Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1944 № 703

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Producer UFA

Operators: Ernst Eljzigan, Burkhardt, Zedler, Anders, Ekeljt, Valjter Fedmer, Horst Klyajn, Gans-Yurgen Muzeholjd, Rudoljf Briks, Diter Liphardt, Majzennkoten, Nahtman, Nagelj, Teodor Nishvitc, Heljmut Pryufer i drugie.

Reel №1


German scientist biochemistry, Professor Adolf Butenand, winner of the 1939 Nobel Prize, at the microscope.

He is the director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Biochemistry, and among other things, engaged in the research of sex hormones in the body life.

He was an assistant to re-table the results of previous studies.

Experiments on animals.


University of Munich.

The ceremony of appointment as president of the German Academy of Arthur Seyss-Inquart 10/02/1944. Goebbels gives him a certificate of appointment signed by the Fuhrer.

The new president on the platform delivers an oath.

It calls for cooperation scientific and creative staff, he said about the tasks of the German Academy.


German winemakers at the factory, except for French workers are employed.

Huge barrels of wine.

Taster doing sampling for the laboratory.

Stacking bottles.

Production of sparkling wine.

Packaging, packing the bottles in crates.

Label "Henkel" on the box.


Fragments of a boxing match in Brussels at the European Championships.

Fight between Fleming and Charles Cees Van Dёrenom.

Winner Carl Sis.


Rehearsal of the ballet troupe of the film studio UFA in Berlin.

Fragments of lessons, the girl at the ballet machine.

Applying makeup, putting on costumes.

The girl in the mirror putting on cylinder.

Rehearsal dance on pointe.

The girl in the hat and glittering costume performs a tap dance on the piano, then she joins the others.

Execution of the Royal Waltz in long ball dresses.


Holiday, where pilots of the Luftwaffe a rest, returned from exile in the United States and Canada.

View of the building of sanatorium at Tegernsee.

On a visit to his comrades arrive frontline pilots.

Near the porch lined up two rows of pilots, they welcome one of the most famous pilots of bombers, Knight Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords Colonel Joachim Helbig.

Maj bombers Dietrich Peltz welcomes pilots.

One of the pilots talks about his battles and circumstances of capture, shows a clipping from an English newspaper with his photograph.

Major Werner Baumbach among pilots, one of them said something to him on the model of the aircraft.

Pilots in nature, they are sitting on the lounge chairs in the sun.

Comrades stalking him and throw snow begins a playful fight.


French fishing boats under the protection of German destroyers on fishing in the Atlantic Ocean.

The advent of British bombers.

Shoot the ship anti-aircraft guns, the planes fly away.

Fishermen on the schooner is cut and salted herring, smoked fish.

Part of the catch goes to the German Wehrmacht.

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Reel №2



The German part of the mountains.

Delivery of food and ammunition trucks.

Mountain positions are equipped with great difficulty.

Privoz ammunition and food for the donkey to the location of parts.

A soldier carries a loaf of bread.

Attack of the Anglo-American bombers drop their bombs in the village.

Shoot the German anti-aircraft guns.

Abbey of Monte Cassino, which stood for centuries.

View abbey before and after the destruction of their Anglo-American aviation.

Artillery fire destroyed the Benedictine Abbey.

The abbot of the monastery of Monte Cassino Don Gregorio Diamare in a German car, accompanied by German soldiers sent to Rome.

He expressed gratitude to the German officers.

The papal residence of Castel Gandolfo, in ruins, there were 15 thousand refugees, mostly women and children.

The corpses of killed refugees, who bringeth forth out of the ruins.

The destruction in the city after the raid enemy aircraft.

The northern section of the Eastern Front.

On line Schlisselburg-Luga-Novgorod.

The departure of the German troops in the pre-planned positions.

The retreat of the German columns.

Blasting operations of German sappers.

The explosion of the bridge.

Burning building.

Smoke conflagration.

Tank units in the pause between fights.

The soldiers eat, drink wine.

The soldier shaves in the cold.

German soldiers for digging trenches.

The German tanks, "Panther", provide "orderly" withdrawal of German troops.

Firefight German infantry with the Soviet troops.

Eastern front.

Kirovograd Region.

The German Panzer divisions. "Tigers" are going to counterattack.

There is a German infantry on the background of white snow.

The enemy group is cut and exposed to fire heavy artillery.

The infantry and tanks moving forward.

Shoot German guns.

According to the radio requires six-barrel mortars, they hit on the Soviet positions.

Destruction of the Soviet position.

Destroyed tanks on the field, the corpses of Soviet soldiers.

Column of Soviet prisoners of war.


Street fighting in Kerch.

German and Romanian troops defending the northern outskirts of the city.

German infantrymen await orders.

Romanian soldiers are going ahead with the loaded horses.

Close-up of a soldier in a fur cap.

Shoot the German artillery.

The shelling of the Soviet outpost.


German infantry preparing for the assault.

Fragments of street fighting.

The Germans on the streets of the destroyed Kerch.

Knight Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords Major Erich Berenfenger at the command post.

Flying German "Junkers", bombed the bridgehead position.

Speaker of the collapse of the Soviet plans for the capture of Kerch.

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