The Trunk.. (1964)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Grigorev R.

Script writers: Bokserman U., Grigorev R.

Composers: Geviksman V.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Agapov B., Ilinskiy V.


On the construction of the oil pipeline "Druzhba" ["Friendship"].

Temporary description

A film about the construction of oil pipeline "Druzhba". Map of the Druzhba pipeline. Production processes of construction of the pipeline on the territory of the Soviet Union (Tatarstan, Belarus, the Volga river), Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Poland. Installation and insulation of pipes, welding, diving, explosive work (summer and winter surveys). Providing telephone service to telephone stations in Moscow, Budapest, Prague, Warsaw, Berlin. Constructors in project offices in Hungary, East Germany, Poland, the Soviet Union at work. Tatarstan. Almetjevsk. Streets and buildings. Traffic and pedestrians. Oilfields. Czechoslovakia. Bratislava. Production processes at a chemical plant "Slovnaft. Danube. Embankments. Poland. Construction of bridge over. Vistula. Plock. Streets and buildings. Traffic, pedestrians. Movement of the cab. Market. Construction neftekombinata. Builder V. Banasyak, chief engineer of the construction of a section of the pipeline K. Domogalskaya at work in the home, with family. Hungary. Assembly plant. Director Power C. Sandor at work. Builders of the Hungarian section of the pipeline resting in the restaurant of one of the cities. East Germany. city of Schwedt. Streets, old buildings. Chimney Sweeper. Museum of the City. Tobacco drying. Monument E. Telman. The construction of chemical plant. Unloading the ships with imported tubes in the ports of Riga, Vladivostok. Production processes at the Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant. Transportation of pipes on pipe trucks.

Reel №1

View of Budapest - PNRM. from the top of the foreground - the Danube.

Wenceslas estate in Prague - LS.

One of the streets of Prague.

Outdoor cafes.

Area in Berlin - LS.

Street with new buildings (with us).

Street in Warsaw - LS.

Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin - LS.

Kremlin and St.

Basil's Cathedral - PNRM. from a moving crane.

Gorky Street.

In exchanges in Moscow, Budapest, Prague, Warsaw, Berlin, working telephone operator (synchronous) - Various.

Hand with a pencil on the dashboard telephone exchange - CU.

On the phone Pavlovsky (synchronously).

Design offices in Moscow - LS.

Talking to a group of engineers at the drawings.

The project office in Czechoslovakia Z. Sukholit working, drinking coffee.

Project offices in Hungary.

Engineers face, hands a drawing - CU.

A team of specialists in the design office in East Germany - CU., PNRM.

Project Office in Poland.

Interview PY Gladkov - one of the chief engineers of the project pipeline (synchronously).

Map: route of the pipeline.

Map arm PY Gladkov, pencil - CU.

Column tractor moves neftevyshku - LS., PNRM. the top point, are different.

Drivers face - CU.

Construction foreman neftevyshek A. Timchenko waves.

Timchenko hand against tractors - CU.

The lower part of the tower is moving on wet clay.

The mud feet are in boots - CU.

Falls auger - LS.; Includes the well - CU.

Working neftevyshka - different.

Boer and other details during - CU.

Persons working - CU.

Oil wells - LS.

House, which houses the control room.

Manager at the controls.

Remote control - CU.

Volga landscape (summer).

Neftekachalki work - LS.; Details - CU.

Oil tanks on the shore - LS. (Top).

Master for oil Hero of Socialist Labor, KA Valeev driving ATV rides through the streets of Almetyevsk.

Streets Almetyevsk.

Cinema advertising.

Go down the street schoolchildren.


Young children - CU.

Valeeva face in the mirror machine.

Valeev driving on a road, in a field on his way to the well.

Well - CU., PNRM.

Valeeva face - CU.

Valeev "listens oil" ear to the tube.

Tanks and pipe pipeline in Bratislava.

Dispatching in Bratislava.

Manager at the controls.

Remote - CU.

Laboratory mill "Slovnaft" lab at work.

Hands put the bottle of oil - CU.

Reel №2

Foreman of the «Slovnaft" in Bratislava, Jan Tomashovich passes through the mill at the control room, sits down at the table.

Tomashovich smiles - CU.

Photo: Tomashovich during the war - in uniform.

Dunelsky Pass - LS., PNRM.

Monument on the pass.

Monuments aircraft gun, tanks.

Combine "Slovnaft» - LS., PNRM.

Pipe Plant.

PNRM. a person working on a gas mask on his side.

Canary in a cage (the indicator of danger).

Dispatching department gases.

Oil tanks, tanks, tanks of trains - different.

