Vadim Repin (1984)

Documentary №61695, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:02
Production: LSDF
Director:Stanukinas L.
Screenwriters:Golovkin E.
Camera operators:Volkov N.
Sound mixer:Lerner L.


Film-portrait of a 12-year-old violinist-child Prodigy, Vadim Repin, winner of many international music competitions.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Musicians in the lobby, before the concert, a boy (Vadik Repin) rehearses on the violin.

The audience gathers before the concert.

Hall, view of the orchestra, in the foreground conductor and soloist - 12-year-old violinist Vadik Repin (1st violin Concerto by Tikhon Khrennikov).

Winter, snow, view of the frozen river, bridge, letters "Novosibirsk" on the roof of the building.

Vadik Repin is rehearsing in the room - playing the violin.

Various b/w photos of Repin - at home, at concerts, with a violin, etc.

Large - Vadik plays the violin, drops of sweat appeared on his face.

In the frame - a diploma, a medal.

The general plan is Vadik and his mother walking down the street, a panorama of a multi-storey residential building.

There is a container of water on the floor, a bird is sitting on the edge, a panorama on the floor, a piano.

Close-up notes, a violin is lying, hands are gesticulating.

Vadik is in class, playing the violin, a panorama of the classroom - teacher Bron Z. N. is dissatisfied, makes comments.

In the frame, Vadik's mother is Galina Georgievna Repina (sitting in class, taking notes in a notebook).

In the frame - teacher Vadika Repin, listens to the game of his student, makes remarks, stops him, asks him to start over.

Large - Vadik plays the violin, the camera moves away, a view of the classroom, the piano, the teacher and Vadik with the violin.

There is a rehearsal process going on - Bron stops Vadik, makes comments, shows himself how to play.

Different shots of the rehearsal process - Vadik plays, stops, Bron makes remarks, Vadik starts playing again, and so on.

A bird in the classroom, a panorama of the table, a violin.

The foyer of the conservatory, people gather.

Children, Vadik Repin on the street - playing snowballs.

Vadik "hooligans" - improvises on the piano, sings.

The guys in the room are playing table hockey.

One of the guys hands Vadik a violin, he picks it up and starts playing like a balalaika, singing ditties.

Then Vadik takes the violin normally, tries the bow, asks to give him another one.

Panorama of table hockey.

Vadik starts playing the violin, improvises, smiles.

Vadik gives the violin to another boy and continues to play table hockey.

Key words

Violin, violinist, concert, rehearsal, symphony orchestra, music school


Repin V. V. - sovetskij i rossijskij skripach Bron Z. N. - sovetskij i nemeckij skripach, muzikaljnij pedagog

Locations: Novosibirsk [949]

Seasons: Winter [823]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Vadik Repin is playing table hockey with friends.

Says Vadik's father - Viktor Antonovich Repin.

Repin, the elder, in his workshop, draws posters.

A close-up photo of Vadik on his father's desk, Repin Sr. draws with a brush.

Airfield, airfield, planes.

Vadik runs up the ladder of the plane together with his teacher Zakhar Nukhimovich Bron and other passengers.

The plane takes off.

Vadik is on tour, walking through the streets of the city with his mother and teacher.

Vadik with his mother in the rehearsal hall, teacher Bron Z. N. plays the violin.

Vadik and Bron play Handel together.

Close-up - Vadik's face, a panorama of a window with an old lattice.

Vadik, before the concert, tries on a beautiful black hat with a large brim, looks in the mirror, around children in vintage costumes.

Vadik with a violin, wearing a hat, goes up the stairs.

Winter, snow, blizzard - women are walking along the road with children.

In the frame - a boy in earflaps, in felt boots and with a school satchel.

The Repins' apartment, Mom is in the hallway talking on the phone.

Panorama of the room, music stand with sheet music.

Vadik comes into the room.

Large - a record is playing in the player.

Vadik gives his friend headphones to listen to the concert, he comments on the violinist's playing, mimics, laughs.

Vadik puts on headphones, whistles, mimics the violinist, talks to his mother.

A record is playing in the player, a panorama of Vadik and his friend with headphones.

Vadik puts on an earpiece, listens to a concert, takes a violin and starts playing.

Close-up - fingers on a violin, a panorama of Vadik's face, his friend and the Stradivarius violin that hangs on the wall.

Moscow, the Second International Music Festival - a view of the flags and the Tchaikovsky monument next to the Conservatory.

Vadik Repin on the stage of the Conservatory, playing the Campanella of Niccolo Paganini.

People in the hall, listening in admiration.

Repin plays the violin, finishes playing, bows, there is applause and shouts of "Bravo!".

Panorama of the enthusiastic people in the hall, photographers.

Vadik's mother is sitting in the hall, wiping her tears.

Autumn, park, pond.

Vadik is walking in the park on the bridge.

Vadik is on the lawn by the pond, throws pebbles into the water, then runs away.

Key words

Violin, violinist, concert, rehearsal, symphony orchestra, competition, conservatory


Repin V. V. - sovetskij i rossijskij skripach Bron Z. N. - sovetskij i nemeckij skripach, muzikaljnij pedagog

Locations: Novosibirsk [949] Moscow [820]

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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