Domestic and foreign newsreel of the first half of the 20th century. (1912 - 1943)

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Scene №1 Domestic and foreign newsreel of the first half of the 20th century

Emperor Nicholas II greets the officers of the Suite during one of the holidays, close members of his family.

The ceremonial entrance of Nicholas II and his entourage, Nicholas II and his family members sit in the carriage, dancing actors in the costumes of harlequin and Columbine.

A ceremony in the Moscow Kremlin during the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty, is Nicholas II with members of the family retinue.

Is the Empress with the heir and the Grand Duchess, accompanied by the Grand Duke.

Officers of His Majesty's Own convoy to greet the Empress, kissing her hand.

Nicholas II and his family members sit in the carriage.

The faces of the poor and peasants.

Women clean shovels irrigation ditch, the farmer plows the land.

Women working on the loading of salt.

Water trucks are gaining water from the hole in the barrel.

Beggars at the markets in winter, children's faces.

Nicholas II and his family rides in a carriage with an entourage.

Nicholas II, accompanied by officers on horseback passing down the line one of the units.

The opening of the monument to Alexander III in Moscow, on Prechistenskaya embankment in 1912, a military parade in honor of the opening of the monument in front is Nikolai II.

Nicholas II welcomes the passing troops, the soldiers accompany a party of exiles, are women.

A procession and other religious events with the participation of Nicholas II and members of his family.

Winter procession in one of the Russian cities.

Cossacks demonstrated the attack by the lava in the Kremlin.

Game footage shot on the Odessa steps from x/movie "Battleship Potemkin" and walk prisoners in the prison yard from x/movie "9 Jan".

Pass shackled sentenced to prison, there are women.

Game footage of corporal punishment of foreign films.

Nicholas II and Grand Prince Nikolay Nikolayevich among the officers of the Stakes in the 1914-1915 year.

Exercises in the German army, drill sessions, physical training.

Workers ' demonstration in London in 1912-1913, the police holding back demonstrators.

Crackdown mounted police.

Lenin V. I. in anticipation of a speech at the 3rd Congress of the Comintern in 1921, sits on the steps in front of the podium and taking notes.

View of the plant for the production of artillery guns on one of the military factories (above).

The production process at military factories in Russia and Europe manufacturer of various kinds of arms and ammunition.

The wife of a German industrialist Krupp sits in the crew.

The mark of the firm of Krupp artillery barrel internal rifling of the barrel.

Bringing the German long-range heavy weapons.

German soldiers get coffee before going to the front.

Soldiers sit in cars.

Seeing the soldiers of the participating countries of the First world war at railway stations.

Nicholas II and Empress on balcony of Winter Palace during a Patriotic demonstration in Petrograd in August 1914, the demonstrators greeted the Emperor.

Russian mobilized, and volunteers are sent to the barracks.

Russian soldiers in camp, snowing, view of the bivouac.

The fighting on the Western and Eastern fronts of the First world war.

Attacks English and Russian infantry, air combat, falling downed aircraft.

The infantry in the trenches during trench warfare.

Presentation of awards to officers of the German, British armies.

Clemenceau J. presents the award to the General.

The face of the wounded French soldier wearing a prosthetic chin.

Presentation of awards to the English officers, fabrication and demonstration of prosthetic parts of the face, fitting of prostheses for the wounded.

The face of the wounded from the damaged eyes.

General M. V. Alekseev gave a report coming out of the car Nicholas II and Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich.

Officers during a sporting competition before the Grand Duchesses and the Emperor, soldiers, crippled on the front face of the wounded.

Prayer in one part of the Russian guard, the face of a soldier who lost his sight.

The fighting in the First world war.

Transportation of the wounded on stretchers chetvertnykh, treatment of burns on the bodies of wounded soldiers.

German and Russian soldiers during the holidays playing the piano and pick lice from underwear.

Loading the wounded Russian soldiers in a sleigh to send to the rear.

German wounded at the railway station.

The bodies of those killed in battle.

