Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1943 № 669

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Reel №1

1. Germany.

Fragment of a football match Dresden-Saarbrucken at the Olympic stadium in Berlin.

The players on the field, the spectators, among them the wound - ing soldiers.

After the match, the fans are the players on hand.

2. Germany.

The opening ceremony of the 7th Great art exhibition in Munich.

Goebbels goes to the gallery building, he was greeted officials.

Visitors to the exhibition.

Individual exhibits in front of the camera.

Landscapes, genre paintings, portraits of soldiers, picture of the battle of Stalingrad.

Sculpture of a soldier with a grenade in his hand.

A fountain with a statue of a nymph who holds the mustache fish sculptor Helmut Lieberman, equestrian monument to Frederick the Great sculptor Josef thorak.

3. Austria.

The international conference Pro-fascist journalists in Vienna, the participants get off the bus.

Reichsleiter Otto Dietrich greets participants of the conference in the foyer.

Speech of Alfred Rosenberg and of the chief printing, Otto Dietrich.


4. Germany.

NORAD, the transmission of the message about in the airspace of enemy aircraft.

The gunners take their seats.

Fly up in the air fighters.

Protectorate at work.

Anti-aircraft guns fired.

People sit in the shelter, a woman reading a book.

The consequences of the Anglo-American RAID on Dusseldorf.

Burning of the Evangelical Church.

Diagram of fire alarm.

The headquarters of the fire brigade, the fire trucks go out on call.

Catering, organized charities for the victims of the bombing, the food is prepared on field kitchens, distributing hot soup.

The guys from the Hitler youth is transferred to the bread, fold it.

The ruins of the Church, destroyed the hospital of St.

Theresa, the maid of the chambers of the debris of the destroyed house.

The restoration of the tram traffic.

5. France.

Review of personnel and equipment of the armored division "Feldherrnhalle" in the South of France.

Ahead of a division of soldiers with standard.

Division stand in a Park near the Palace.

The performance of SS-obergruppenführer of Utrera and the commander of the division of General Kellermann.




Germany [84]

World War II; Museums and exhibitions

Reel №2


The ceremony of awarding the best SS.

Solemn passage.

6. Yugoslavia.

Punitive actions of the SS against partisans in Montenegro.

German aircraft dropping troops of the punitive expedition letter, which contains the information about the location of guerrilla camps.

German officers discuss the plan of operations.

Trucks with a punitive discharge.

The SS in battle, the shelling of the positions of the guerrillas.

Marines in the mountains of Monte Negro.

Artillery, machine gunners.

Galloping cavalry.

The shelling of guerrilla bases, the explosions.

Captured "bandits" seized their weapons.

Captured guerrillas gone.

A group of local farmers who give to the German soldiers food.

7. The Central section of the Eastern front.

Infantry battalion on the March.

The location of the battalion in the woods on vacation.

The life of a soldier in a forest camp, washing, mending clothes, shaving, eating, playing cards, etc.

Sports games, swimming in the river.

Competition boaters, swimmers, fun romp.

The game of chess.

Soldiers listening to the news Bulletin.

The battalion was sent to the front.

Soldiers on position, they're preparing a weapon for battle.




Yugoslavia [247]

World War II