The Judgement Day Will Be on the 11th of April.. (1965)

Film-document №6167 2 parts, Duration: 0:17:26, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Danilov L.

Script writers: Zorkiy A., Loktev A.

Operators: Istomin A., Kryakvin E.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


A film about the sect of the Truly-Orthodox Christians founded in the 1930-s.

Historical background

In the village Mudyug Arkhangelsk region in 1930. was organized by the sect True Orthodox Christians. The sect was of antisocial and fanatical nature. Conducted in her supplications were dangerous to the health of citizens and especially children's health.

Temporary description

Film about the sect True-Orthodox Christians, founded in 1930 an officer of the troops SV Petlyura Michael Kokitko. Arkhangelsk Region. Town Mudyug. Streets and buildings. Members of the sect of the True Orthodox Christians of different sex, age, commit ritual, praying. The trial of the leaders of the sect who is accused of abusing, beating members of the sect, including young children. Courtroom. Defendants. Witnesses give testimony (synchronously). Former member of the sect N. Malin gives interviews (synchronously), in family life with his wife and children at work. Production processes of transporting timber in the logging enterprise. Party meeting. Library. Club. Dancing in the club. The game of billiards. Children, including former members of the sects in classes in high school, decorate the Christmas tree, sledding. Winter landscapes of forests surrounding the village.

Reel №1

Winter landscapes forest Arkhangelsk - LS., MS.

Spruce covered with snow - CU.

Lumberjack smokes - CU.

Loading timber in the forest on car - LS.

Loading timber on railway platforms - LS., PNRM., MS.

Trains on the tracks - LS., MS. (Winter).

The wheels of a freight train coming - MS.

It takes a freight train; strelochnitsa 1st post station "lespromhoza" Vorobyov misses the train - LS.

The village of woodcutters Mudyug - LS., MS. (Winter).

Residents of the village street - CU., MS.

Wood house for high palisade - LS.

House sectarian - CU.

Sectarian character - CU.

Panorama from the lamps on the icon - CU.

On sectarian prayer - LS., CU.

Frenzied worshipers women face - CU.

Icon - CU.

Vladimir Baryshev in sectarian garb prays - CU.

Icons - LS., PNRM.

Works tape - MS.

Sectarian George Vorobyev home reading a magazine "Youth", a tape recording of listening prayer.

Children Vorobiev, he makes prayers.

Sectarian attire.

Religious books - CU., MS.

"The New Testament» - CU.

Homes villagers Mudyug - LS., MS. (Winter).

Photo sektantok and sectarians made during the "end of the world", which is widely rumored they occurred April 11, 1964 - distorted faces of the faithful.

Photo - Cross, which broke his head V. Baryshev edinoverke Lydia Meshkov.

Photos - children, suffering sectarian.

Photo - a window through which children brutalized sectarians thrown out into the snow, a newborn girl with which worked a "miracle", dragging her across the floor (photos taken vigilantes catch sects during the "end of the world").

Sectarians in the courtroom - LS., CU.

Lay judges, prosecutor, judge - MS.

Leaders of the sect brothers Baryshevs - Vladimir and Nicholas, their sister - Paul Barysheva, Nicholas Malin, Pavel Vorobiev and her son, George, and others in the dock - MS., CU.

Two sectarian in court on their knees, as in prayer.

Defendant "pastor" Vladimir Baryshev answers questions of the court (of atrocities during the "doomsday") (synchronously).

Residents of the village and working Mudyug "logging enterprises" in the courtroom listening to the process - different.

Photo of a newborn baby, a tortured sectarian bullying - CU.

In the courtroom, sitting Pioneer Galya Barysheva that sectarian forced to remove pioneer tie and pray.

V. Baryshev talks about how they were forced to pray children.

Boy in sectarian clothing - LS.

The witness said the teacher Fadeev of children caught in the sect (synchronously).

Photo: Nicholas Malin in sectarian clothing - CU.

Photos of children sectarians - CU.

N. Malin said in court about his attitude to the sect, repents (synchronously).

N. profits and other cultists convicted of fanaticism.

General view of the court.

Hands sectarians, dropped to his knees - CU.

Reel №2

Settlement Mudyug - LS. (Winter).

Supply passes through the streets Mudyug - LS.

Residents Mudyug outside at their homes.

Party organizer, master lespromhoza Ivan Grad says sect (synchronously).

The appearance of the club in Mudyug - LS.

Former Cultist - chauffeur Nicholas Malin talks about how he got into the sect (synchronously).

In wood burning stoves - MS.

In the house of sectarian worship women - LS.

The icons in the corner of the house - LS., PNRM.

The car passes the forest on a winter road - LS.

The driver N. Malin, logging.

Raspberries in Mudyug house.

Raspberry wife - Anna lies in bed at the bedside doctor sits and daughter - MS., CU.

Stepanida Golovin sectarian prayer - LS.

N. Malin, the director "logging enterprises."

Lighted window at home - MS.

Party meeting "lespromhoza"; partorg I. Grad meeting is - MS., CU.

Readers in the library "lespromhoza» - LS., MS., CU.

Club "logging enterprises."

Dancing in the club, the walls are women - LS.

Men play billiards at the club - MS.

Children go to school in the village Mudyug - LS.

Is a lesson in class (4 or 5 cl.).

Galya Barysheva in class.

Students in the classroom - CU., MS.

Settlement Mudyug - LS. (Winter).

Snow-covered roofs - CU.

The old house shakes sectarian child - MS., CU.

Children playing in the street, sledding - LS., MS.

Kids ski - LS.

A man carries a Christmas tree out of the forest - LS.

Girls decorate a Christmas tree.

Galya Barysheva - daughter sectarians girls decorate the Christmas tree.

Face of the old sectarian - CU.

Sectarian character - CU.

Lamp is lit - CU.

The shadow of an old woman-sectarian - CU.