The people at the butcher shop in one of the cities of Russia.

Nicholas II during a trip to the front line.

Demonstrations in Petrograd in March-April 1917.

Demonstration on red square in Moscow.

Nicholas II and Grand Prince Nikolay Nikolayevich pass along the soldiers down.

Game footage from x/movie "October", the execution of July demonstration, the destruction of the monument to Alexander III.

The destruction of the symbols of Imperial power, the soldiers knocked a two-headed eagle on the facade of the building with his rifle butt.

Demonstrations in Petrograd, the distribution of leaflets.

The fire, the ashes of burned buildings.

General view of the conference room of the Tauride Palace (above), Chairman of the State Duma M. V. Rodzyanko signs the document.

Rallies outside the State Duma, the faces of G. E. Lvov, Rodzianko, Miliukov, P. N., Guchkov A. I.

The face of I. V. Stalin, L. B. Kamenev among the members of the Petrograd Soviet in 1917.

AF Kerensky standing at the car surrounded by students and officers.

Bochkareva M. Kerensky applauds, the face of Kerensky.

Lenin stands on red square during the holiday vsevobuch may 25, 1919, panorama of one of the rallies, the face of Stalin in 1922.

Panorama of the may day rally 1917 the field of Mars.

Trotsky gives a speech standing on the steps of the train.

Kamenev and G. E. Zinoviev speak at the memorial meeting on red square on the day of the funeral Sverdlov March 18, 1919.

The view of the meeting (above), A. M. Kollontay speaks from the podium.

A. I. Rykov, Dybenko, P. E. to speak at meetings.

The speakers at the soldiers ' rally in 1917, Lenin speaks at the holiday vsevobuch, the view of the meeting.

Waving the red flag patrols at the entrance to the Smolny Institute in October 1917, the armored cars in the yard, Trotsky signs the documents.

Checking passes at the sisters of mercy, the face of the soldier.

In the streets of Petrograd passing trucks with soldiers in March 1917.

Trotsky signs the documents.

The sign above the gate of the Putilov plant, game footage from x/movie "October", the red riding in the truck, the storming of the Winter Palace.

Lenin during a conversation with an American journalist L. Eyre In 1920.

The Face Of Trotsky.

Soldiers rallies at the front in February-March 1917, fraternization of Russian and German soldiers.

Soldiers throwing rifles.

The arrival of the Soviet delegation in Brest-Litovsk to negotiate with the Germans about the world, from the car out of L. B. Kamenev, A. A. Ioffe, Karakhan, L. M.

Radek, K. B., standing at the car.

Members of the Soviet delegation to talk with the German representatives.

Lenin speaks from the rostrum in the Tauride Palace on 2 Congress of the Comintern in July 1920, sitting next to Radek, Trotsky speaks on the Moscow meeting of the 2 Congress of the Comintern, the panorama of the conference room.

2 delegates Congress of the Comintern during the meeting in the Tauride Palace, among them Zinoviev with the Italian delegates.

A working demonstration of Italy, the rise of the red flag over the gates of the company.

Armed workers guarded gates of the plant, rallies and demonstrations in support of Soviet Russia in the cities of Europe.

Demonstration and celebration in Budapest in 1919, Bela kun stands.

Admiral Horthy generals and officers.

Hindenburg P. bypasses the formation of soldiers, a military parade of the Reichswehr.

Bulgarian king Boris is conducting a review of troops.

The arrested Bulgarian Communists, the execution by hanging.

March of the Blackshirts in Rome in the early 1920's, fascist demonstration in Italy.

B. Mussolini speaks from the balcony of the building during the fascist rally, the banner of one of the fascist organizations of Italy.

A joint parade of the troops of the interventionists and the Russian whites.

The white guard and foreign generals guard of honor, then kiss the icon.

The soldiers of the troops of the interventionists show samples of uniforms.

Artist variety speak to the military, face a Japanese General.

Japanese and American officers greet each other.

General PN Wrangel. standing at the train car.

The cavalry charge through the field, burning the village.

