Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1943 № 671

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Reel №1

1. Germany.

East Tyrol, the exhibition of products of craftsmen.

Traditional holiday sharpshooters in Innsbruck.

Gauleiter Franz Hofer and the Minister Ohnesorge mail on occasion.

Shooting 4-18 July, 1943.

The arrows going to the competition.

Procession through the streets with banners.

Go Tyrolean arrows.

Shot out of a cannon.

2. Germany.

The city of Heidelberg.

School-seminar for leaders of the student movement.

The arrival of Goebbels, he receives flowers.

Goebbels speaks with student veterans.

Wounded in the battles of the future leaders of the student movement.

Goebbels speech about the tasks of German scientists and students.

3. Germany.

In one of the schools of military training of the Hitler youth.

The results cadets forms.

Classes in military subjects.

The students have guns.

They are marching in uniform.

4. Germany.

The speech of the Minister of military industry of Speer on one of the locomotive factories.

Presentation of awards to outstanding workers.

From the depot out of new locomotives.

5. Romania.

General von Manstein presents Romanian leader Antonescu gold award as a sign of his "special" services to the Reich.

Manstein lays a wreath at the monument to fallen soldiers in Bucharest.

6. Yugoslavia.

The types of bridges and the main city of Herzegovina is Mostar.

The March of the SS division "Prince Eugene" in the streets of Mostar at the end of the counter-insurgency operations against the guerrilla groups.

Landscapes Herzegovina, idyllic pictures of peaceful life: herds of horses, cows.

7. Holland.

The caravan of the German ships off the Dutch berets.

The German observer.

Key words

steam locomotive




Germany Romania

Industry; National culture

Reel №2


Alarm at the appearance of enemy bombers.

Team takes place according to the combat schedule.


Fragments of the battle.

Care for the wounded.

English downed aircraft falls into the sea.

The attack of the enemy repulsed.

8. The southern section of the Eastern front.

The District Of Kuban.

German infantry on the Black sea.

The construction of fortifications, bunkers.

Alarm on a coastal battery.

German anti-aircraft guns firing at the enemy.

Fire from attack aircraft ju-87 and the lands of the Soviet landing ships on the Kuban river.

9. Military action in the area of Orel and Belgorod.

The accumulation of German troops under the Eagle, trying to stop the Soviet offensive.

The RAID of Soviet bombers.

Fragments of air combat.

Infantry and gunners are watching the fight.

Falls downed Soviet aircraft.

PNRM. German tanks in the desert.

The impact of the order on the attack on the German command post.

German officers on the front line.

Preparing for the counterattack.

The massive German offensive, tanks are going.

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Krasnodar region Orel region Belgorod region

Starting the Battle of Kursk; World War II

Reel №3

Fragments of tank battles.

Aviation supports German tank attack.

Tanks in the attack, is the infantry.

Shoot self-propelled guns.

The Soviet tanks attempt to escape from fire.

Speaker of the losses of Soviet troops.

Fragments of the battle.

Wrecked Soviet tank.

Soviet prisoners of war are in the column.

Destroyed Soviet equipment.

The Soviet trenches.

The corpses of Soviet soldiers.

German soldiers captured the enemy positions.

First aid to the wounded.

German troops are moving forward.

German artillery fires.

Fragments of a firefight.

Key words





Belgorod region Orel region

World War II; Starting the Battle of Kursk