Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1944 № 702

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Producer UFA

Operators: Rihard Graf, Ernst Eljzigan, Burkhardt, Gans Kolinjon, Gans Yakobi, Gans-Yurgen Museholjd, Rejsgen, Bromund, Rupert Ashenbrenner, Ojgen Benish, Kilian, Geljmut Pryufer, Hajnc Ritter, Kurt Grigolajt, Karlhajnc Shmidt i drugie.

Reel №1


Scientific-popular film of the series "What everyone should know", dedicated to the timber industry.


Rafting on the mountain river.

Skidding forest in winter.

Removal of the forest.

Cleaning the barrel of the cortex.

Cut on the board.

Unloading boards.


Furniture manufacturing.

Building cars.

Production of sleepers.

Papermaking, rayon, etc.

The announcer on the military value of forest resources.



Detail of a hockey match in the German championship between the teams of the city of Berlin and Klagenfurt in an outdoor stadium.

The match ended with a score of 7: 4. Among the audience many soldiers.


Military ski competition among the Luftwaffe command, divisions "Hitler", "Hermann Goering."

Winter landscape, the town of Zell am See in the snow.

In the area lined up competitors, flag rise.

Slalom, was the best sergeant Max Pichler.

Cross-country skiing in the area, the best time showed Hammerstein.

Spectators cheer for the athletes at the finish on the skier throws a blanket.

The descent from the mountain, a member of the Hitler Youth wins the Walter Turing.


Heidelberg view of the towers of the fortress, the city gates, through which students marching detachment.

University of Heidelberg.

Training sessions on the various faculties.

Students are members of paramilitary student organization "Langemark".

Soldiers from the front, too, can learn while on vacation.

On the wall hangs a portrait of the head of the Imperial students Gustav Adolf Scheel, who is the founder of "Langemark" program.

Students at lunch, on vacation.

Knight Knight's Cross talks about his wartime experiences.

In the classroom, chemical laboratory.

Students prepare for classes in the reading room of the library.


Girls and women of the Imperial units of service workers, replacing men in their line of duty.

Girls go on the tram, the driver is a woman.

Auxiliary service in the hospital.

Women prepare food in the kitchen, bandage the wounded.

Women in the defense plants, learn to work on the machines.

The woman at the test apparatus.


The famous German painter and engraver Paul Hermann Professor in the studio at work.

He writes a schooner on the sea landscape.

Working with an engraving on metal, the design of a woman's head.

February 4, 1944 the Führer awarded the 80-year-old master Goethe Medal.

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Reel №2


Berliners stood the test of air terror, receive special awards February 10, 1944.

Reich Minister of Propaganda, Reich Defense Commissioner, Berlin Gauleiter Joseph Goebbels speaks to the Berliners and the name of the Fuehrer makes the awarding worthy men and women of Berlin.

He hands the head of the Berlin Gau control Gerhard Shah and chief of the Berlin police (Polizei-president) Count Wolf Heinrich von Gelldorfu Knight's Cross with Swords for his work in the military Berlin.

At the same time, some unknown comrades were awarded the Iron Cross.


Rewarding Fuhrer honored inventors and scientists.

The grand meeting in the Hall, performs Reich armaments and munitions Albert Speer.

The head of the Labor Front, Dr.

Robert Ley presents awards.


Fritz Schott was awarded a prize named after the deceased two years ago, Reich Minister Todt.

Gold badge awarded to eight scientists and inventors: CTO August Kёnder from Krefeld, engineer Carl Davis from Cologne, Engineer Walter Ayholts from Lüdenscheid, engineer Georg Gёllner of Tangermünde, Professor Karl Pёltsguter of Holzheim, engineer Ernst Rutshka of Geydelberga, Major General Engineer Galvits Uto, who died a heroic death.


Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz at the naval base inspect the crews of submarines and patrol boats.

The sailors come running to the makeshift podium, it Doenitz.

A conversation with the crew.

Grand Admiral bypasses the Mariners system, awards the best.

The battle for the city of Nettuno and Aprilia.

When planning a large-scale landing operation, the Anglo-American troops hoped that they will be able to achieve a decisive turn in the hostilities in the south of Italy.

But they once again underestimated the strength of the Wehrmacht and the tactics of the German command.

German troops on the streets of Nettuno.

Tanks and infantry.

Heavy guns, located on the beachhead, did not allow the opponent to make a massive breakthrough.

In contrast, under the front section of Cassino, near Nettuno is a low-lying area, which was a good hiding place for the German troops.

Firing guns of heavy artillery was a decisive factor in the battle at Nettuno.

Aprilia - the city at the foot of the Alban hills, which was in the hands of the enemy, was again occupied by German troops.

Command and observation points on the German artillery battery.

Shoot the German mortars.

Disguised observation post, sending a message over the radio.

On the front portion of a Nettuno taken more than four thousand prisoners.

Captured Americans in Rome against the backdrop of the Colosseum.

Top view of the huge column of prisoners.

Among them are former soldiers of elite British battalions which were surrounded and defeated by Aprilia.

Residents watch the movement of the column.

THE USSR. Eastern front.

District of Vitebsk.

German soldiers are sent on vacation to your nearest rear.

Planting Machine.

General with holidaymakers.

Distribution of rations.

The movement of German convoys on the streets of Vitebsk.

Delivery wounded.

Loading them into cars.

View commandant.

Frontline theater, poster sessions, a soldier sees a newsreel "Vohenshau".

The soldier with the newspaper "Panzerfaust".

German messenger on a motorcycle rides through the snow.

In the dugout sleeping soldiers, comes a messenger.

The rise of militant groups on alert.

This group is provided as an immediate change to the front line.


They're coming through the woods.

Anxiety at the observation post.

Reflect attack of Soviet tanks.

Shoot the German anti-aircraft guns.

Shootout at night.

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