Drops Of Poison.. (1965)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Makhnach L.

Script writers: Aleksandrov V., Radovskiy D.

Operators: Buslaev U., Generalov N.

Anouncers: Vygodskiy R.


About actions of foreign intellingences of capitalist countries against the USSR.

Temporary description

Proceedings of the trial of a British citizen D. Brook, and events related to participation in the activity of D. Brook - Secretary of the British embassy A. Bishop: the delivery of the defendant D. Brook of the court hearing, speech delivered at the hearing the presiding judge Almazova, Attorney Terekhova, defendant D . Broek (all performances synchronous). Secretary of the British embassy A. Bishop in the yard of the Embassy in Moscow, with his wife in front of the Children's Peace ", in a car, airport, airplane, after the expulsion from the Soviet Union for espionage activities.

Reel №1

According to police prison corridor leading British citizen Gerald Brooke, a Soviet court sentenced to five years in prison for anti-Soviet activities.

Travel bag, an album of photographs of movie stars, seized during the arrest Brooke bodies of the State Security of the USSR.

Criminal litigation D. Brooks: interrogation of the defendant, Brooke replies to questions (synchronously).

Leafing English passport Gerald Brooke - CU.

D. Brook in the dock - CU.

Foreign plane taxis at the airport - MS.

Rides the bus with foreign tourists.

Hands skim thing Brooke - CU.

Animation: portraits of immigrants - the members of the People's Labour Union: Okolovich - Gestapo resident Romanov (Ostrovsky), Poremsky, Rahr - Vlasovite, send to the USSR Englishman Brook.

At a press conference in Berlin, said the former member of the NTS Rudakov (synchronously).

City of London - LS. PNRM.

City residents go to work - MS.

People on the streets of the city.

Gerard serves on British television (synchronously).

Secret documents belonging to British intelligence, we reveal the essence of espionage NTS.

In a courtroom in Moscow introduced the English Brook.

Defendant Brooke tells about the activities NTS (synchronously).

Courtroom - LS.

Preside at the trial of Brooke Chairman Division of Criminal Cases of the Moscow City Court of Diamonds.

Samples lay judges, Popov at the hearing.

Senior Assistant Attorney General of the USSR Terekhov - the public prosecutor at the trial.

Defender of the accused - a lawyer Hog - LS., MS.

Representatives of the workers of the capital, Soviet and foreign journalists in the courtroom.

British embassy staff are present at the hearing.

Portraits Dyuhersta Martin and expat George recruited Brooke.

Defendant at trial Brooke tells how he was recruited for intelligence work in the USSR.

D. Brook with his wife Barbara in the flat at the Muscovite Konstantinov.

Animation: American tourist and expat Nicholas, who was recruited to spy Konstantinov work in the USSR.

Arrest J. Brooke's apartment Konstantinov, who reported on the Soviet state security bodies in his house when a British spy.

Hands open bag, upholstery removed from the anti-Soviet secret papers.

Album with pictures of movie stars, in which the cover is sealed with secret papers, instructions for cryptography and receive encrypted transmission, code tables, plates for the printing of leaflets, miniature typesetting printing, carbon paper for cryptography, addresses Soviet citizens.

Brooke says in court (synchronously).

Reel №2

Courtroom where the case understands English citizen, accused of anti-Soviet subversion - LS.

D. Brook accused testifies in court (synchronously).

Present in the room listen to recordings.

Prosecutor asks questions Brooke (synchronous), the defendant is responsible Brook (synchronously).

Leaflets, gospel, seized during the arrest of Brooke.

Secretary of the British Embassy in Moscow Anthony Bichon, with which he was connected Brook.

Bichon and other embassies in the yard, Bichon and his wife at the Children's World.

General view of the British Exhibition in Sokolniki Park in Moscow.

Photo Dyuhersta engaged in subversive activities in the USSR.

Foreign correspondents took seats in the courtroom.

Defendant Brooke continues to give evidence (synchronously).

Bichon diplomat and his wife immediately depart from the Soviet Union by order of the Soviet authorities for subversion.

London streets, people on the street - LS.