Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1943 № 693

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Producer UFA

Operators: Gustav Vajss, Robert Daljmajer, Burkhardt, Zedler, Valjter Grimm, Karl Vajlj, Hajnc Shmidt, German Kifer, Gans Yakobi, Heljmut Fisher, Viljgeljm Mantej, Valjter Komor, Gyunter Bauh, Gans Bashtanier, Gucci Lantshner i drugie.

Reel №1


Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Mohammad Amin al-Husseini visited Muslim part in the service in the German army.

It bypasses the operation, talking to young soldiers.

In the tent city he visits the food supply part, the work of field bakery, chef brings his freshly baked bread.

Parade Muslim parts.

THE USSR. The work of the German railway workers in the occupied areas of the Soviet Union.

Carriage Works.

Production of railway cars, the production of springs in the factory.

The official nameplate on the car, "20000, 23.9.1941-23.10.1943".

Work on the construction of the railway line.

Installation of travel facilities.

Locomotive in the way.

Blockhouse, switchman with a rifle.

Lifting damaged as a result of the diversion of the locomotive.

The driver and assistant driver with a gun in his hand in the booth of the locomotive.


Railroad Day in Germany 12/07/1943. Berlin.

Minister of Transport Dr.

Julius Dorpmyuller at the ceremonial meeting of railwaymen Rayhsbana.

Presentation of awards and plaques deserved railroad.

Statssekretar Reichsbahn Albert Ganzenmyuller marked the Iron Cross.

Knight's Cross with Swords get the Chief Inspector Reichsbahn Hellenthal, managing railway Grimm driver Kindervater (he gets cross from fighter pilot Captain Walter Nowotny) Managing railway Lammerts driver Birshenk President and CEO Dr.


Fragment of speech Reich Propaganda Joseph Goebbels / recording /.

Goebbels congratulates the awarded employees.

At the meeting there Reichsleiter Dr.

Robert Ley.


Northern Front.

Sending German soldiers on home leave.

They ride in a cart, then a truck.

Vacationer at the assembly point, distribution of holiday cards.

Landing in railway wagons the van.

The train follows the south.

Stop in the Finnish city of Kotka.

Soldiers at the hairdresser.

They are on the vessel.

Arrival to the German port.

In distributing point Memel they get a "Gift of the Fuhrer" - a special package.

Landing in cars.

Train departs.


Preparing for Christmas.

Bakers Christmas rolls for manufacturing.

Women signaller and soldiers made toys.

In the Navy.

Mariners make children's toys.

Ready-made toys.

The soldiers on the Mediterranean Sea.

Instead of a Christmas tree - decorated tree.

In the north - the soldiers with Christmas trees.

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Reel №2

Eastern front.

Fighting in the Zhitomir region.

German squadron.

Pilot Lieutenant Emil Lang, holder of the German Cross in Gold, talks about his departure.

Celebrating the 100th flight pilot Lang.

Station Zhitomir, is unloading tanks, canisters with gasoline.

Tanks followed on position.

Uploading materials, munitions.

Tankers snack, eat honey in the comb.

The German infantry, machine gun followed at new positions.

German soldiers in the trenches.

Attack Soviet attack aircraft "IL-2".

Shoots chetyrehstvolnaya German anti-aircraft gun.

Calculation with guns.

The shelling of the Soviet aircraft, the plane crashes.

Shootout continues.

Marines in the attack.

Shoot the tank "Tiger".


Dead soldiers, damaged equipment.

Destroyed bridge.

The Germans come into completely destroyed Zhitomir.

Traces of heavy fighting, are killed by Soviet soldiers.

A sign on the "City of Zhytomyr commandant" building is visible behind the cathedral.

Burning buildings.

Broken car.

The Germans on the streets.

Pass the German soldiers and convoys on the background of the burning buildings.

Indian Ocean.

German submarine U-98 Captain Lieutenant Robert Giza.

Work on the upper deck.

An observer with binoculars can see the island of Madagascar.

The appearance of the enemy.


Dive boat.

Watching the enemy ship in the periscope.

The commander gives the order to ascend.

The shelling of the enemy vessel.

It burns, drowning.

Boats with a crew of the sunken vessel.

German cameraman on board the boat at work.

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