The Soviet Phytotron.. (1964)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kiselev F.

Script writers: Kiselev F., Shpikovskiy N.

Operators: Generalov N., Gorchilin I., Gutman I., Korovkin U.


About a phytotrone-an artificial climate station, which helps to grow plants.

Temporary description

Filming of nature, animals, bacteria, heart surgery, the restoration of the cathedral spire of Peter and Paul Fortress, fishing, earth from space, volcanic eruptions, performances of folk dances, jump athlete, shot film enthusiasts during the rest of scientific research in biology, during a flight in EVA cosmonaut Titov, scientific expeditions. Production processes are taken with film enthusiasts 1-st Moscow Watch Factory, the Leningrad Machine-Building Plant named after Kirov, Uralmash, Lugansk coal mine, Lisichansky chemical plant. Filming of the advanced production - builders Severodonetsk, Hero of Socialist Labor N. Mamaia, railway SI Skorokhod, Gromov, and others. Images from documentary and feature films "A Tale of living water," "Secret of Stradivarius", "One apple," "Shura, shot film enthusiasts of the Crimean Regional House of Folk Arts, Efimovsky House of Culture of the Leningrad Region, the film studio at the House of Trade Unions in Riga, film enthusiasts Kharkov Electromechanical Plant, on the yield of corn grown on irrigated waters of the Dnieper steppe lands of the creator of violins, a Latvian accountant by profession, now retired M. Zemitase about the events of World War II, taken from a story by the Latvian writer Birze. Kind of guides for film enthusiasts. The author of books on cinematography, a former film enthusiasts, now a professor Kosmatov, film enthusiasts in the group. Rostotsky film director S. conducts classes in circle of film enthusiasts in the Moscow Palace of Pioneers. Speech by German filmmakers, authors of the film "Russian miracle" Annalee Thorndike and Andre met with students of vocational schools. Images from the movie "Unforgettable Days" created by film enthusiasts trade schools of the days of learning of young Cubans in the USSR. Shooting Yaroslavl film enthusiasts cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova during its meeting in Yaroslavl, visits to factories. Images from the movie film enthusiasts Yustinova Yaroslavl Yaroslavl doctors for help, residents of the city of Yaroslavl, who passed for Vova Gulyaeva skin, burnt in the explosion of the barrels of gasoline. film enthusiasts MF Matusovskij poet, composer VP Soloviev-Gray, artists Kukryniksy NA Sokolov, PN Krylov, MV Kupriyanov during the shooting landscapes, paintings. filming landscapes, wildlife of India, Previous artist original genre D. Chatashvili during a tour in India, the queue for tickets to the performances of the Bolshoi Ballet in the Soviet Union, New York, taken Ballet Theater soloists spouses Vlasov, an international competition involving athletes from an American athlete, and Thomas W. Soviet athlete Brumel taken with a Soviet athlete I. Ter-Hovhannisyan, in America. Images from animated film Riga artist-film enthusiasts, starred in a parody of a gangster gunman. Leningrad. Leningrad architects during the discussion of master plan for the reconstruction of Leningrad. Baikov architect working on a project using animation . Images from amateur film Trakhman M., M. Golovnya, Tajik geologist's experience of life climbers in Camp Ambek "in the Caucasus, the life of birds (ringing, the birth of the chicks on the cliffs), the work of the search party in the Pamir Mountains. Employees of the Yaroslavl Oblast Party Committee in When viewing the next release of Komsomolsk spotlight "released film enthusiasts Yaroslavl. Filming of the next release of Komsomolsk spotlight" at the Yaroslavl plant Woodworking Machinery "Proletarian freedom." Frames from the movie film enthusiasts A. Panin "Underwater residents smoked on research expeditions to study of shellfish - scallops. Images from the film "Aelita", filmed by students at the Moscow Institute of Transportation Engineers on improving hands of young architects in the dining cafes. Young people at rest in the new cafe. Images from the movie film enthusiasts I-th state bearing plant "Smile Nature "on the cultivation of flowers at the plant in the greenhouse, floral shops of the plant. Manufacturing processes in the Moscow lab, serving 200 amateur studios.

Reel №1

Newsreel 1920.:

Initial shots from the film documentary filmmaker Dziga Vertov's "Man with a Movie Camera."

Animation: split screen - Removable film enthusiasts.

Crawling on the field, then gets up and makes the first steps baby - CU.

It removes the male-movie fans - CU.

Baby showers - CU.

Movie fans shoots wife sitting in the garden - MS. (Summer).

In the bushes with the equipment removing film enthusiasts artist Fedotov - MS. (Summer).

Recording: owl - CU.; Combat between the two lizards, lizards - CU., LS.