Passing convoys of tanks.

Monument to the Liberator Soldier on the Hill of Glory in Bratislava.

Graves of Soviet soldiers - LS., PNRM.

Individual graves: Captain IJ Fetisov, soldier DV Locust, Red Army tm, Zhilkin.

Boulevard in Bratislava.

Two old women on the bench.

Danube, are residents.

View of the Danube in Bratislava (see Castle).

Residents Almetyevsk considered exposed in the street map line "Druzhba".

Map of the pipeline route - PNRM.

Hand draws a line in the address book, PNRM. on the girl's face.

Birch Grove - PNRM.

Pipe pipeline, PNRM. a mushroom.

1405 km of trails in the Bryansk forests.

Cep - CU.

In the forest, demolition work, run.

Explosions in the forest.

Cleaning machine works - LS.

The driver of the car.

In marshy areas pipelay works.

Head of column B. Dzyabenko working.

White lilies in the water - CU.; Caterpillar machine.

Excavate shadow on the water.

Operates marine excavator.

Cleaning machine works in the Ukraine, in the Carpathian Mountains, the 2395 kilometer (the most difficult section of the entire route).

Pipe insulation.

The tube is a bear.

Caterpillar tractor - CU.

Persons working - CU.

Works in Czechoslovakia.

Pipe pipeline over the river.

Cleaning (purging) tubing.

Checking insulated pipe special device.

Z. Suhomel engineer checks the pipe insulation.

Pipe on the ropes.

Work in Hungary in 2912-km.

Cleaning the pipes.

Head of the column looks Laszlo Horvath.

Construction works elderly "grandfather Joseph."

Insulated pipe - LS., PNRM.

In Poland, the machine is digging a trench.

Work - CU.

The machine emits earth - CU.

At the 2409-kilometer pull mired in a peat bog pipe layer.

Driver - CU.

Shouts working - CU.

In the car at a distance poured bitumen.

Working smoke smiles - CU.

Work on the pipe insulation.

Work in the GDR 2980 kilometer.

Against the backdrop of the pipe Reinisch.

The driver of the car.

Tube lies in a trench - LS., PNRM.

Welder - CU.

Is the train, working welders.

Moving pipe.

Reel №3

Tractor pulls driftwood from the river Zhelon in Belarus.

On the Volga river ride pipelaying.

Engineers say (in a tube, a mouthpiece).

Lay two strands pipeline ashore (helicopter).

Tube moves to the Volga, beneath the sea.

On the shore are powerful artillery tractors.

Flying a helicopter above the pipe (crossing the Volga adjusted air).

Workers - CU.

Water comes out of the foreman divers M. Novikov (after checking the movement of the pipe on the bottom of the river), provide an explanation.

Work in the area of ​​the Volga in the winter (from a helicopter).

Novikova dressed and equipped, he goes down into the water to put on the bottom of the explosives.

On the snow is explosive.

Explosives lowered into the hole.

Work turns winch - CU.

M. Novikov out of the water, gives an explanation.

Explosions on the Volga (winter).

The crossing of the Volga (helicopter).

Pipe out of the water on the opposite bank of the river.

Builders enthusiastically waving their hands, run to the trumpet look into the pipe.

Signal tower.

Danube in Budapest (foreground reeds), operates excavator.

The driver stops the car.

Stop mechanism - CU.

On the bank of the shells are found builders.

Minesweeper in a trench.

Explosions in the water.

Look, and then run and scream children.

On the water, the mud pulling the pipe.

Construction of special bridge over the Vistula for trunk - different.

Riveting - CU.

Builders do not occlude the tube middle of the bridge.

Welding pipe.

Go over the bridge builders.

Ready bridge (with motion).

Flags of the USSR and other countries on the bridge.

PNRM. from the river to the old fortress in Blotsky (Poland).


On the balcony (in the face of) the old man in a helmet plays the trumpet.

Street with medieval houses.

Pedestrians (including nuns).

The street artists work.

The picture on the easel.

Cathedral, the cathedral with stained glass portrait of the king, the sarcophagus.

Street grinder.


Duck in a grid - CU.


In the streets of Plock, on the bridge moving column machine with builders and equipment for chemical plant, is the construction crane.

Watching people Plock.

Controller of the traffic.

The frightened horse.

Construction of a petrochemical plant in Plock - LS., PNRM.

Works team of installers.

Marianne Manuro (the construction of installation of distillation towers).

Details of the air.

Manuro commands.

Reel №4

Talking to workers in the construction chemical plant in Plock Vitolad Banasyan working as an accountant at a construction site, an activist, a member of the Union of Socialist Youth.