Victims of the white terror in Siberia.

General Denikin A. I. among the officers.

The shooting of the prisoners of the red army, the dead bodies in the pit.

German soldiers guarding Russian prisoners.

Parade on red square.

Trotsky of the floor, the panorama of the rally.

Red face.

The first cavalry army in the game footage from x/movie "Chapaev", red cavalry attacked in winter conditions.

Attack of the red cavalry in the Crimea.

Loading in the train of sacks of grain.

The Person Of Stalin.

Sorting and loading of potatoes into wagons.

Budyonny S. M. speaks at a rally in front of the soldiers of the 1st Cavalry army in 1920, standing next to ke Voroshilov

Mi Kalinin speaks to the soldiers of the 1st Cavalry army, there are a number Voroshilov and Budyonny.

The arrival of the train of Trotsky to the station, Trotsky passes the guard of honor.

The time of the car agitation trains.

Trotsky receives a report of one of the commanders.

Individuals mobilized into the Red army.

Trotsky speaks to soldiers.

Russian infantry fighting in winter conditions in 1914.

Red cavalry passing through the town, the faces of the locals.

The horsemen lead the horses to drink.

A military band played.

Parade on red square in the early 1920's, Trotsky and Kamenev S. S. welcome the troops.

Lenin tab monument to Marx may 1, 1920.

Parade on red square.

Person Of Trotsky, Stalin, Voroshilov, Lenin.

A General view of red square during the parade.

Heavy tanks on red square during the parade on may 1, 1925.

Tank at the landfill.

Plowing fields using captured British tanks, the face of the driver.

Street children in search of food, the faces of the children.

Children eat bark and grass during the famine in the Volga region, faces of starving children.

The view of the refugee camp from the famine-stricken provinces of the Volga region.

People in cars and train stations awaiting the departure of the train.

Medical care of refugees, the doctor makes people vaccinated.

The types of refugee camps, people live in abandoned locomotive boilers.

Convoy with food passing through the streets of Moscow in winter.

People clean snow on the streets.

Panorama of the Winter Palace in the early 1920-ies, on the Palace square, ride sleds view of Aleksandrovka of the column.

Break the shell over the wire.

The red army attack across the ice FORTS of Kronstadt in 1921, arrows and gunners firing.

The ships in Kronstadt, frozen in the ice, Dybenko speaks to soldiers.

The faces of the peasants, the delivery of bread on the surplus.

The butcher cut up the carcass, showcase the private butcher shop after the introduction of the new economic policy (NEP).

General view of one of the markets, people listen to the gramophone.

Trade with the hands on the street.

General view of the market (above).

The faces of the protesters.

Lenin in the car before leaving with the red square on 1 may 1920.

Lenin and the side of the truck shakes hands with one of participants of the holiday vsevobuch.

Lenin on the occasion of the universal military training in 1919, and 2 delegates Congress of the Comintern in July 1920.

Destroyer "Trotsky" gives mourning a volley on the day of Lenin's funeral, 27 January 1924.

Lenin, in his coffin in the hall of columns in January 1924, funeral of rifle and artillery salute.

The whistles of factories, the tram stopped, the face of the farmer at the time of burial of Lenin's body in the mausoleum, newspaper reports of the death of Lenin.

View of the house in the Hills.

Funeral procession with the coffin from the house of Lenin in Gorki station is Gerasimovka.

View of one of the Moscow streets in days of funeral of Lenin (above), the red army with banners.

The departure of funeral trains from the station Gerasimovka, the path to Moscow, the people at the station to meet the funeral train, standing along the railway tracks.

Arrival of a train at Paveletskaya (Saratov) the station, meeting the train.

Unloading of the coffin with the body of Lenin and banners from the wagon, the coffin supported by Molotov, V. M.

Stalin, Kamenev, Tomsky, M. P., Kalinin, Bukharin carry the coffin with Lenin's body.

People on the streets of Moscow.

Kalinin, Bukharin, Tomsky, and others carry the coffin with Lenin's body up the stairs of the hall of Columns.