Of Leningrad - the family film fans scientist Gomelsky he, his wife and son - Shoot outdoors - MS., CU.

Grasshopper on a flower and leaf - CU.

Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor MA Peshkov pollinating a flower "gemantus Catarina", the fruits of which are his most valuable material for microfilming the study of heredity in plants - MS., CU.

Proceedings Peshkov - CU.

Mikhail Alexandrovich for improvement mikrosemochnoy equipment - LS., MS., CU.

Frames from its scientific and educational film - kinoposobie to lectures (moving microorganisms) - CU.

Lights, fixing the heart, on the screen of the medical device - CU.

Is a rare operation - an attempt to restore the heart of a woman in a state of clinical death - LS., MS., CU.

Students shoot operation Khabarovsk Medical Institute staff and Larissa Peter Yakunin - MS., CU.

Medical device, showing a return to the life of light - CU.

Four survived clinical death Valentine Direpa her savior - surgeon Smirnov - walking down the street - MS. (Autumn).

Sitting at the table, says a senior lecturer at the University of Tartu physical Roman Nevandi, reinforce and substantiate his thesis film frames.

Shot them jump start swimmer phase of the jump, the technique of swimming movements - MS., CU., LS.

Ancient folk dance sets "Turnip" (synchronous) - LS., MS.

Laugaste teacher, brought together a rich music library Estonian folklore, the editing table - MS., CU.

Monument Latvian national poet Jan Rainis - LS., MS., CU.

Monument Rusovich film enthusiasts, film-essay "Avesol" on the verses of the poet.

Seagull in the air - LS.

Sea surface - LS., PNRM.

Neva Embankment - LS.

The spire of the Peter and Paul Fortress - LS.

Next to Spiderman film enthusiasts scientists brothers Raspopova: Oleg - geophysicist, Igor - Hydrographer, both experienced climbers.

Their teacher - climber Yuri Spegalsky - gives them advice.

Spiderman climbs the spire - MS.

Spiderman on the spire - LS., PNRM.

Helicopter flies over the mountains, flying over the weather station, in the snow clears containers with food and equipment for the station's workers - LS., MS.

The steppe mountains to their summits are climbers, takes movie fans - MS., LS.

PNRM. the mountains.

Seiner in the ocean - MS.

Pulled out of the water network caught herring.

American aircraft overflying the Soviet vessel - LS., CU., Freeze frame (shooting mechanics of film fans Wisniewski).

Earth, taken from space.

Removed during flight in space Gherman Titov - CU.

Acting Crimean volcano: smoke above the crater, the slope rolls stones - LS., MS.

The snowy slopes of the crater rises a group of scientists, volcanologists shoot camera.

Reel №2

Film enthusiasts with the exposed film in the hands of - MS.

Working in a laboratory for film development and printing narrow amateur film.

Film enthusiasts I-st ​​Moscow Watch Factory shoot in the shop - MS., PNRM.

The movie "The clock shows the new time."

The screen clock of different brands - products of the plant - LS., CU.

"Sturmanskie" watch that with Yuri Gagarin flew into space.

Photo of Yuri Gagarin in the newspaper.

Girls-pickers hours reading a newspaper in the shop - MS., CU.

Assembly hours - CU., PNRM. the pipeline.

Images from the movie film fans of the Leningrad Kirov Plant of the most powerful country in the tractor.

Of plant leaves first "Kirovets" workers will enthusiastically welcome - MS., LS.

Running a huge excavator: Bucket of poured earth, leaves the bucket passenger car - CU.

TV (in telekorrektirovka excavator cab) - CU., LS.

Walking Excavator (shooting film enthusiasts Uralmash) - MS.

Lugansk mine control room, where a fully automated and mechanized all processes - LS., PNRM.

TV in the control room - CU.

Hydraulic method of mining coal mine in the Donbass Yaniv - MS., CU.

Remote control and automation of work in the shop Lisichansky urea chemical plant - LS., MS.

Pouring mineral fertilizers - CU.

Field of ripe wheat - LS.

Strewed grain - CU.

Working in a laboratory chemical plant - MS.

Construction foreman Vitaly Meadow - CU.

Pensioner, a former construction worker, MG Messenger with her granddaughter in the park (summer) - CU.

PNRM. for young city Severodonetsk city street.

Stepan I. Skorohod - Construction of the railway - MS., CU.

Kinoocherk of Vologda railroad workers, machinists and a pioneer BF Gromov, who proposed progressive method of driving trains.

From: driver BF Gromov is part of - MS., CU.

Group of drivers at the table book written by Gromov.

BF Gromov teaches the skill of driving trains his pupil (in the cabin) - MS., CU.

