Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1943 № 688-2 Working material

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Producer UFA

Reel №1


Detail of a football match, Vienna-Hamburg.




The joy on the podium.

Another goal.

The fans run onto the pitch


Rayhsministr arms A.Shpeer young workers.


On the podium Speer.

Young people in the hall.


Speech by the head of the Reich Youth.


Poland. "Freedom Day" in Poznan.

Himmler and his entourage bypass operation.

Young Drummers.


The parade takes Himmler.

Go soldiers.

The officers on the platform.

Pass fighters Reichsarbeitsdienst RAD


The commander of the submarine Lust at home.

Rides in the car.

The German city.

Lust solemnly handed flowers.

The rally in the market square



Camp Reichsarbeitsdienst RAD. Building.


Physical exercises.



RAD Soldiers clean clothes.

Building on the form.

Inspection boots sergeant.

RAD Soldiers with shovels.

They go on the road

Workshop for repair of tanks behind the front line.

In the workshop the workshop.

Various surgery to repair tank parts.

Ready tank.

Mounting tower wheels, caterpillars.

Tankers are photographed at the tanks.

The tank is leaving


Opening of the National Assembly.

Albanian landscapes.

Deputies at the entrance to the building.

Chairman in the meeting room

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Reel №2

THE USSR. Eastern front.

Map of the Central and Southern areas.

The fighting on the Dnieper.

The Germans on the positions of the river.

They shave, cook on a camp stove-stove.

The ruins of the bridge.

The German engineers in the ruins of the bridge.


Ran artillleristy.

Shoots mortar gun.

Calculation with guns.

Explosions on the other side.

Officers with the card.

There is a German infantry.

They're coming tanks.

The massive offensive in Krivoy Rog.

The shelling of Soviet aircraft.

Drop downed Soviet plane.

Fragmety tank attack.

The Germans have tanks, the tanks are going forward.

Shoot gun.

Destroyed Soviet equipment, tanks.

Soviet prisoners of war.

The corpses of Soviet soldiers.

A giant explosion on the enemy positions.

German aircraft in the air.

View Soviet territory.

Bombs are flying at the enemy's position.

Explosions and fires.

Reset lighters.

Bombs are flying into the goal.

Smoke fires.

The pilots in the cockpit.

German squadron in the air


Field-Marshal Kesselring in Italy.

It bypasses the order forces.

He welcomed the German soldiers as well as that part of the Italian troops, which since July 1943 events / fall of Mussolini / remained loyal to the Duce.

Duce enters the building.

On government meeting the so-called "Republic of Salò" / puppet government set up by the Germans and Mussolini after the collapse of Mussolini's regime in July 1943 /.



His Supreme Commander Graziani.

He confers with German officers, then leaves.

Kesselring oversees the construction of fortifications.

German sentry.


German guns aimed towards the sea.

German soldiers are digging trenches, barbed wire unwound.

Undermining wire.

The Germans in the trench.

German guns.

At the headquarters.

Calculation with guns.

The gun shoots.



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