Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1943 № 673

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Reel №1

1. Germany.

IV athletics competitions at the Olympic stadium in Berlin.

Discus, javelin.

Running, high jump women, pole vault Gustav Starka. 100 meters women, men.

Run 80 m hurdles women, men.

4x100 meters relay men.

2. Germany.

Sports at the military school "tölz" for training of the SS representatives of Germanic countries (Norway, Denmark, etc.).

Water sports, diving.

Exercises with balls, the mass gymnastics.


The students in the classroom.

Play chess in your free time.

SS-Estonian reads the newspaper "Eesti Xena, library.

SS run down the stairs.

The building in the courtyard, a ceremonial parade and March.

3. Germany.

The awarding of the officers of the RAD (Reich labor service) Knight's crosses.

The reception of their leader Konstantin GLAD HIRLAM.

Presentation of commemorative gifts, books.

The Grand building of soldiers HAPPY. Officers bypass the soldiers.

Classes in the fresh air.

The visits to the construction site.

The officers oversee the work of the fighters.

One of the soldiers is a veteran of the Eastern front, it is presented to the officers.


4. Italy.

Delivery of equipment for the German troops in Sicily.

Tanks are moving.

The crossing of the Messinian Gulf, cars and people on the boat.

On Board anti-aircraft gun, anti-aircraft gunners watching the sky.

Unloading of heavy weapons, tanks in Messina.

Are columns of German soldiers.

The headquarters received the message about the appearance of American bombers.

Shoot the German anti-aircraft guns.

Downed American bomber burning on the ground.

The German heavy guns firing at enemy ships.




Germany Italy

Sport; World War II

Reel №2

German transport planes in the air, the relief landing by parachute in the territory of Sicily, paratroopers in the air, reveals the parachutes landing.

Paratroopers enter the battle.

German fighters in combat with us aircraft, the fragments of the battle.

Captured by American soldiers.

German bombers flying over the sea.

Detection of the enemy's cruisers, the bombing of the ship.

5. Of the Mediterranean sea.

British naval convoy at sea.

Aboard the aircraft carrier, the start of British aircraft from an aircraft carrier.

The air battle.

Burning tanker (excerpt from the English chronicle).



World War II; Air force

Reel №3

6. Eastern front, near eagle.

The accumulation of German troops under the Eagle.

German tanks and self-propelled artillery with the infantry follows to the new position.

German grenadiers dug in.

Colonel-General Guderian talking with the officers.

Distribution of coffee, email.

Planes ju-87 fly in the air.

Marines take up space on the tank.

Tanks and infantry in the attack, the signalman at work.

Fragments of the battle.

Mortar fires.

The wounded man first aid.

Tanks in the attack.

Motorcyclists and cars on the road blurred.

German anti-aircraft guns fired at Soviet aircraft shot down the plane falls.

The battlefield carry the wounded.

Distribution of gifts to the soldiers, they eat chocolate and smoke.

Attack enemy tanks.

Shoot the German anti-tank guns, explosions.

Fires rocket launcher.

The Soviet attack was stopped.

Burning tanks.

German soldiers at rest.

Soviet prisoners of war.

Burning tank.

German soldiers.

Destroyed Soviet tanks and equipment.

American tank supplied to the Soviet army.

German planes in the air, they are on the location of Soviet units.

The bombing of Soviet positions.

Junkers ju-87 in flight.




Orel region

World War II; Starting the Battle of Kursk