Essay-film enthusiasts of locksmith lekalschikom Glushchenko: workplace, hands Glushchenko to work with the finest tools.

Vice for precision work, a device for machining created Glushchenko.

Sam Glushchenko - CU., PNRM.

Shoot the Hero of Socialist Labor Nikolai Mamai in the mine.

Operates coal combine - CU., MS.

Amateur footage from the movie "Glory to my countrymen."

NS Khrushchev was one of the visits of Donbass (summer): out of the mine, the girl offers him flowers - MS., LS.

The rally in the square.

NS stands Khrushchev - MS.

NS Khrushchev at the ceremonial start of the first water from the builders of the North Crimean Canal, cuts the ribbon - MS.

Is the first water - MS.

Fireworks - LS. (Day).

Images from the movie film fans Crimean regional art "Tale of the water of life", about the transformation of the barren steppes of the waters of the Dnieper: corn field filled with water, high corn stalks - PNRM.; Harvesting of corn - MS., LS.

Amateur shooting of the film "An apple" on a story Birze Latvian writer, a former prisoner of the Nazi concentration camps.

Points and shooting stills.

Film enthusiasts in the editing room.

Reel №3

Images from the film of the Latvian film enthusiasts of self-taught violin maker pensioner Martin Zemitase (M. Zemitas filmed playing the violin and the manufacture violins) - MS., CU.

Excerpts from the movie film fans Kharkov Electromechanical Plant, shot on a story by AP Chekhov's "joke" with the amateur performances of the plant.

Illuminated advertising art and kinolyubitelskih movies - CU.

Animation: TV tower and vpechatka inscriptions from the influx in the influx - "Television Club of film fans, TV kinoputeshestvy club, on building of Moscow."

Vpechatka a TV screen - the inscription "Good morning, mountain snow!" Film by film enthusiasts Mark Trahmana.

On the TV screen - ate in the snow, hitting the screen.

On the big screen - it's snowing, snowy mountain peaks, snow-covered forest - MS., CU.

Continue stills M. Trahmana.

Alpine hut mountaineering camp "Alibek."

Climbers, skiers are preparing to descend, sunbathing, men bathed in snow and ice water mountain river coming down from the mountains skiers - different.

Amateur film of Leo Golovnya "Residents cliffs."

Stills from the film: rookery on cliffs.

Eider - MS., CU.

Young men are caught and ringed birds.

Eider ducks on the water - LS.

Images from the movie "Field Diary" shot worked in the search party youth Tajik film enthusiasts geologist experience Alekseev: snow-capped mountains, icy gorge, avalanche - MS., LS.

Two geologists in the mountains - MS., LS.

The youths took out a bottle of champagne, drink it from the iron mugs, listen marching player - mark the birthday of one of them - MS.

Reel №4

Continuation of the film "Field Diary": a young man in a mountain-climber Brook admits a paper boat.

Sailing boat - LS., MS.

Sitting, thinking, climber - CU.

Forest near Moscow - summer.

Go to the authors of "Moscow Nights" - film enthusiasts Matusovsky poet and composer Solovyov-Gray, shoot - LS., MS.

River - LS.

Moonlit path on the water.

Shot from a fantastic film about the "antediluvian monsters", shot film enthusiasts-artists Kukryniksy (hero of the film - a hand Mikhail Kupriyanov).

NA Sokolov, PN Krylov, MV Hand Kupriyanov, PNRM. on his face, he talks about filming, depicts a hand "sklochnitsu" removes NA Sokolov (synchronously).

Figures Kukryniksov - CU., PNRM.

Popular magician Dick Chitashvili appears on stage, he's at home shows friends shot them around the species films.

Images from the film Chitashvili "In India": elephant hauling logs, doused with water.

New York: PNRM. the city.

Posters of the performances of the Bolshoi Theatre, PNRM. on sitting on sidewalks residents wishing to purchase tickets for the Russian ballet - MS., LS., PNRM. (Recording artist of the Bolshoi Ballet Stanislav Vlasov).

"Screen" from the film in a non-combustible narrow apartment Vlasovs - MS.

Spouses Vlasovs gathering in the next trip, pack things: film stock, film camera, then ballet accessories.

Ter-Hovhannisyan athlete demonstrates his friend Valery Brumel his sport shooting, shot in America (American Thomas and jump Brumel).

Riga film enthusiasts shoot cartoon parody of gangster thriller "Secret Room 21" (a film artist and film enthusiasts Thais).

Stills from the film.

Group of Leningrad architects for general discussion of the reconstruction plan of the city.

Film enthusiasts architect Baikov explains how to use animation in his film, about the reconstruction of Leningrad.

Nevsky Prospekt, Leningrad pass (fall).

