Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1943 № 692

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Reel №1

1. Germany.

Goering visiting one of the mines in the Ruhr area.

Goering in the mine with a miner's lamp.

He visits the apartment of a miner comes out of the house, talking to residents.

He's in a crowd of people, with a child.

Goering says goodbye to the miners and their families leaving.

2. Germany.

Reichsfuhrer SS and police Himmler produces a review of the anti-Soviet Legion, formed of the soldiers of the countries of South-Eastern Europe.

It for shooting practice, leaving.

3. Germany.

The soldiers of anti-aircraft anti-aircraft batteries are preparing for Christmas.

Geese with signs on which were written the names of soldiers.

The German Red Cross is packing Christmas gifts for the front.

A ready-made gift.

4. The Atlantic wall.

The soldiers of the garrison at leisure manufactures toys for children.

Soldiers with they made toys, ready-made toys.

5. Germany.

The headquarters of the air defense of Berlin, members of staff over the map.

Gunners firing on the enemy bombers.

The downed bomber.

Military meeting with Goebbels on issues of air defence of Berlin workers defense, the Wehrmacht and the police in connection with a massive bombing of the capital of the Anglo-American aviation.

Goebbels inspects the quarters of the city affected by the bombing.

Measures to help postradavshie mu population.

Kitchen, arranged on a barge "Train assistance Fuchs," the distribution of food to the victims of the bombing.

Goebbels among service employees care.

Distribution of meals, bread, sandwiches, cigarettes.

Demolition of the ruins.

A temporary café.

The restoration of the railway.

Berliners rush to work.

Handling of food.

Street sellers.

A special concert for the victims of the bombing, performances.

The audience (many of them wounded, in bandages).

The Ministry of public enlightenment and propaganda.

Meeting on assistance to the victims of the bombing.

Distribution of furniture, household goods.

Evacuation of children from Berlin.

Shelter for children affected by the bombing.

Goebbels presents awards to persons who have distinguished themselves in rescuing the victims of the bombing.

Guard troops marching down Unter den Linden, the passage of the column under the Brandenburg gate.



Political figures; World War II

Reel №2

6. The Eastern front, the area of the Dnieper bulge.

German soldiers in the trenches.

Attack of German tanks and infantry.

Soldiers walking through mud.

Shoot German guns.

German air action in the area of Nevel, a massive RAID by dive bombers.

German soldiers on the hill, firing the gun.

Tanks and infantry in the attack.

Soviet prisoners of war.

The Germans captured the village.

Mortar fires.

7. Military action in the Greek Islands.

The Islands of Samos and Leros in the Aegean sea, occupied by German troops.

English the white flag.

Broken English military vehicles, dead soldiers.

German soldiers pluck fruits from fruit trees, drinking wine.

Sending to the rear prisoners, they are on the ship, the landing of the prisoners.

The passage of the prisoners through the streets of Athens.

8. The Atlantic coast of France.

The bombardment of enemy aircraft shot down the plane falls into the sea.

German patrol vessels at sea.

Seaplane patrol takes to the air.

The guns of the German warship preparing for battle, they fired at the enemy.

In the engine room is sealing the holes.

The fight continues.

Removing the remnants of the downed plane from the water.

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Tiger tank, Panzer VI, Panzerwerfer, Nebelwerfer




Greece Ukraine

World War II