The testing of nuclear weapons the United States (1945-1949)

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Scene №1 The testing of nuclear weapons the United States

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American sailing warship.

US President Truman descends the stairs to the beach.

Car Truman rides on the pier, on the running boards is security.

Oppenheimer R. at the command post during a nuclear test on 16 July 1945.

Soldiers lie on the ground, hiding behind the jeep.

Oppenheimer gives a command to the explosion by pressing the button on the control.

View a nuclear explosion.

Churchill Have during the meeting.

I. V. Stalin, V. M. Molotov and members of the Soviet delegation to come to the meeting room of the Potsdam conference in 1945.

Churchill in the conference room, Stalin talks to Truman.

Patrol at the entrance to a US military base, the panorama base.

Download nuclear bomb in the plane.

American bombers on the runway, taking off bomber.

View of Islands in the ocean (above).

Flying bomber opens the bomb Bay.

View of the stands in the United States.

The arrival of the Truman baseball game.

Truman makes the first pitch.

View a nuclear explosion, pictures of the victims of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Japanese child survivors of atomic bombing.

Truman at the stadium during a baseball game.

Churchill and Truman are riding in the car on the street in new York city, welcomed the journalists from the porch of the residence.

Churchill out of the car.

General view of the American warship and the bow gun turret.

Unloading of equipment and animals in cages with an American amphibious ship in the Bikini Atoll..

Panorama of the nuclear test site, built on the site of the town, the mannequins in homes before the beginning of nuclear testing.

American warships in the campaign.

Cruiser "Sakawa", designed to test the air nuclear explosion of July 1, 1946.

The plane flies over the aircraft carrier.

Cameramen in protective suits are shooting the air blast from the aircraft.

Flying a bomber, the cameraman is shooting from the aircraft.

View a nuclear explosion.

The destruction of buildings on the ground under the action of shock waves.

The destruction of the cruiser "Sakawa" and other warships, caught in the nuclear explosion.


Stalin Joseph Vissarionovich [842] - statesman and political figure Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov-statesman and political figure Harry Truman-American statesman and political figure Churchill, Winston -- British statesman and political figure Robert Oppenheimer-American physicist

Calendar: 16.07.1945 01.07.1949

Locations: USA [851] Berlin [821] The sea

Seasons: Summer [824]

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