Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1943 № 688

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Reel №1

1. Germany.

German Alps, the harvest festival.

The return of the cattle from the mountain pastures into the valley.

Decorated with ribbons and bells on the cows back to the village.

Dressy kids girls.

2. Germany.

Summer camp of the Imperial labor service (RAD).

Morning exercises, jumping, Boxing match "exercise.

Preparing to build.

Check uniforms, boots Sergeant.

RAD soldiers with shovels perform exercises.

Solemn passage.

3. Germany.

Fragments of a football match between teams of the armed forces in Hamburg and Vienna Cup background Chammer-Austen.

The final match, the fans run onto the pitch.

4. Germany.

War factory.

The Minister of armaments A. Speer speaks to the working youth who participated in professional competitions.

Supports the head of youth Affairs of Axman, he speaks about the tasks of young workers.


5. Poland.

Ceremony marks 4-year anniversary of the occurrence of Waterland into the Reich in Posen (ex-Poznan). (Waterland — Polish territory, forcibly seized from Poland in 1939.) Trumpeting trumpeters.

Solemn passage of Nazi troops.

Reichsfuhrer SS and police Himmler takes the salute.

Are men HAPPY.

6. Germany.

The arrival of the famous submariner Fierce in his hometown of Neustadt.

Solemn meeting of the residents of the city.

Fierce and his wife entering the home, a crowd of residents at the house Fierce.

7. The southern section of the Eastern front.

The frontline district, a repair shop for repair of tanks.

Working at the bench.

The disassembly of the damaged tank, repair work.

The repair is over.

The commander thanked the workers.

The tank sent to the front.

8. Albania.

Session of the national Assembly in the former Royal Palace in Tirana.

Deputies of the Assembly.

Appointment of members of the government.

9. Yugoslavia.

The mountainous area in Bosnia.

German planes bombed the camp "bandits" (partisans), shooting from aircraft.

The aircraft dropped bombs, bombs exploding.

Pilot-gunner fires machine gun the guerrillas.

Burns torched the village.

German ground troops go into the attack on the guerrillas, Cossack horse part.

The assault on the village.

Captured "bandits" in front of the camera.



World War II

Reel №2

10. Italy.

Field Marshal Kesselring inspects a German part, it bypasses the formation of soldiers, welcomed the German soldiers as well as the part of the Italian army, which after the events of July 1943 (fall of Mussolini), remained loyal to Il Duce.

Military meeting at the headquarters of Mussolini.

Marshal Graziani confers with German officers.

Marshal Graziani pays a visit to the headquarters of field Marshal Rommel, then went, Rommel inspects the construction of fortifications on the Italian coast.

Rommel at the guns.

The construction of fortifications in southern Italy, the barbed wire.

At the headquarters receive a report.

German artillery shelled the enemy positions.

Fires in the night.

11. The southern section of the Eastern front (fighting on the Dnieper).

Heavy defensive battles of the Wehrmacht.

German soldiers in anti-tank ditch.

Respite between battles, the men smoke, shave, cook on a camp stove.

The distance the convoy of trucks.

Blown up the bridge across the Dnieper.

Soldiers carry ammunition boxes, firing a grenade launcher.

Observers alarm the German artnature.

With guns off the camouflage branches.

Shooting guns, mortars on the village.

The massing of German tanks on the lions.

German aircraft bombard enemy positions, German tanks in the attack.

Fragments of the fighting.

Dead soldiers, Soviet prisoners of war, Soviet equipment destroyed, the corpses of soldiers.

The District Of Gomel.

German planes bombed the Soviet positions.

Dropping bombs on an important railway junction.

The pilots in the cockpit.



World War II