Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1943 № 679

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Producer UFA

Reel №1

1. Spain.

Fishing trawlers off the West coast of Spain, fishermen in the fishery.

Caught large fish.

2. Serbia.

A paramilitary labor service of the German model in Serbia.

Young men on the ground (drainage) works.

3. Germany.

The feast of the Hitler youth and SNM (Union of German girls) in Breslau.

Mass sports performance of youth.

Pole vault, long jump, relay.

Swimming in the pool, jumping in the water.

4. Germany.

Destruction in one of the German cities, caused by American bombers.

The downed bomber.

Assistance to civilians affected by the bombing, the distribution of water, food.

Evacuation of children and women from areas affected by the bombing, loading on river boats.

Evacuated hospital.

5. Germany.

Headquarters of the Fuehrer, Hitler on a walk with the dog.

Meeting between Hitler and Himmler in the Park.

Military meeting at Hitler's headquarters, there are Manstein, Goering, Jodl, Keitel, Doenitz.

6. Eastern front, Central, and southern sections.

On the line Orel - Kursk - Kharkov.

German soldiers on the March, changing the parts in the trenches.

On the German command post.

The shells of the Soviet multi-barrelled mortars.

Battery German six-barreled mortars in action.

Counterattack German tanks, they are on the streets of the village.

Tanks in battle.

German tanker in the tank.

German infantry.

Key words

Nebelwerfer, tiger tank, Panzer V




Germany Spain Serbia

World War II

Reel №2


Shoot German guns.

Bandaging the wounded.

German infantry in the attack.

The fight night.

Morning panorama of the battlefield.

Burning and broken Soviet equipment.

7. Italy.

Evacuation of German troops from Sicily to the continent of Italy.

Ferry troops across the Messinian Gulf.

The bombing of the British aircraft crossing.

German anti-aircraft battery in action.

Exploded in the air, British aircraft falls to the ground.

German guns firing, shells exploding.

German ferry approaches the shore, the unloading of the ferry.

American four-engine bomber that made an emergency landing in enemy territory.

General Hubel, commander of the German troops in Sicily.

8. German airfield from the shore of the Mediterranean sea.

Pilots ready to fly, sit in the cockpit.

German air RAID on an English convoy, fragments of the battle.

Last minute trial of the convoy.

9. The German auxiliary cruiser "Thor" at sea, the sailors on the deck.

The return of naval reconnaissance aircraft from another flight.

The pilot reports to the commander the situation.

Spotted enemy transport.

The reception crew on Board.

Transport confiscated and declared the trophy.

Another enemy ship.

The commander sits in the boat.

German sailors visiting the enemy ship.

He continues the path under the German flag.

The shooting of the cruiser of the enemy ship, it goes to the bottom.

Key words

b-17,the arado seaplane, Torpedo bomber,



World War II; Fleet

Reel №3

The bomb shelter hiding from the bombing were civilians, and conducted a lively conversation.

A member of the defense tells the townsfolk about incendiary bombs, their types and ways of their suppression.

The story is illustrated by footage of the firefighters extinguish incendiary bombs.