Fragments of the decoration of the mourning hall of Columns.

An honor guard of soldiers and sailors.

Ul'yanova-Elizarova, A. I. And M. I. Ulyanov, Stalin, Zinoviev, Tomsky, Kalinin, Krupskaya N. To. standing at the tomb of Lenin.

Evdokimov speaks at memorial meeting on red square in day of funeral of Lenin, the views of the meeting.

Lenin, in his coffin in the hall of columns.

Stalin, Krupskaya, Zinoviev in the hall of columns.

People walk past the coffin with Lenin's body, Lenin, in his coffin, the face of Krupskaya.

Panorama of the mourning rally on red square the day of Lenin's funeral, the faces of the demonstrators, the students with the banner.

Is one of the funeral delegations.

Past the tomb of Lenin is the delegation of students of the School command of the fleet.

Funeral delegation walk past the coffin.

Fe Dzerzhinsky in the honor guard at the tomb of Lenin, Lenin in a coffin.

Stalin and Kamenev, Radek, Rykov, Zinoviev, Ordzhonikidze, Kalinin, Tomsky, Bukharin in the honor guard.

Rise the red flags, a statue of Stalin in the 1930-ies., paintings of Stalin.

Stalin, Kamenev, Bukharin during the 12 Congress of the RCP(b).

Trotsky behind the Desk in the office.

The person of Stalin, Radek during the next Congress of the Comintern in Moscow.

Bukharin, Kamenev the Presidium of the Congress.

Panorama of the rally and demonstration, participants of the rally.

A convoy of GPU is built in front of the courthouse.

View of the demonstration.

Demonstration on red square November 7, 1924, view of the mausoleum.

Columns of demonstrators on the streets of Moscow.

The Person Of Stalin.

Face the speaker with a speech of Trotsky.

The scenery outside the window of the car.

Trotsky at his Villa in Mexico in 1940.

Molotov, Stalin, Kalinin, Voroshilov, Kaganovich at the air show in Tushino in the early 1930-ies.

Demonstrators in Moscow in caricature masks of priests and capitalists.

May day demonstration on red square, the layout of the tractor, the artists on the platform of the truck, the demonstrators carried a portrait of Stalin.

Stalin in the Kremlin.

Kaganovich, Kirov, Ordzhonikidze, Kalinin, Stalin, Voroshilov, during a meeting in the Kremlin.

The sculpture "worker and collective farm girl".

Construction Turksib, the production process in the foundry of the metallurgical plant.

Stalin, Voroshilov and Kirov during a trip on the white sea-Baltic canal.

Types of industrial enterprises, Molotov listens to the explanation of the engineer, the finished products are tractor plants.

Tractor out plowing.

Are peasants with scythes, harvesting on the farm.

Gymnastic parade at the stadium, cheering spectators, Stalin among the delegates in the Kremlin.

The faces of refugees from the famine-stricken provinces in 1921, the view of the refugee camp to the train station.

Faces of the village women.

Weighing seized from the peasants bread.

Village meetings and rallies, dedicated to the fight against concealers of bread, the faces of the protesters.

He spoke, people holding caricature portraits of hoarders bread.

Socialization of agricultural implements.

Sleigh rides train, loaded with agricultural implements.

Panorama of the forecourt with the collected it to send to other regions people.

Fit people to the cars, leaving the station.

Panorama of empty villages, abandoned horses in the street.

Procession of people with things in their hands moving on the road.

Products in the Windows of grocery stores.

View of the bakery pastry Department, customers at the counter.

At the restaurant, sit at a table, kind of caviar.

Cars on the streets of Moscow.

Gramophones and musical instruments in the shop window, customers in the Department of perfumes, woman doing a manicure.

Women work on sorting coal miners strengthen the arches in the mine, the mining process of coal in the Soviet mines.

A meeting of the Commission Houses in Leningrad, the models show hats and samples of models of women's dresses.

The construction of one of industrial enterprises in the year of the first five-year plan, people with manual cars, concrete and excavation work.

