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Producer Krasnoyarsk studio

Director: Kuznecov V.

Script writers: Gaiduk

Operators: Shermergor

Composers: Abramov


This film is a homage to the Russian writer, film director and actor Vasily Shuckshin. People from the same district as Shuckshin, the village Srostky, who had become prototypes for some of his characters, took part in the film.

Directed by movie | Persons of arts | Literati

Reel №1

Spring birch forest.

Newsreel, 1960: VM Shukshin Joints in his native village.

Spring birch forest.

Shukshin chopping wood.

Shukshin sitting around the campfire.

Birch forest.

Panorama Village Srostki Altai.

An elderly woman is leaning on a stick.

Locals say the origins of the village, an elderly woman approaches included in the conversation.

Boy rides on a horse.

Villagers tell of his fellow-Shukshin.

Panorama of the beach and the Katun River before the ice drift.

The fish in the shallows.

People on the streets of the village Srostki.

View of the Katun.

Zyablitsky VM gives an interview about Shukshin (synchronously).

Newsreel 1960: Shukshin in his native village on the banks of the Katun.

Zyablitsky gives interviews (synchronously).

Panorama Village Srostki children ted hay.

Zyablitsky gives interviews (synchronously).

Passengers in the car with reserved seats.

Those passengers.

Kalinin Prospekt in Moscow at night.

Photo grandparents Shukshin.

People ride in a cart on the street of the village Srostki.

People lead a cow, view of the village.

Newsreel 1960: Shukshin campfire talking to someone.

Joints villager tells Shukshin (synchronously).

Photo Shukshina as a child with his mother.

Flowers on the grave Shukshina portrait on the monument.

Panorama Village Joints and Katun River.

Boy rides, falls from his horse.

Portrait of Shukshin.


Shukshin Vasiliy Kravchuk - film director, actor, writer




Altay region [758]


Spring [825]

Reel №2

Photo Shukshina with his mother.

View of the river Katun.

Women sell things, sitting on the side of the road passing through the village of Joints.

Spontaneous market splice.

Legless invalid in the street, people go to the market.

The man in the boat swam to the bank of the Katun.

The girl's face.

Horses on the watering.

Zyablitsky gives an interview about Shukshin (synchronously).

Photo Shukshin.

Zyablitsky gives interviews (synchronously).

Shukshin in one of his films.

Women stained pillars pointer Srostki village.

View of a street of the village.

Joints villager tells Shukshin (synchronously).

On the road passing trucks on the side is a man with a bag of empty bottles on his shoulder.

Passing truck.

The man with the bag misses the pointer with the inscription "House Museum Shukshin."

Zyablitsky talks about Shukshin (synchronously).

People are under the reins of the horse, on the road going trucks.

House Museum Shukshin, courtyard of the museum.

Monument to Shukshin in the yard museum.

Ice drift on the river Katun.

Newsreel 1960: Shukshin in his native village.

View of the river Katun.


Shukshin Vasiliy Kravchuk - film director, actor, writer




Altay region [758]


Spring [825]