Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1942 № 642

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Producer UFA

Reel №1

1. Of the Soviet Union.

Eastern front.

In the Leningrad area.

German soldiers riding on skates on the ice of the Bay.

Soldiers in the bunker.

Are the German soldiers in camouflage, one of the soldiers with a pipe in his mouth, the soldiers smoke.

Building fences from the snow drifts.

The Germans learn of the abandoned Soviet trenches.

They're watching Soviet positions.

The beginning of the firefight.

Firing a machine gun.

The view through the embrasure.

The Central section of the Eastern front.

The positions of the reserves.

The repair of tanks and painting them white.

The RAID of Soviet bombers, the reflection of the plaque.

The equipment of a troop of scouts in camouflage.

Follow the tanks in position.

Machines are on a snowy road.

Clearing snow on the roads, trenches.

German artillery firing at the enemy.

Shooting guns.

2. Tunisia.

A German plane fires at positions of the Anglo-Americans.

Padded American tank.

Downed American fighter.

Captured from the Anglo-Americans the position.

The corpses of the Anglo-American soldiers.

Broken British military equipment.

German tanks in Tebourba, residents of the city.

Captured British paratroopers.

The first American prisoners.

German transport plane to Tunisia.

The squadron is in the air.

The landing and unloading aircraft.

In the warehouse of one of the companies is issuing front-line rations to the soldiers.

Soldiers eat the fruit.

The soldiers carved Christmas tree of planks from boxes and cans.

Submarines at sea.

Key words

Life at the front


USSR [863] Tunisia [223]

World War II

Reel №2

3 .

The Northern section of the Eastern front.

The sailors on the boat.

Christmas gifts for sailors.

Harvesting Christmas trees for the Christmas holiday.

The tree is decorated in the dugout.

Soldiers on skis carrying a Christmas tree.

The soldiers made toys and Souvenirs.

The cake cream 1942. Manufacturer of toys for children of fallen comrades.

Stacking toys in the box.

Soldiers draw.

Their paintings and drawings.

4. Germany.

Christmas days in Germany: winter landscapes, deer in the woods, deer eating food.

Wrapping gifts for the soldiers at the front /in packaging film actress Marika rekk and Louise Ulrich/.

Children at the Christmas tree.

The children wounded in hospital.

Family at the Christmas tree, have radios.

Sounds the bells.

The soldiers at the front receive the parcel.

They drink the wine, read the letters from home, consider gifts.

A sentry on duty.


Germany [84]

World War II; Religious Holidays

Reel №3

5. Germany.

The celebration of Christmas 1942.

Winter landscape, river in the snow-covered shores, covered with snow trees.

The village, a herd of deer, they eat people brought food and hay.

Man feeding birds and squirrel.

Snow-covered city, frozen in the ice ships in port, the frozen river.

The bridge is a train.

Snow drifts at the Brandenburg gate in Berlin.

Snow removal on the streets.

The newspaper notice of the results to the population of the Christmas rations.

Woman preparing food, baking cakes, pies and gingerbread shaped.

In the shoes the kids put the gifts.

The soldiers in the forest, cut down the tree.

Christmas Bazaar, sale of Christmas trees.

Making Christmas decorations, glass blower blows the ball.

Children ishowflat various crafts from wood, dolls, packing parcels.

Children in kindergarten write postcards to soldiers at the front.

Women pack parcels for the front, blow sweets, cigarettes, wine, etc.

The parcel at the post office, is sorting.

Parcels otpravyatsya in different locations.

Berlin Cathedral.

Crowds of people on the street, shop Windows, the children at the window.

Fair in front of the Cathedral.

Preparing for the celebrations in House radio.

Buglers play.

Sings a children's choir.

Family at the receiver.

Children at the Christmas tree, burning candles on the Christmas tree.

Bells ringing.

Churches and cathedrals /view/.

PNRM. German cities.

Decorated with candles tree.


Germany [84]

Religious Holidays; Social life