Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1943 № 665

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Producer UFA

Operators: Anders, Bernzee, Rihard Graf, Piter Haller, Gans Kolinjon, Kurt Krigar, Voljfgang Krimmelj, Gucci Lantshner, Libera, Viljgeljm Mala, Viljgeljm Mantej, Ernst Mahinek, Heljmut Pryufer, Karl Zonntag, Ervin Viljde i drugie.

Reel №1


In one of the flight schools Luftwaffe.

On the field, there are training aircraft, by marching cadets.

Theoretical classes.

The instructor is engaged with students at the flying field, showing the pilot action on a glider model.

Training flights in a glider.

Glider clings to a rope for light aircraft, it rises into the air.

Perform various stunts.

Instructor in the classroom with students in the audience, he explains motor unit near the aircraft.

Classes for navigation.

Students draw the aircraft on course maps.

Cadet before the first flight in an airplane with the engine.

Light aircraft take to the skies.

Yugoslavia, Croatia.


The ceremony of taking the Croatian volunteers in the Waffen-SS division.

Croatian general bypass operation.

Oath to the Führer.

Ceremonial march past the Croatian and German officers.

Eastern front.

Story of Estonian volunteers in the Luftwaffe uniform standing in a field, they are fighting under the Nazi flag.

German officers bypass the guard.

Close-up of stripes on his sleeve "Estland".

Volunteers take an oath near the Estonian and Nazi flags.

Pantsergrenadersky Estonian SS battalion "Narva" on the eastern front, they march down the road.

Moves self-propelled artillery.

Soldiers deploying cannon shot from a grenade launcher, machine guns, cannons.

Night shooting, in the sky trace tracer bullets.

Eastern front.

Spain. 250th Regiment of the Spanish Blue Division marching on Russian village is built.

At the command of the soldiers apart, smoking.

The return of the wounded Spaniards home from the Eastern front in the train.

Meeting at the Spanish border station Irun.

Overloading of the wounded, the seriously wounded are transferred on a stretcher.

French guards greeted the soldiers, shake hands with them.

The composition of the wounded to be in Spain.

The northern section of the Eastern Front / Murmansk /.

Bombers "Junkers" rise in the air.

Close-up of hands with a pistol, a signal.

With planes drop bombs to eliminate ice dams.

There is a free flow of water.

Training and training dogs to SS troops on the eastern front.

Dogs running to a soldier coming out of the dugout.

A soldier carries a tank with food in the background, the distribution of food to the dogs.

The soldiers are dogs in training.

Dogs perform various commands detain "enemy."

Medical assistance dog paw vet bandaging.

Germans with dogs are sent to patrol.

Transportation of the wounded dog sledding.

Then the wounded transferred to a special design scraper attached to the horses.

Crossing the wounded through the mountain streams on horseback, then by cable car across the gorge and the mountains.

Loading the wounded in the ambulance.

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Reel №2



Caravan sanitary vehicles in the Norwegian port.

Delivery of the wounded to a hospital ship.

Injured descend the steep bank into the boat with the help of ropes and driven to the ship, where they provide first aid.

German Colonel General Eduard Dietl inspects the hospital, talking to the wounded before being sent home, as always, the soldiers handing out a pack of cigarettes.

Distribution wounded lunch.

Life on board.

Wounded men playing chess.

A session in the ship's theater, ballet dancer dancing on the screen.

Soldiers sit on the deck, watching the shore.

Farewell to Norway.

The ship is sent to Germany.

The southern section of the eastern front.

On the line Orel-Kharkiv-Stalin.

Reconnaissance detachment of SS troops traveling in special amphibious vehicle.

Troop maneuvers.

Soldiers jump from a moving machines lie with weapons fulfill combat techniques.

Then just go to jump into the passing cars.

Amphibian overcomes a water barrier, the car "Volkswagen" has a special device for the passage of the water.

Machines go to the opposite shore.

General Field Marshal Erich von Manstein out from the headquarters, sits in the car, traveling around the city.

The building line up soldiers, Manstein, bypasses the operation, talking to the wounded soldier.

Manstein at the forefront, it goes through the trenches, inspects the enemy position through binoculars.

Ahead visible ruins of the house, a German soldier comes out of the trench, he ran to the house, missing in the ruins of the pot and runs back.

With his friends, he sees a pot, it lays the potatoes, cook.

The soldiers eat from the pot.

Anxiety, soldiers running along the trench, snipe.

Shootout with Russian.

Gunners hit of mortar gun, a light gun. seen a series of explosions.


Coast European channel.

Loading minutes on minesweepers.

German convoy in the sea, in the sky tracking planes.

The view from the deck, filled with shells, ships.

Mining sea routes.

Close-up of a stopwatch in hand.

German sailors on the deck dropping mines overboard.

Air raid.

Anti-aircraft gunners fired at Soviet planes.

One of the ships to the rescue to another, in which the fire broke out.

Overloading wounded.

Fire fighting.

The damaged ship is taken in tow.

Light naval vessels hunted German submarines for the British in the coast of Holland.

Reset the depth charges.

On the surface of the water explosions.

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