Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1941 № 562

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Reel №1

1. Germany.

Brenner on June 2, 1941.

The meeting of Hitler and Mussolini to discuss the political situation.

Hitler and Mussolini sit in the car.

The Duce and the führer with the officers.

They talk, then say goodbye.

2. Germany.

The Residence Of Hitler /Berghof/.

The Fuhrer takes a Croatian fascist leader Ante Pavelic.

Meeting on the stairs of the residence.

The exchange of greetings.

Present at the meeting Goering.

Hitler and Pavelic at the table.

The Nazi flag.

Pavelic presenting the führer vintage banner and a souvenir chess.

Bypassing the guard of honor.

Hitler, Goering, Pavelic and the other down the stairs.

Pavelic and his entourage bid farewell to Hitler, get in the car.

The flag of "independent" Croatia.

3. Luxembourg.

Solemn reception of the boys in the Hitler youth.

Reichswehr Arthur Axmann speaks.

The Nazi flag.

4. France.


Demonstration of Alsatian members of the storm troopers /SA/.

The head of the SA Viktor lutze speech.

A handshake, symbolizing the merge of Alsatian troopers with the storm troopers of Hitler's Reich.

5. Atlantic.

The Dunkirk coast.

View of countryside in 1940 after the defeat of the Anglo-French forces.

Ruins, remains of equipment, vehicles.

The modern workforce.

The cleared land, the farmer cultivates the field.

On the streets of Dunkirk - the German "order."

German traffic control.

Signs with German street names.

German troops in the port.

The construction of the new road.

The dismantling of captured equipment, preparing it for scrapping.

Removing tires from emergency vehicles.

The warehouse of spare parts for engines, weapons.

6. France.

The Atlantic coast.

German sentries.


Gunners bring a weapon.

The shelling of the British ship.

The command post of the battery.

The gunners trays shells.

Firing a weapon.

Calculation at the guns.

The barrels of the guns.

An observer with binoculars.


France [77] Luxembourg [129] Germany [84]

World War II

Reel №2

7. France.


Units of the Luftwaffe off the coast of the Atlantic.

Pilots preparing for flight.

The planes take off.

Planes in the air.

Flying bombs on target.

Burning objects on the British territory in Birmingham.

8. Greece.

Entry of Bulgarian troops in Habalo.

Is the infantry, go carts.

The cavalry, led by General.

A military band played.

9. Greece.

The awarding ceremony of the German paratroopers Knight's crosses.

German engineers for the repair of a blown bridge.

Divers at work.

Undermining the enemy mines.

Units of the Luftwaffe in southern Greece.

German Colonel-General Alexander Lehr inspects subordinate units.

He gets on the plane.

The plane flies above the Aegean sea.

Transport with German troops under the protection of the Italian cruisers and aircraft heading to Crete.

Crete under the wing of the aircraft.

Relief of food and medical supplies by parachute.

The plane lands on the island of Crete.

Unloading the aircraft.

Colonel-General of ler at the meeting.

German troops continue cleanup of Crete from the remnants of British troops.

German motorcyclists, gunners.

The shelling of the British positions.

German General Kurt student among the soldiers.

German paratroopers in the attack.

The bombers were bombing the British positions.

The destruction of the English airfield.

The remains of the aircraft.

Set on fire by the British transport.

Captured by the British.

Street fighting in the village.


Join the city of Chania (Chania).

Soldiers on vacation.

German General Kurt student visited the wounded Marines.

Loaded on the plane.

Speaker on the practical end of operations in Crete.


France [77] Greece [87]

World War II

Reel №3

10. North Africa.

Pictures of life of the German Africa corps.

Rommel visits the cemetery of fallen in Africa soldiers.

German soldiers in the Bedouin village.

They treat wine.

The Germans and talking with the locals.

A group of soldiers with a chameleon.

Loading the products for the front.

A bakery in the desert.

A transport leaves for the front.

Accompany aircraft protection.

Armored vehicles go to the front.

Speaker of the approaching troops to the border of Egypt.

The engineers pull link.

The connection is established.

German airfield.

Shoots anti-aircraft gun.

English downed aircraft.

German pilots sit in the aircraft.

The view from the plane Tobaccoo port.

Planes bombed the British transport.

Flying bombs on target.

A direct hit.

The transport is lit.

District Terbuka.

Final preparations for the attack.

Shoot German guns.

Infantry goes on the offensive.

A fragment of the battle with the British.

The Germans were throwing grenades.

The Marines captured British position.


Libya [126]

World War II