

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Reel №1


Camp Imperial Service Labour / RAD / Upper Bavaria in military training.

Morning, physical charge.

Fun in the snow.

RAD Soldiers jump and run.

Exit from the camp on the training ground.

Combat training in the snowy terrain: throwing grenades, attack simulation


A column of American prisoners held on the streets of Rome.

The ruins of the monastery at Monte Cassino.

The German soldiers were transported from the Abbey of Monte Cassino in the Vatican surviving books and paintings.

The representative of the Luftwaffe Division "Hermann Goering" conveys values ​​churchmen.

Italian Catholic priest and members of the public to thank the officers of the Wehrmacht.

Unloading valuable manuscripts, works of art, the world's oldest globe.


Delivery of equipment and ammunition in the southern Italian front.

Unloading of cars at the station.

Ammunition is sent to the front.

The weather conditions led to a flood in the valley.

Trucks traveling on water.

Delivery of food mountains on horses and mules.

Alpini detachment in the way of skiing.

Detachment on vacation, continue the path.

In combat positions.

Knight Knight's Cross Horst von Usedom instructs paratroopers.

Observers in the mountains.


The machine-gunners firing on enemy troops.

German anti-aircraft gunners firing on US bombers.

Firing anti-aircraft battery.

Data on American casualties in December 1943.

Downed American plane.

Aiming large-caliber guns.

American prisoners.

A column of prisoners sent to Rome.

Among the prisoners of war - Indian soldiers.

The southern section of the eastern front, Crimea.

German aircraft Heinkel 111B air.

The bombing of Russian positions to the north from Kerch.

The view from the cockpit at the bottom of the explosions.

The German position at Nikopol.

The Germans are digging trenches and ditches.

Reflecting Soviet tank attack.

Shoot the German artillery.

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Reel №2


Eastern Front, at Nikopol.

Destroyed Soviet equipment, broken tank T-34. Air battle, the remains of a downed Soviet plane.

German tanks in the offensive.


Artillery shelling Russian positions.

The corpses of Soviet soldiers abandoned Soviet equipment, and ammunition.

The Germans come to Zhitomir.

Fierce defensive battles against the Soviet attacks.

Burning house.

The German soldiers were warming themselves by the fire of a burning house.

Ceremonial formation 199 th Infantry Regiment of the 57th Division, which inherited the tradition of the 16th Bavarian reserve regiment during the First World War (by the commander of the names "regiment Leaf"), in which he served as a corporal Adolf Hitler.

To mark the regiment received the name "Polk Sheet".

Rewarding distinguished soldier Iron Crosses.

The Atlantic coast of France.

Field-Marshal Erwin Rommel at the headquarters of Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt, the commander of all the groups of troops in France.

Rommel inspects strengthening the "West Wall" on the ocean.

Anti-tank obstacles.

The guns of large caliber.

Rommel and a group of officers.

German artillery battery.


German pillboxes and bunkers on the beach.

The generals are included in one of the bunkers, visiting the fortifications, to discuss military issues.

Rehearsal alarm, fleeing soldiers, build.

From the hangar leaves heavy howitzer on a railway platform.

The generals inspect it.

They have guns.

Gun crew.

Rommel inspects the gun at close range.

Driven shells.

Aiming guns.

Prepare to fire.

The barrel guns.


German torpedo boats cut through the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

The signalman on duty.

Reconnaissance aircraft Arado 196 in the air raid Allied aircraft.

Anxiety on board, the team will be placed according combat schedule.


Charging guns.

The gun shoots.

Liners on the deck.

Shoot the ship anti-aircraft guns.

shells breaks.

Night Scene.

Commander discusses the situation.

Torpedoes are sent to the target.

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