18th Congress of the CPSU(b). (1939)

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Scene №1 18th Congress of the CPSU(b)

Delegates to the 18th Congress of the CPSU(b) in the courtroom.

A. I. Mikoyan, V. M. Molotov, K. E. Voroshilov, IV Stalin in the Presidium of the Congress.

Military buglers on the balcony of the signal.

The delegates in the hall applauded, Molotov, Voroshilov, Stalin, applauding, standing at the podium.

Military Academy of the General staff of the red army Cossack infantry units of the red army, who came to welcome the Congress, stand in line in the courtroom.

Sailors standing in the aisle of the hall, the audience views.

Lieutenant Chernopyatko I. D. says from the podium welcome speech to the delegates, the delegates in the hall, Voroshilov and Stalin in the Presidium listening to his speech, applauding.

The faces of the soldiers standing in formation in the aisle of the hall, Chernopyatko continues to act, Stalin and Voroshilov Presidium of the Congress, the delegates cheering, the faces of the students of the Academy of the General staff.

Voroshilov and Stalin standing ovation, the faces of the delegates.

Opening speech says Junior commander of the battleship "October revolution" Mylnikov, I., the view of the conference room, Stalin, Voroshilov and delegates in the hall applauded.

Playing Colonel A. I. Rodimtsev, Stalin and Voroshilov on the podium listening to his statement, the panorama of the meeting hall of the Congress, the faces of the soldiers and commanders of the Cossack, infantry, air units, the students of the Academy of the General staff, the view of the conference room, Stalin takes notes.

Delegates to the Congress, Stalin and Voroshilov Rodimtseva applauded after his speech, the faces of the delegates.

Stalin at the Presidium of lighting his pipe, sitting next to Voroshilov.

Pioneers and TNS welcome Congress delegates applauded.

Stalin and Voroshilov applauded, children give flowers to members of the Politburo of the CPSU(b) Stalin, Voroshilov accept flowers from children, near the Presidium are LM Kaganovich and Molotov, Stalin takes the girl in his arms and puts on the table, the faces of the delegates.

Pioneers and oktyabryata marching on the spot, then headed out of the room, members of the Presidium of the Congress applauded them.


Stalin Joseph Vissarionovich - statesman and political figure
Voroshilov Voroshilov-statesman and politician, military leader
Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov-statesman and political figure
Kaganovich Lazar Moiseevich -- statesman and political figure
Mikoyan Anastas Ivanovich-statesman and political figure
Rodimtsev Alexander Ilyich-commander







Congress of the CPSU; Political figures; Army; Generals and war heroes; Stalin's era