Prisoners out of the gate to work on a construction site, time checks their passes.

Types of construction sites of Soviet industrial enterprises in the first five years, the construction of Railways, the laying of rails on sleepers.

Meeting on the occasion of the completion of the railway.

Go passenger trains.

View of the dam of the Dnieper, the faces of the workers during the rally.

Oilers congratulate each other with the first extracted oil in one of the new fields, the panorama of the oil field.

He speaks at a rally on the occasion of the launch of the new plant, the workers listen to a speaker, an orchestra, a General view of the rally.

The results of the first iron smelting in a foundry.

The types of foundry and weaving workshops, a poster at the bench.

Daily life and labor of the inhabitants of South-East Asia, people are pulling for the boat on the river.

Chinese peasants plow the field, Pragas to the plow.

Plowing the rice fields.

Junk is a treadle, the daily life of Chinese peasants.

Children have passenger trains in China.

Riots on the streets of Chinese cities in the first half of 1920-ies.

People during the famine trying to break into the warehouse, catch with your hands, throw them food.

Stalin speaks from the podium in the Kremlin.

Demonstrations on the streets of Chinese cities.

The speaker at the rally, people listen to him, faces of people.

Chiang Kai-shek speaking from the podium in front of soldiers.

Speech of Mao Zedong and other speakers at the meetings, the panorama of the rally.

Stalin, Kalinin donated their coats during the reception in the Kremlin delegation of the Buryat-Mongolian ASSR in 1936.

Chiang Kai-shek from the podium welcomed the troops.

The punitive operation forces of Chiang Kai-shek in China in the second half of 1920-ies, the executions of the Communists, the people at the bodies of relatives shot by the Punisher.

Statues in a ruined Buddhist temple.

Soldiers of people's liberation army (PLA) carry the wounded on stretchers.

PLA on the March, with them are peasants, driven cattle.

Refugees are leaving the village, the girl crawling on her knees.

PLA are fighting against the forces of the Kuomintang.

Soldiers pass through the town.

View of the hilly terrain on which the moving parts of the PLA (top).

Mao Zedong among the commanders in one of the liberated areas of China in the 1930-ies.

Hindenburg sat in the car at the beginning of the 1930-ies.

A. Hitler is one of the campaign rallies.

Stalin speaks from the podium at an election meeting in the Bolshoi theatre in 1937.

Communist meetings and demonstrations in Germany in the early 1930-ies.

Thalmann speaks at a rally in Berlin, the panorama of the rally.

The clashes of protesters with the police in Berlin.

The participants of a Nazi rally with banners with the swastika, stormtroopers March through the streets of Berlin.

The election campaign of the national socialists, the types of the rally in support of Hitler in 1933, Hitler speaking from the podium, the panorama of the rally.

Krupp G. on the podium at the time of withdrawal of the curtains of the portrait of Wilhelm II and Hitler bust, bust and portrait, plays violin orchestra, Krupp descends from the rostrum.

Krupp presents Hitler with a welcome address, the face of Hitler, Hitler thanks Krupp for the address and presented the knife.

Himmler, Hitler and a parade of the Waffen SS, Hitler welcomed the passing of the square of the SS, the square goes to the orchestra SS regiment.

Italian soldiers standing in formation, singing a hymn, singing face of Mussolini.

Mussolini welcomed the troops.

The artist finishes painting a portrait of Mussolini, Mussolini sees his own portrait, the cameraman is shooting.

Mussolini on maneuvers oversees the actions of the troops, listening to the explanations of the officer.

Hitler and Mussolini welcomed the participants of the rally in Rome from the balcony of the Palace, the panorama of the rally.

Hitler and Mussolini watching the output of the square Italian military unit.

Don Cossack cavalry units of the red army, grooming his moustache in front of pocket mirror, Cossacks Polish weapons and badges.

People on the streets of Soviet cities, relax in a Park, people are photographed, faces of the girls.

Ke Voroshilov and Tukhachevsky M. N. during military maneuvers.

