Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1943 № 672

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Producer UFA

Reel №1

1. Germany.

Olympics in Berlin.

Competition water sports.

Heats of men and women.

Swimmers on the course, the winners.

Jumping into the water.

2. France.

A hospital for German wounded in Arles.

Soldiers at rest, they with the medical staff.

German soldiers on a traditional French folk festival.

The bullfight at the local amphitheater.

Fragments of a comic bullfight.

3. Germany.

Grand Admiral Doenitz inspects new submarine.

It bypasses the sailors.

Doenitz at the podium speaks.

4. German submarines, accompanied by destroyers in the Atlanti-com ocean.

A signalman.

The alarm on the destroyer.

Shooting anti-aircraft guns at the British aircraft.

Submarines continue.

The destroyer returned to base.

5. Occupied Ukraine.

The exhumation of victims of the "Bolshevik terror" in Vinnitsa.

The funeral of murdered Ukrainians in a mass grave.

Requiem for the dead.



Sport; Fleet

Reel №2

6. Eastern front.

Military operations in the Orel—Belgorod.

The movement of German convoys.

Field Marshal Kluge discussing with officers the military situation.

The transfer of energy and materials in the region of Belgorod.

German soldiers in a trench.

The Communicator repairs the line.

German artillery is shelling the Soviet position.

German planes in the air, the pilots in the cockpit.

Flying bombs on the Soviet positions, bombs exploding, shooting the plane.

Shelling Soviet positions.

SS Panzer division preparing to attack.

The reflection of the attacks of Soviet aircraft, air combat.

Soldiers from the ground watching the progress of the battle.

Falls to the ground shot down by a Soviet plane.

Firing rocket guns.

German infantry in the attack.

A wounded bear.

Tanks in the attack, the tanks should be infantry.

Burning a Soviet tank.

Key words





Orel region
Belgorod region

World War II; Starting the Battle of Kursk

Reel №3

Captured Soviet tanks.

German soldiers discuss the outcome of the battle.

The corpses of Soviet soldiers.

Broken Soviet equipment captured by the Germans "Katyusha".

Soviet prisoners of war.

The Germans are moving forward.

PNRM. the battlefield after the battle (view from plane).

Colonel General Model among their soldiers.

The Soviet air RAID on the accumulation of German troops, fly by Soviet aircraft.

The shelling of the Soviet aircraft.

German engineers at work.

German tank forces water barrier.

Antitank artillery is firing at Soviet tanks.

The German infantry in the attack.

Firing rocket guns.

German planes in the air.

Tanks are fighting.

The wounded and captured Soviet soldiers sent to the rear.

Burning Soviet equipment.

Shoot German guns.

German tanks in the attack.

Key words

the battle of Kursk




Orel region
Belgorod region

World War II; Starting the Battle of Kursk