Banasyan prepared himself for the ecclesiastical career, he graduated from the seminary, but went to work on the construction site.

On the construction site is a group of priests - priests and nuns.

Photographs in the family album Banasyana.

Banasyan coming to his house, met him kissing his wife and child.

The table works engineer Christina Lyugnya Domogalska, talking with the employee.


Domogalska runs through future construction, stands at the device; cow drives away from the device.

Domogalska out of the car, riding a motorcycle, talking with a specialist.

Pipes communications.

New homes Plock - LS., PNRM. the top point.

Report on the city.

Pass people with children.

Children sleep in strollers.

Exhibition of children's drawings on the street.

Domogalska with her husband and child sees pictures.

Construction of the power station on the Danube in Sazholmbatto (Hungary) - a new industrial center, also arose in connection with the construction of highways - different.

Passes, talking to workers, gives interviews (synchronously) director of the Danube power Chenteri Sandor.

Complex of new buildings.

Construction of the refinery - LS., PNRM.

The rise and set of parts on site.

Installers working brothers and Paul Janos Kis.

Hands set piece - CU.


The metal frame of the building, in the corner design dove nest.

Schwedt in the GDR (shot by p.


The ancient building, street.

Dog and cat in the house.

The street sweeper rides a bicycle, enters the house.

Old communist Card Teyhman passes, standing on the street, gives interviews (synchronously).

Hall Museum in Schwedt.

The exhibits of the museum: a bronze sculpture, pipes, snuff, tobacco leaves.

Tobacco dryers in Schwedt.

Monument E. Thalmann.

Report on the city.


Woman riding a bike with a child.

House with traces of shelling.

In the house - an old woman.

Passes through the territory of chemical plant engineer Erwin Tehler.

General view of the chemical plant, surrounded by forest.

Get off the bus, are arriving on the scene the young builders.

Young builders go through the woods.

It should be a team of socialist labor Rudy Schroeder.

Schroeder and team members give their names and professions (synchronously).

Schroeder's team working at height.

Working crane.

Moving part - CU.

Reel №5

Students engaged in the chemical laboratory.

Younger students sing a song about the "Druzhba" (synchronous).

School Choir sings in Almetyevsk the same song (synchronously).

Construction of reservoirs in Tatarstan - LS.

Animation: foreign newspapers and magazines reported failures of Germany to sell the Soviet Union steel pipes for the oil pipeline.

In the port of Nakhodka unload pipes posed by Japan.

Unload tube Swedish ship in Riga.

In the port of Odessa unload ships, took out a pipe from Italy.

Stacks of pipes, not sent to the Soviet Union, at a plant in Duisburg and the Bremen port.

Train with pipes.

A powerful new plant in Chelyabinsk giant, producing large diameter pipes.

Pipes on a conveyor belt - MS.

Working - MS., CU.

Welder - MS.

Remote control - MS.

The hand on the remote - CU.

Finished pipe in the shop.

Forest, snowstorm - LS.

Pletevozy driven through the snow tube.

Driver - CU.

Wheels move over snow - CU.

Winter landscapes.

Branches in frost - CU.

With snow falling tree - MS.

Pipelaying work - LS., PNRM. (Winter).

Work on the road in winter.

Work stykaet pipe - CU.

Head of column B. Dzyabenko checks insulation pipe, chatting with friends.

Works snowplow - LS., CU.

Driver - CU.

The builders of the fire.

Work in a column Dzyabenko night (winter).

Dzyabenko and other workers - CU.

Pipe insulation - CU.

Work on the track during the spring flood on the Dnieper.

Go through the mud feet - MS.

Welder - MS.

In Hungary, one of the last sections of the route are builders.

Builders at the instruments.

Chief of Construction of the Hungarian Laszlo Vaško route.

Builders in the restaurant in the evening. L. Vaško and engineer Kern restaurant.

Violinist - CU.

The highway motorcyclist rides across the river.

Talk on the phone overseer, supervisor in Brody, a dispatcher in Czechoslovakia (synchronously).

Finished tanks - LS., Hitting.

Hall pumping station - LS., MS.

People go to the border to bridge national routes are the "bread and salt".

Welders exchange pennants kiss.

Talking border of Poland and East Germany, are machines.

Historical monuments, the castle - LS., PNRM., Hitting.

Monuments to Soviet soldiers in Berlin - MS., CU.; Budapest (from a helicopter on the background of the city).

Pipe welding line on the Soviet-Czechoslovak and Soviet-Polish border, the border between Poland and East Germany, Czechoslovakia and Hungary.

Welders shake hands, hug, present applauded.

Welders are presented with flowers.