Soldiers of the airborne troops at the airport ready to fly to the point of emission during maneuvers, get on the plane.

A plane taking off.

Molotov, V. M. among the children, watching the flight of the aircraft.

Paratroopers on the wing of a plane before a jump during maneuvers in 1936.

The emission of air assault, domes of parachutes in the sky.

Scenes from performances on the stage of Soviet theater, the actors ' faces.

Mikhoels S. M. in the dressing room and on stage.

Stalin, Kirov, Kalinin, Molotov on the podium of the mausoleum during the sports parade on red square.

Kirov walks along the rows of the parade.

Voroshilov, Stalin, Molotov, Kalinin, Ordzhonikidze on the mausoleum, General view of red square during one of the parades (above).

The Face Of Stalin, Voroshilov, Kirov.

Stalin, Voroshilov, Molotov, Kaganovich, Mikoyan, Krupskaya, Khrushchev in the honor guard at the coffin of Ordzhonikidze in the hall of columns in the February, 1937.

Weeping widow Ordzhonikidze, people are mourning wreaths.

Stalin, Voroshilov, Andreev, Zhdanov have an urn with the ashes of Ordzhonikidze on the Red square, the faces of the participants of the mourning rally.

Burial of the urn in the Kremlin wall.

The Face Of A. M. Gorky

The funeral procession with the urn containing the ashes of Gorky moves to Red square in June 1936.

Mourning portrait of Ordzhonikidze and pads with awards.

Voroshilov and Stalin in the honor guard at the coffin of Ordzhonikidze, Ordzhonikidze relatives.

Memorial meeting in Moscow on the day of the funeral of Ordzhonikidze, the panorama of the rally in red square.

Stalin and Voroshilov during a moment of silence.

Memorial service at the factory, the armored car with the name of Ordzhonikidze.

Night demonstration in Moscow demanding the execution of traitors and enemies of the people, sm Budyonny, Molotov, welcomed the demonstrators.

One of the trials against the opposition and the Trotskyists in the second half of the 1930-ies, the types of the courtroom.

Enter one of the defendants.

The judges in their places, the faces of the people in the courtroom.

Night demonstration in Moscow demanding the death penalty for the defendants, Soviet leaders welcomed the demonstration.

The faces of the people in the courtroom types of courtroom, the witnesses for the prosecution.

The speakers at rallies on the trial in the second half of the 1930-ies.

Stalin welcomes the participants of night of demonstrations in Moscow, the faces of the demonstrators.

Antonov-Ovseenko V. A. in the composition of the court, the faces of the people in the courtroom.

Demonstration on the streets of Moscow on 7 November 1937, ay Vyshinsky on one of the trials, the view of the demonstration in red square (above).

Trotsky in Mexico reads aloud one of his articles.

Kaganovich, Stalin, Molotov are on the territory of Kremlin, view of the mausoleum.

Stalin on the podium of the mausoleum over red square fly planes.

Y. B. Gamarnik, Tukhachevsky, M. N., Egorov AI, sm Budyonny pass along the walls of the mausoleum, Stalin, Molotov and Voroshilov on the mausoleum.

Military parade on red square, view of red square (above).

Soviet leaders and military leaders on the mausoleum (General view), the face of Stalin, buglers give a signal.

Berry, G. G., Budyonny, Tukhachevsky, Stalin, Yezhov N. And. at the mausoleum, view of the red square.

The face of a red, a view of red square (above).

Stalin on the mausoleum, sailors are in the parade, view of the red square.

The performance of the Alexandrov ensemble.

Applauding delegates of a Congress of the CPSU(b) Stalin speaks from the podium.

The performance of the Alexandrov ensemble, the delegates applauded, Kalinin, Stalin speak from the podium, the delegates vote by show of mandates, Budyonny applause, the face of G. M. Dimitrov

Kinds of parts of the Moscow Kremlin in the night.

Stalin, Molotov, Voroshilov vote at a polling station.

