A Voice of Youth. (1964)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Troshkin V. P.

Operators: Buslaev U., Epifanov G., Troshkin V. P., Usanov V.


About the World Forum of Solidarity of Young People and Students in Fight for Peace, which took place in the city of Moscow.

Historical background

September 16, 1964 in Moscow, the Kremlin Palace of Congresses, opened the World Forum of Solidarity of Youth and Students in the struggle for national independence, liberation and peace.

Temporary description

City of Moscow. World Forum of Solidarity of Youth and Students in the struggle for national independence, liberation and peace. Forum the delegates from Latin America and Africa. Delegates during a visit to car factory, VDNH. K / T: protests, demonstrations in various countries. Disperse the demonstrators. Burning villages in South Vietnam, Cyprus. Process H. Verwoerd.

Reel №1

Photos of African families.

Photo Nazi revanchists their training, the war.

Photo: Police break up a demonstration.

The opening of the World Youth Forum in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses: open forum member of the national leadership of the Union of Young Communists of Cuba Aldo Alvarez (synchronously).

Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin in the hall at the meeting of the forum - CU.

Listening to African - CU.

At the meeting of the forum in the Hall of Columns are: the Soviet delegate P. sieve (synchronous), the delegate of Venezuela (synchronous), the delegate of Iran (synchronous), the delegate of Kenya (synchronous), the delegate of Mali (synchronous), the delegate of Laos (synchronous), the delegate Libya (synchronously), the first secretary of the Komsomol SP Pavlov (synchronously), the representative of the youth of Cuba Balaram (synchronously).

Representatives of different nationalities listen - MS., CU.


Cuba: Young drummers parade, construction, brass band plays, the Cubans dance.

Mass rally in the square in Havana, Fidel Castro speaks - LS., PNRM., MS.

The forum serves young Komsomol leader Hermann Layret Venezuela, PNRM. photo of Major Hugo Bravo - partisan leader.

Hugo Bravo among partisans.


The rebels in the mountains of Venezuela Falk.

Youth delegates Venezuelan Youth Forum in Moscow - CU.


Elections in Venezuela, the dictator showered confetti, police raided worker arrested youth.

The police have beaten the young patriot disperse a peaceful demonstration.

Burning police cars on the street.

Venezuelan guerrillas in the forest.

Demonstration of young partisans against the war in Algeria.

Police beat demonstrators disperse a demonstration of water hose, arrested demonstrators.

The representative of the French youth Henri Martin speaks at the World Youth Forum, demanding freedom of South Vietnam (synchronously).

The delegate from South Vietnam Nguet Tong Binh talks to young Americans - the delegates.

Photos of the Americans in South Vietnam.

Photo: a wounded American pilot on Vietnamese soil.


Burn crosses ignited Klansmen.

Klansmen wearing masks on the streets of American cities.

The police in the U.S. city sneaked dead Africans.


Patrice Lumumba - MS., CU.

Youth Representative Patrick Congo Mossamet online youth.

The explosion at the dam the Nile, the water flows into a new direction.

Arabs on the banks of the river near the bridge.

Reel №2


On car rides South African dictator H. Verwoerd.

International Trial H. Verwoerd in Moscow in the Hall of Columns - LS.

A witness and victim crimes Verwoerd in South Africa.

Hungry children, Africans, driven into reservations, housing Africans.

Police crack down on Africans Shanervile: tank on the street, are killed and injured Africans.

Delegates of the World Youth Forum to examine documents the actions of racists.

School teacher - kipriotka, introduces the delegates to documents about the tragedy in Cyprus, about the bombing of villages by Turkish aircraft.


Cypriot rally to protest against interference in their affairs.

At the Youth Forum said a Turkish Cypriot, Greek Cypriot hugs (synchronously).

The forum participants between sessions talking.

Young Sudanese accompanied Yousif Bouchard acquainted with Moscow.

J. Bouchard - Sudanese, who graduated from Moscow Medical Institute, a graduate student in the clinic examining a child.

J. Bouchard at home with his wife and son Yusuf.

Our delegates at the Moscow plant small car at ENEA in the pavilion "Space".

Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and Vladimir Tereshkova in a group forum delegates.

Our delegates at the hospital at Victor Pryadko - Soviet Army sergeant who lost a leg in mine fields and roads in Algeria.


Soviet engineers in Algiers in designated tanks field clear of mines - LS., MS.

Lay mines collected by Soviet engineers.

Sappers blew mine.

At the final meeting of the forum in the Luzhniki Sports Palace on crutches Pryadko Victor goes to the podium, the forum participants applauded.

B. Pryadko of the floor Forum (synchronously).

Algerian boy hugs B. Pryadko - LS., MS.

All participants in the Luzhniki Sports Palace standing applause in honor of the Declaration adopted by the solidarity, sing the anthem of youth (synchronously).

Cheering delegates of the Youth Forum in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses, in the Hall of Columns, at the Luzhniki Sports Palace - LS., MS., CU.