Tonwoche № 593 (1942)

Newsreel №59815, 2 parts, duration: 0:13:19
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. The number of workers from East German enterprises is increasing all the time.

Women workers are at the factory.

Women in the dormitory, they wash, comb their hair.

Ukrainian workers at a Shoe factory, working in the shop.

Women on vacation, they iron linen, sew, knit.

Examination women doctor treatment physical therapy.

Women eat in the dining room.

Ukrainian women in national costumes at the table.

Girl with a doll in Cossack hands.

Ukrainian dance, pop workers exposed to Amateur actors.

2. On the anniversary of the entry of Japan into the war the German Ambassador and the Japanese charge d'affaires in Rome, wreaths were laid at the monument to the Unknown soldier.

Ribbon wreaths.

3. Romania.

By order of the Romanian state Secretary at the Ministry of Aeronautics in Bucharest, a demonstration of different models of gliders.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the German designer of the Fieseler demonstrated his famous glider type "Stork".

4. On the day of the Portuguese youth was held gymnastic demonstration in Lisbon.

At the stadium, addressed the athletes with a mass gymnastic exercises.

Tribune for guests and spectators.

5. At the national sports gallery in Budapest held a contest between the German and Hungarian athletes.

The winner of the Hungarian Ferenc Batak on the bars.

Performance on the bar.

6. A massive obstacle race in Lyon at a distance of over 7 km.

Moments running.

The winner of the Roche result, 24 minutes and 31 seconds.

7. German scientists have created in Lviv, the largest Institute for the study of typhus.

He was transferred to the public and received the name of Behring, his bust at the entrance.

Typhus, which is terribly common in the East of Europe, is transferred exclusively by lice.

Demonstration of the disease on the posters.

Breeding of lice for the experiments in the laboratory.

Woman looking through a microscope.

Artificial injection of bacteria typhus in egg yolks.

Vaccination is carried out on the basis of the latest methods of scientific knowledge.

8. Ukraine.

The Bolsheviks destroyed many railway stations and rail routes to the East.

The German railway has managed in the shortest possible time to create new workshops and to fix the destruction.

Footage of one of the railway bridge near Kiev.

Construction is under way.

The locomotive is decorated with lights, rides on the restored bridge

Key words

The Ostarbeiters

Locations: Germany [84] Italy [110] Romania [182] Portugal [178] Hungary [100] France [77] USSR

Reel №2

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9. Military operations in the district of Toropets.

German battery firing on the outskirts of the city.

Map of the Central sector of the front, the scheme of encirclement of several divisions in the district of Toropets.

Attack of Soviet tanks, they are trying to break out of the ring.

Shoot the German machine gunners.

After the battle on the field are lined with American and Soviet tanks.

A German soldier approaches the tank, considering it.

The corpses of Soviet soldiers lie in the snow.

German troops moving to a new position.

Horse-drawn artillery moving to the area.

With battery is the telephone.

Batteries of all calibers opened fire.

Night photography: flash volleys, explosions.

The shelling continued until the morning.

The battle is over.

The announcer says that the German troops captured the Soviet soldiers 4200, they are on the road.

South-East of Toropets Russian lost 447 guns, 542 armored cars, more than 100 trucks.

There is abandoned machinery, trucks, tanks.

10. German submarine located in the southern part of the Atlantic ocean, they must save the crew of the German auxiliary cruiser "Atlantis", which after a successful two-year voyage was caught by an English cruiser heavy class and sunk.

German sailors in lifeboats in the open sea.

Team Atlantis take on Board, take the boat in tow.

Return home together with the Italian submarine, also participated in this rescue.

In the port the sailors say goodbye to Italian friends.

The commander reports to Admiral Raeder about the return of team Atlantis.

The sailors, Raeder shaking hands with them.

Pictures from RAID Atlantis: the discovery of the English ship and its sinking.

Key words

Eastern front

Locations: USSR [863]

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