Welcome Stalin in the Kremlin, the delegations of the Union and Autonomous republics in January 1936, the presentation of gifts, Stalin Gels Marquis in her arms, the delegates applauded, Stalin autographs Nakhangova M. on your pictures, talking to Demchenko M., Stalin among the participants of the meeting of collective farmers, Stalin and members of the Armenian delegation, embracing delegates.

Demonstration and gymnastic parade on red square, Stalin's portraits in the hands of protesters, Stalin, Kalinin and a member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU(b) on the podium of the mausoleum, models of tanks in red square, are participants in one of the athletic parades, passing trucks with a swimming pool, a bar, a Boxing ring, Stalin and Voroshilov on the mausoleum, physical training parade participants perform gymnastic exercises and welcomed the leaders of the Soviet Union, the faces of the representatives of the Union republics.

Meeting Spanish officers Phalangists.

The fighting during the civil war in Spain 1936-1939 years, the face F. Franco, Mussolini, Hitler.

Franco stands in front of the military, the demonstration of the Republicans in Spain.

Volunteers receive weapons during the defense of Madrid, a division of the Republicans and barricades in the streets.

D. Ibarruri is at the head of the demonstration.

Spanish soldiers Republicans and fighters of the international brigades sent to the front, rallies and demonstrations in Spain.

The arrival of Soviet military goods in the Spanish port, the arrival in Spain of the Soviet cargo ships.

Fighting in Spain during the civil war, the barricades on city streets, destroyed building, the streets of Madrid during the defense of the city, the evacuation of the wounded from the front.

The soldiers of the Republican army, taken prisoner by Franco.

View of the cemetery of the fighters of the international brigades, plaques with the names on the graves.

Hitler welcomed the commanders of stormtroopers during one of the Nazi events, the faces of the stormtroopers-bearers.

The departure of I. Ribbentrop to Moscow in 1939.

Meeting of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact in the Kremlin.

Molotov and Ribbentrop signed the Treaty between the USSR and Germany, the face of Stalin, signed the contract.

View of a burning city block during the fighting in Poland in September 1939.

German troops are fighting in Poland, passing motorized convoy, infantry in the ruins.

Meeting of German and Soviet military demarcation line in Poland.

The German officer shows the welcome text red army of the Soviet commander.

The Person Of Stalin.

Trotsky in a coffin in 1940.

The types of the Cabinet, where he was killed Trotsky.

Farewell to the body of Trotsky, the honor guard at the tomb.

The arrival of the train at the station of Molotov in Berlin in November 1940.

Ribbentrop and representatives of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Germany welcomed the Molotov at the car.

Molotov and Ribbentrop guard of honor.

Molotov and Ribbentrop during the talks and reception.

Dispatch of cargo to Germany via rail, loading grain.

The face of Hitler, Hitler takes the salute.

Panorama of the burning village, the German soldiers on the streets of European cities.

View of the Eiffel tower in German-occupied Paris in 1940, the installation on the tower of the Nazi flag, the faces of German soldiers.

The face of Hitler speaking at a Nazi rally.

German troops are fighting on the territory of the USSR in June 1941, German tanks on the March.

Women assisting the wounded soldiers.

Woman sets fire to the thatched roof, view of a burning village, a burning in the bread.

The convoy of refugees moving on the road, the panorama of the frontal area.

Types of burning of settlements, destroyed houses and factories.

Surrendering to the red army, is wounded.

Red army prisoners with arms raised, the moving column of red army prisoners.

Observation post on the roof of one of houses in Moscow in November 1941, the view of red square (above).

Fortifications and barricades on the streets of Moscow.

Create spotted from the trunks of trees in the forests around Moscow.

Stalin speaks from the podium of the mausoleum during the parade November 7, 1941, the panorama of the red square.

Attack by Soviet cavalry near Moscow in December 1941, troops on parade in red square.

Soviet artillery was preparing to open fire on the enemy, the ski battalion troops moving through the streets of Moscow.

Types of streets of the besieged Leningrad, the anti-aircraft gun from St.

