Tonwoche № 561 (1942)

Newsreel №59820, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:32
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. Denmark.

The funeral of Prime Minister Steenberge in Copenhagen.

The ceremony arriving foreign delegations.

Memorial hall with the coffin, he spoke.

Carrying the coffin.

Should motorcade through the streets.

Flags at half-mast.

2.Rome, St.

Peter's Basilica.

The celebration of the 4 anniversary of the enthronement of Pope Pius XII. Believers in anticipation of the Pope.

Pope Pius XII balcony.

People in the area arrange a standing ovation.

3. Germany.

A concert of sacred music in the Cathedral of Cologne on the occasion of the 100th anniversary from the establishment of the men's choir.

A view of the Cathedral.

The audience applauded.

4. A celebration in honor of Saint George in Spain.

Costume parade through the city streets, go carts decorated.

The Sculpture Of Saint George.

In the procession is a children's ensemble with drums and bugles.

A mock battle and the storming of the fortress by the Turks, driving them out of the city.

5. Latvia.

Saving fuel farm machinery converted into wood fuel.

In the car, installed the pipe in which the charged wooden wedges and set fire to them.

Plowing fields on a tractor with this engine.

6. Latvia.

At the stadium in front of local villagers and students carry out demonstrative athletic performances.

The soldiers of the pipe in the horns.

Among the spectators many soldiers, including former students.

Girls in national costumes handing out flowers to soldiers.

Boys run the column in a circle.

Girls perform gymnastic exercises with a ball and sticks.

Boys are doing exercises, holding long bench.

The execution of the flip boys.

Girls show exercises on the bar, balance beam, different-sized bars.

Boys on the crossbar.

Girls dancing with clubs in their hands.

Young men playing with a ball, produces the show jumping.

7. Cycling race in Paris.

Cyclists, tandems with trailers driving on the street.

Fans of road racing.

Athletes jump out of the trailer, run to the tables on the stages of the race, marked and returned to the trailers.

8. Exhibition of works by the German sculptor Arno Breker in the Orangerie in Paris.

Poster exhibition date: may 15 – July 31, 1942.

The exhibits, which are examined by the visitors.

Monumental sculpture, bas-reliefs, Nude male and female figures.

9. The Nazi leadership at the meeting with the leaders and veterans of labor in the new Reich Chancellery.

Filled room, go down the aisle göring, Speer, Keitel, Dr.

Ley and others.

Goering suited to a young officer in the front row, shaking hands.

Rewarding veterans.

Speer brings to the podium a well-deserved veteran who delivers a speech.

The output from the Reich Chancellery and bypassing the guard of honor Goering and honored veteran.

Locations: Germany [84] Latvia [122] Denmark [60] Italy [110] Spain [205] France [77]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

End of story No. 9.

10. Romania.

The king of Romania Mihai I inspects military units on the West wall.

The king inspects guns.

Training shooting from different types of guns in the presence of the king.

11. Channel.

Alarm to artillery battery.

The gunners took the seats are shells, shoot.

Take off the German "Focke-Wulf", the pilot in the cockpit.

Fragments of air combat.

Drop shot down an English plane.

The air battle continues.

Another British aircraft burning on the ground.

A forced landing by parachute of the English pilot, the German soldiers surround him.

The rise of fighters in the sky.

Traces of tracer bullets in the air.

Fall and burn British planes.

12. Military actions in Hong Kong.

Footage from the Japanese Chronicles.

Japanese soldiers carry ammunition to the aircraft.

Japanese planes over Hong Kong, they bombed the ships in the Harbor and port facilities.

Terrain moving Japanese infantry, cavalry, equipment.

Of buildings in the city come from the British authorities to negotiate with the Japanese, carry a banner "Mission of peace".

Japanese ships shooting guns, the Japanese planes bombed British positions at the port and the city.

Burning fuel depot in the air clubs of a black smoke.

Japanese artillery shelled the city.

Japanese soldiers in the attack.

The Japanese in Hong Kong.

PNRM. war trophies: guns and ammunition.

The Surrender Of Hong Kong.

English prisoners in the square.

The English Governor is at his residence with Japanese officers.

Japanese flag over the residence of the Governor.

Locations: Hong Kong (China) [99] Romania [182]

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