Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1943 № 647

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Operators: Bauh,Brode,Kolinjon,Ditrih,Hajnce,Jenzen,Loss,H.Majer,Nojdorff,Resh,Tann,G.Vajss i dr

Reel №1


City Eisenach.

Legendary Würzburg castle in the Middle Ages was the center of the poetic minnesingers (troubadours).

Martin Luther spent his childhood here, and in Würzburg translated the New Testament into German.

Richard Wagner made the center of Würzburg "Tannhäuser" of his opera.

The traffic on snow-covered city.

Founded 900 years ago, Eisenach is one of the oldest cities in Thuringia.

Known as a place of life and work of many great Germans, for example, is the birthplace of Johann Sebastian Bach.


Torchlight procession in Berlin on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Hitler's rise to power in Germany.

Historical shooting Hitler in the Reich Chancellery window.

Immediately after the start of the new government launched an offensive on unemployment.

Three million Germans were able to work again.

Footage of shock work of the Germans.

The curve of the fall in unemployment.

New bridges and motorways in Germany.

Sculptor at work.

The works of "modern art".

Art Exhibition in Munich.

New sports facilities.

Construction of new buildings.

Samples of the "new" German architecture.

New houses for workers.

PNRM. cottages for the workers.

Taking care of children.

In kindergarten.

Children with carers, children on holiday play sports, swim.

View the youth shelter.

New German court: "Robert Ley" and others.

Vacationers on the line organization "Strength through Joy" on board.

German ships and planes, tanks, soldiers.

North Sea.

One of the many German patrol boats in the sea, it preserves the German coast.

Anxiety on the boat.

Message transmitted to the coastal artillery raid on the British aircraft.

The work of the German maritime services and information.

The message is sent to the headquarters of defense.

Knight Knight's Cross, General Aviation, the organizer of the air defense system of the Third Reich, Joseph Kammhuber with his staff, the reception of radio communications.

Pilots night attack aircraft.

Knight Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves, which destroyed 50 enemy aircraft, Major Helmut Lent, confers with the pilots.

German fighter pilots take place in cabins.

Planes in the air.

Pilot in touch with the staff of the air defense.

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Reel №2


Deliveries of arms on German ships in the Mediterranean Sea.

Italian flotilla escorted cargo ships.

Above the courts put a smokescreen.

British aircraft approaching torpedo.

Shoot guns onboard, the plane hit, he plunges into the sea.

The crew on board the lift and taken prisoner.

Unloading arms and ammunition in one of the Tunisian port with cargo ships.

Unloaded from the ship's guns.

Captured by the French coastal fortifications and guns.

Trial shots from guns captured.

In the south of Tunisia and motorized infantry units begin to attack on de Gaulle's troops, who occupy the most important points on highways, passing through the mountain ranges of the Atlas Mountains.

They move along the road to the Marines.


Consumed Anglo-American technology.

A column of British prisoners of war, taken them more than four thousand people.

Eastern front.

Under Leningrad.

German convoys on the road leading to the front line.

A piercing wind covered road ice.

Marines occupy new positions.

PNRM. area, it is covered with countless fortifications.

The observer notices a new target.

Artillery fired by the Soviet observation post.

Stormtroopers move skiing ahead, they will have to take up defensive positions on the defeated enemy.

Icy ground has to cut down.

Demining of the reduced captured from the Soviet army positions, digging trenches, making flooring.

Floorings are closed by snow for masking of the air raids.

The firing point is primitive, but here are well shelled all fields.

Reflection attacks, machine gun fire.

Shoots heavy artillery, anti-aircraft guns.

Before trenches worth several tens of destroyed Soviet tanks, most of them marines blew melee.

The tank fell into the trench.

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Reel №3

THE USSR. Military operations in the Great Onion.


Shoot German guns.

German soldiers in front of the camera, close-ups of the heroes of the Great Bow persons after a successful break out of the encirclement.

Eastern front.

In the position to the southeast of Lake Ilmen.

German soldiers in the trenches, guard posts.

Change the post.

The enemy is fire shells with time fuses.

The soldier in the trenches trying to eat frozen bread.

Lunch is given very little time.

Artillery ordered to open the barrage, is firing.

Soldiers carry the wounded on the scraper.

Self-propelled artillery ordered together with tanks to hold the counter attack.

Reconnaissance cars go forward.

The path passes through the abandoned village.

Ahead in the forest waiting for the infantry, the attack is about to begin.

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