Reel №5

Animation: Books on cinema to help amateur - CU.

Creative Workers Union Center of Cinematography.

The head of the center - the film director, People's Artist of Russia Grigory Roshal - talking with movie fans - MS.

Events: the inscription "The show film enthusiasts» - MS.

Boy and girl reading a poster - MS.

Animation: Books for film fans, including a book by Professor Kosmatova - MS.

Leonid Kosmatov with a group of film fans on the streets of the village (winter) - CU., MS.

Shoot film enthusiasts - LS. (Winter).

Classes circle of film enthusiasts in the Moscow Palace of Pioneers, an active member of this group in the past, and now film director, Stanislav Rostotsky led lessons, advice on shooting (synchronously).

Schoolchildren rehearse piece of the future of film (synchronously).

The authors of "Russian miracle", the directors of the GDR Anneli and Andre Thorndike visiting young film enthusiasts - students of vocational schools - MS., CU.

Here there G. Roshal - CU.

Hosts and guests in the audience.

The screen of this hall footage from a film made by kids-movie fans of the days of learning of young Cuban friends in the Soviet Union, "Unforgettable days."

Travel to the big screen: warm farewell Cubans at the train station - LS., MS. (Autumn).

Footage of film fans of Yaroslavl: meeting his compatriot Valentina Tereshkova in his hometown - LS., MS.

Valentina Tereshkova is nearing a table in the shop Yaroslavl textile factory "Red Perekop" put into the machine thread - MS.

Babin and thread - CU.

Yaroslavl film enthusiasts the cutting at the studio - MS.

Images from the movie film fans Yaroslavl "People big heart": a passing car "emergency» - MS.

Burnt in an explosion boy lay on the operating table.

Surgeons near Vova Gulyaev.

Hand writing in history Vova - CU.

Outdoor loudspeakers on poles - CU. (Summer).

Yaroslavl residents listen to the radio message about the need for donor skin Vova - MS.

Donors have responded to the call at the hospital and in the operating room - LS., MS.

Doctors stitched pieces of donor skin - LS.

Donors who gave the boy his skin, visit Vova - MS.

Nadezhda Gulyaev, Vova's mother, tells his students in the class of people who returned to the life of her son - MS., LS.

Vova Gulyaev already well and learns - MS.

Vova photo he sent Yustinovu engineer, film fans, shooting the film - CU. (Zoom).

Justine at home and in the Yaroslavl regional party committee with a group of film enthusiasts and employees of the regional committee.

The hall lights go out, the screen shows the Komsomol newsreel "Kinoprozhektor № 1 Krasnoperekopsk region."

The Yaroslavl plant woodworking equipment "proletarian freedom" lying in the snow finished parts - CU., MS., LS.

Interview of the plant AF Derunova and head of supply VG Bushueva.

A conversation with the editor of film fans newsreel "wick" Sergei Mikhalkov (synchronously).

Split screen.

Reel №6

Images from the color picture of Anatolia Panin "Underwater inhabitants of the Kuril Islands":

seabed, sea stars, sea anemones (anemone swallows small octopus), crab, sea urchin - different.

Fish swim - LS.

Octopus - CU., MS.

Expedition ship, now out to sea in search of scallops - LS.

The vessel is immersed in water, scuba diver, film enthusiasts Anatoly Panin.

He's under the water - MS.

Scallops on the bottom - MS., PNRM.

On the deck of the ship pull network with clams - MS., CU.

Seagull flying over water - LS.

Two artists write in nature winter landscape (winter).

Amateur artist Tashkent textile mill in the studio - LS., MS., CU.

Amateur footage from the film "Rainbow yours, baby!".

A group of young architects who decided to volunteer on their own to turn the former dining room in a youth cafe, at work on the design sketches and working directly in the cafe - different.

Hands to play the drums - CU.

The young men who play the guitar, the piano - MS.

Dancing young people - MS., LS.

Images from the film "Smile nature" shot film enthusiasts 1st State Bearing Plant.

PNRM. with flowers on the plant (summer).

Icicles on building a greenhouse - CU.; Flowers - PNRM.

Flowers in a machine shop - CU., MS.

Removes film fans - CU.

Framing plans: performance of children the stadium - MS., LS.; Pours hot coke - CU.; Spilling grain - CU.; Harvest in the field - LS.; Channel in the desert (the plane), dog sledding on a snowy field, two bears a snowdrift - MS.; sea, the mountains - MS., LS.; flock of sheep in the mountains - LS. (Summer).

Running deer team - MS.

Travel on the overpass leading to neftevyshkam - MS.

Racing hydrofoil "Rocket» - LS.

Waterfall - MS., PNRM.

Removes film enthusiasts Panin - CU.