Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1941 № 554 Working material

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Producer UFA

Scene №1


Military action.

Map Of The Balkans.

The Yugoslav fortifications.

Blown up a railway track.

The Germans in the Yugoslav village.

They are on the road, cross over a river bridge.

Pointer"Community Plesnice".

German infantrymen.

They trafficked guns.

The Germans occupied the crossing.

A German officer.

The engineers moved the remains of the exploded bridge.

They are chosen on the opposite side of the bridge, facing the highway.

View of the destroyed railway bridge.

The Germans on the bridge.

Ferry equipment and manpower, horses on rafts and boats.

A German e-boat on the river.

The Germans were repairing the pier.

Engineers with the boards.


They are led by the officer.

Blown bridge in the town of Marburg /Maribor/.

Sappers at work.

Germans on the streets.

They welcomed the population.

German motorcyclists.

The Croats greeted and treated the Germans.

The Germans drink wine.

Girls with the Germans.

The appeal to the people of Maribor on the Drava river on the German and Croatian languages.

Croatian volunteers.

Hotel Meran".

Go past the Germans.

The population welcomes and treats them.

Local figures.

The Croats and the Germans for reconstruction works.

The restoration of bridges.

Horvath treats the Germans.

On the restored bridge going car.

Cars on the highway.


Serbian prisoners.

German planes on the airfield.

They fly in the air.

German infantrymen.

Mountains in the distance.


Explosions in the mountains


Yugoslavia [247]

World War II

Scene №2


The Germans in a wooded area.

Fragments of the battle.

The Germans were throwing grenades.


Shoots flamethrower.

German infantry in the attack.

Shoots flamethrower.

German planes in the air.

View of Yugoslav territory from the air.

The Yugoslav city.

German pilot in the cockpit.

Explosions in the city.


The German battery.

German tracked vehicles boost water barrier.

The machine-gunners with guns.

Machine on the other side.

Germans visiting Yugoslav territory through binoculars.

The German observer.

Wooden bridge built by the sappers.

The Germans on the restoration of the damaged bridge.

German machine gunners.

The fighting in the village.

German tanks on the road.

Tanks rush forward.

German infantry on the tank.

Defectors with a white flag.

A search of defectors.

German tanks on the highway.

German motorcyclists on the bumpy road.

The reconstruction of another bridge.

German tank are bad, the road blurred.

The broken flooring.

The Germans are moving forward.

A column of Serbian prisoners sent to the rear.

They're on the road.

The German guard.

German soldiers on a motorcycle.


Serbian defectors flock to surrender.


The Germans on the street.

German technology.

The gunner checks the clip.

Is German technology.

A convoy of vehicles on the road.

German convoys.


Horse-drawn wagon.

The Serbs-prisoners of war.

Serbian city.

The poor, dilapidated suburbs.

The population reads the appeal of the German occupation authorities.

The building of the British Vice-Consulate.

Its caretaker.

Discovered at the Consulate propaganda materials and weapons.

The Germans on the highway.

Firing a weapon.

Serbian prisoners.

They answer the questions of German soldiers and officers.

German technology moved on the railway bridge across the river.

The destroyed bridge.

The Germans in the village.

Hung the flag of Nazi Germany


Yugoslavia [247]

World War II