BIP remained in Leningrad (1961)

Documentary №59938, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:10, black-white
Production: St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio
Director:Gulin V.
Screenwriters:Gorohov V., Shlepyanov A.
Camera operators:Gulin V., Lebedev Yu.
Sound mixer:Beljskij E., Boronin N.


About the tour in 1961 in Leningrad, French actor-MIME Marcel Marceau.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Evening street of Leningrad.

Neon sign "Theater".

On the stage - Marcel Mars in the image of a Beep (fragments from various miniatures).

The audience in the hall applauds.

Marceau is on stage, with flowers, bowing and thanking the audience.

Marceau is on the embankment, looking at the Neva.

View of St.

Isaac's Cathedral.

Marceau is driving through the streets of Leningrad in a convertible, looking around.

Street of the city.

Marcel communicates with the residents of the city from the car.

A woman waves from the window.

Marceau waves his hand.

Street of the city.

Marceau in the halls of the Museum of the Revolution, with a guide.

Monument to Lenin.

Close-up - the face of Marcel Marceau.

Pages of old newspapers with a Decree on peace.

Marceau looks at the exhibits.

An artist near the balcony from which Lenin performed.

Close-up view of the balcony from the street.

Marceau walks around the Palace Square.

The newlyweds leave the registry office.

Marceau congratulates the newlyweds, gives flowers, hugs, kisses.

Marceau with fishermen on the embankment - watching them catch fish, then shows a pantomime with casting a fishing rod and catching fish.

Marceau is on the embankment, jumps up on the parapet, shows a miniature pantomime with a tug of war.

Passers-by on the embankment look, smile.

The Mars Rover at the monument "The Bronze Horseman" shows a miniature "Against the wind".

People wave to the artist, greet him, and he waves back.

The audience is in the hall, Marceau is looking at the stage, smiling.

Arkady Raikin is performing on stage.

The audience in the hall applauds.

The artists come out to bow.

Marceau is applauding in the audience.

An empty hall, the lights go out.

Raikin and Marceau communicate in the dressing room.

Kalinkin Bridge - Marceau walks on the bridge, shows a pantomime on the theme of Gogol's "Overcoat".

Bank bridge with winged lions.

Marceau walks down the street, stops at the gate bars.

He approaches the house, opens the door, enters the front door, climbs the flights of stairs.

Marceau plays a scene on the theme of Raskolnikov from "Crime and Punishment".

Summer garden.

Marceau is on the embankment, looking at the canal.

Marceau with an interpreter at the monument at the site of Pushkin's duel, on the Black River.

Marceau is sitting on a bench, looking at the monument.

Large - scale bas-relief of Pushkin on the monument.

Marceau presents a duel.

The general plan is a monument and a square.

Marceau is sitting on a bench, looking at the monument.

Autumn Park.

The building of the General Staff, the Arc de Triomphe.

Marceau is feeding pigeons near the arch, near the Palace Square.

Streets of the city.

Marceau communicates with a resident, talks to a group of children.

He draws a mime's face, the sun, etc. with chalk on the wall, writes in French.

The children say goodbye, wave their hands, Marceau waves back.

Marceau walks alone along the embankment.

Key words

Pantomime, mime


Marso M. - francuzskij artist pantomimi Rajkin A. I. - sovetskij artist

Locations: Leningrad [848]

Seasons: Autumn [826]

Reel №2


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