Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1943 № 649

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Reel №1

1. Germany.

Construction of new munitions factories in Germany. A. Speer, the initiator and the construction Manager with his "construction headquarters".

PNRM. construction of military facilities.

Kind of shops of the new military factory.

Building workshops of military industries.

The Assembly of weapons.

Installation of a huge electrocarbon.

Workers are sent to a munitions factory.

Women workers in a military factory shops.

An Assembly of tanks.

Workers gather at lunchtime for a rally.

The arrival of Goebbels and Speer.

Goebbels speech speaker in the retelling.

Workers applauded.

2. Germany.

Grand Admiral Doenitz, appointed commander of the naval forces of the Reich, leaving the former place of service in France.

Doenitz and officers at the door of his office.

Doenitz gets in the car.

Doenitz and Raeder at the headquarters of the Fuhrer.

Gross-Admiral Raeder appointed General inspector of the Navy of Germany.

The admirals and the Fuhrer.

3. North Africa.

On the Tunisian front.

Unloading Italian and German cargo ships in one of the ports of Tunisia.

Loading weapons and food trucks.

The flying British aircraft.

Anti-aircraft gun ready to fight.

German fighters take off.

Fragments of air combat.

Shoot the German anti-aircraft guns.

Prisoner of the English pilot.

English downed aircraft falls to the ground.

4. The Central section of the Eastern front.

On the line Smolensk-Bryansk-Demyansk.

The movement of German transports in a Blizzard.

Soldiers are escorted by horse train.

In the trenches soldiers clearing trenches of snow.

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Germany [84] Tunisia [223]

World War II; Industry

Reel №2


Soldiers clearing trenches.

The installation of the barbed wire and slingshots.

Soldiers in the trenches, in the dugout.

The soldier on duty.

Fragments of skirmishes with Soviet troops (night shooting).

5. Military action South of lake Ladoga.

German field fortifications (barbed wire, trenches).

The advancing Soviet tanks (removed far).

German infantry preparing to resist.

Shooting howitzers, calculation tools.

Gunners shoot.a soldier is loading a Muzzle grenade launcher Wrecked Soviet tanks, the corpses of Soviet soldiers.

The attack of German tanks and units of grenadiers.


Tanks and infantry moving to the positions of Soviet troops.

One of the German military airfields.

Clearing the airport of snow.

Check motors loading bombs.

The bomb was driven to the truck.

Attaching to the aircraft a Junkers Ju-88 large blast bombs.

Planes fly in the air.

Junkers Ju-87 fighter fw-190 in the air, the pilots in the cockpit.

Massive RAID of German aircraft in the Soviet rear.

Flying bombs on target.

Numerous fires from exploding bombs (view from plane).

Fragments of air combat.




Winter [823]

World War II; Air force