Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 687 (1943)

Newsreel №59046, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:02
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. Czechoslovakia.

Reich Minister Frick at the ceremony of his introduction as the new reichsprotektor of Bohemia and Moravia, it takes a parade in Prague.

Reichsprotektor in his office.

Frick takes the former Czechoslovak President Hacha.

Frick greets members of the government of the protectorate.

The ceremony of induction in the hall of Prague Castle.

2. Germany.

Hitler meets the train arrived heads the Regency Council of Bulgaria, Prince Kirill and Professor Tilova.

They are in the headquarters of the Fuhrer.

3. Germany.

The school officers of the Navy in Immensee.

The students in the classroom, they learn to tie knots.

Officer-teacher conducts the lesson with the students.

In the classroom, the study of naval cadets of the "alphabet", signals, flags.

Lessons in rowing, cadets practiced on yachts.

4. Germany.

Reichsmarschall Goering in the inspection trip, he and his escort in parts of the defense, Goering talking with the officers, a hero, a pilot Galland, General Milham.

The conversation of göring with Professor Messershmidt, inspection of the new machine for night flying.

The conversation with the civilian population, Goering with children.

Goering in a military aircraft factory.

He's in Shah Terek village, talking to residents, says goodbye, gets in the car.

5. Germany.

German hospital ship returns from England to Stettin with the exchanged seriously wounded soldiers.

Meeting with the population eat, girls throw flowers to the soldiers.

Unloading the wounded.

German soldiers on another transport ship.

The nurses and staff greet soldiers unloading wounded.

Soldiers go ashore.

They write letters to relatives.

Calendar: 11/1943

Locations: Germany [84]

Reel №2

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6. Germany.

The return of the German submarine in the harbour at Chania Windows combat operations.

Honoring the crew of the boat, announcer of the battle, deserved Gah crew.

Captain Fierce congratulates the crew.

Sailors with flowers.

Tories make your way to the reception, sailors drink beer.

Sailor shows another picture of the child.

A visit to the hairdresser, the sailors shave beards, shaved hair on the floor.

The reception honored the captains submariners Fuhrer.

The Fuhrer gives awards and certificates to the captains, including the famed submariner Lutu.

Fuhrer presents the award to captain Nowotny, talking with him.

7. Greece.

The Aegean sea, the operation to capture the island of KOs.

The bombing of the island by German aircraft.

The ships of the Germans under the British fire approaching the island.

Under cover of darkness the German troops landed on the island.

The destruction of the English garrison.

Skirmish, the firing of the ammunition depot.

The entry of German troops in the village, the people welcomed them.

The types of Islands, the minarets.

The remnants of the English garrison in the column of prisoners of war.

Defeated English airfield.

Sending prisoners?

8. The Eastern front, heavy defensive battles on the Dnieper river West of the line Kiev-Kharkov.

The announcer on the reflection of the Soviet breakthrough.

Counterattack German tanks and infantry.

German machine gunners, infantry in battle.

Dead soldiers, prisoners of war.

The German signalman.

German tank infantry in the attack.

Soviet prisoners of war in front of the camera.

Shoot the German tanks, guns.

German aircraft bombed and shelled the Soviet positions.

Explosions (shooting from the air).

Key words


Calendar: 11/1943

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