Isaac's Cathedral, the daily life of Leningrad in the winter of 1941-1942, people collect water from a hole in the Neva, from the rubble.

Panorama of the square of Fallen Fighters in Stalingrad in the winter 1942-1943.

Soviet and German troops are fighting on the streets and in the houses of Stalingrad, Soviet sniper is firing from.

The Soviet troops met near Kalach in the course of the counteroffensive at Stalingrad, the attacking tanks and infantry.

German soldiers surrender, the face of German prisoners.

Surrendered captured field Marshal Paulus F.

A column of German prisoners moving across the steppe.


Nicholas II-Russian Emperor Nikolai Romanov-commander, the Grand Duke Alekseev, Mikhail Vasilevich-commander Rodzianko Mikhail Vladimirovich-statesman and political figure Miliukov, Paul N. -- statesman and political figure Guchkov Alexander Ivanovich -- statesman and political figure Stalin Joseph Vissarionovich [842] - statesman and political figure Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich [841] - statesman and political figure Khrushchev Nikita Sergeyevich [882] - statesman and political figure Kamenev, Lev B. -- statesman and political figure Lions George E. -- state and political figure Kerensky, Alexander F. -- statesman and political figure Lev Davidovich Trotsky-statesman and political figure Zinoviev, Grigory Evseevich-statesman and political figure Kollontai Alexandra Mikhailovna -- state and political figure, diplomat Rykov Alexey Ivanovich-statesman and political figure Dybenko Pavel Yefimovich-commander Yoffe, Adolf Abramovich -- state and political figure, diplomat Karakhan, Lev M. -- statesman and political figure, diplomat Radek, Karl Berngardovich-a revolutionary and political figure -- Bela kun, the Hungarian revolutionary and political figure Miklos Horthy-Hungarian statesman and political figure Hindenburg Paul von-German statesman and politician, military leader -- Boris, the Bulgarian king Benito Mussolini-Italian statesman and political figure Wrangel, Petr Nikolaevich-commander Denikin, Anton Ivanovich-commander Budyonny Semyon Mikhailovich-commander Voroshilov Voroshilov-statesman and politician, military leader Kalinin Mikhail Ivanovich -- statesman and political figure Kamenev, Sergei Sergeyevich-commander Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov-statesman and political figure Tomsk Mikhail p. -- statesman and political figure Bukharin Nikolai Ivanovich-statesman and political figure Krupskaya Nadezhda Konstantinovna-a revolutionary and political figure Efim Evdokimov G. -- statesman and political figure Dzerzhinsky, Felix Edmundovich-statesman and political figure Ordzhonikidze, Grigory Konstantinovich-statesman and political figure Ulyanova-Yelizarova Anna Ilyinichna-a revolutionary and political figure Maria Ilinichna Ulyanov-a revolutionary and political figure Sergei Kirov myronovych-statesman and political figure Mao Zedong-Chinese statesman and political figure Chiang Kai-shek-Chinese statesman and political figure Adolf Hitler-German statesman and political figure Thalmann, Ernst-German revolutionary and political figure Gustav Krupp-German industrialist Heinrich Himmler-German statesman and political figure Tukhachevsky Mikhail Nikolaevich-commander Mikhoels Solomon Mikhailovich-theater actor, Director, social activist Zhdanov, Andrei A. -- statesman and political figure Gorky Aleksei Maksimovich-writer, playwright Antonov-Ovseenko, Vladimir A. -- statesman and political figure, lawyer Vyshinsky, Andrey Yanuarievich -- state and political figure, lawyer Gamarnik, Ian B. -- military and political leader Egorov Alexander Ilyich-commander Berry Henry G. -- state and political figure, head of the state security Nikolai Yezhov-statesman and political figure, head of the state security Dimitrov, Georgii Mikhailovich -- the Bulgarian state and political figure Francisco Franco-Spanish statesman and politician, military leader Ibarruri, Dolores -- Spanish for revolutionary and political figure Paulus, Friedrich von-German commander


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