Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1943 № 693-2 Working material

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Reel №1


Railroad Day in Germany.

Inaugural Meeting of railwaymen Reichsbahn.

Speech by Minister of Railways Dr.


Presentation of awards and plaques deserved railroad.

Goebbels' speech before the assembly.

Goebbels congratulates the recipients.

At the meeting there Dr.


THE USSR. The work of the German railway workers in the occupied areas.

Carriage Works.

Production of springs.

Installation of wheelsets.

Military engineers are paving the way, set the semaphore and arrows.

Semaphore in action.

By rail train goes.

Booth crawler.

Derailed composition.

Climbing the locomotive track.

The driver and assistant driver with a gun in the booth locomotive

THE USSR. Eastern front.

Map on the line Vitebsk-Gomel-Zhitomir, Krivoy Rog.

The pilot out of the plane.

He talks about his departure.

Celebrating the 100 th pilot the flight.


Unloading of tanks, canisters with gasoline.

Filling tanks.

German machinery.

Germans eat honey.

Technology is on the bumpy dirt road.

The Germans are in the trenches.


Soviet aircraft appears.

Shoot the German anti-aircraft guns.

Drop downed Soviet plane.


German infantrymen.

He shoots a gun, a machine gun.

Go tanks C-24. German infantry in the attack.

The corpses of Soviet soldiers.

Destruction of equipment.

Burning tank.

Burned building ruins.

Commandant of Zhitomir.

Behind the cathedral is visible.

The fires in the streets.

German tank crews.

Kind of destroyed Soviet technology against the backdrop of the cathedral

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Reel №2

Indian Ocean.

German submarine with flags, signifying the number / tonnage / sunken enemy vessels.


Boat at sea.



A sailor on the deck of filled water.

Sailors at the guns.

Boat goes forward.

Commander watching through binoculars.

Order dive.

The commander at the periscope.

Team Actions.

The periscope is seen for a ship.

The boat floats.

On deck.

Sailors looking through binoculars.

The shooting of the vessel from the ship's guns.

Burning enemy ship sinks.

Boxes on the water.

Boat with crew



The population in the area.

People are trying to hide, lie on the pavement


Bakers knead the dough.

Making a Christmas cake.

Finished rolls


German girls make toys.

Prepare Christmas gifts.


The soldiers on the Mediterranean Sea.

Soldiers decorated palm branch.


In the north.

The Germans are the Christmas tree


The representative of the Muslim clergy inspects the Arab armies in the service in the German army

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