Sergey Esenin.. (1965)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Karpov B., Rusanov P.

Script writers: Prokushev U., Rusanov P.

Operators: Rusanov P., Shmakov N.

Composers: Kholminov A.

Anouncers: Konsovskiy A.


A biographic film about the great Russian poet Sergey Esenin.

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Temporary description

Winter, spring, autumn landscapes of central Russia. Daytime and evening shooting. Forest, meadow, field, river, ice, and stream. Horses graze on the river at night. Flying rooks. Movement of road transport on the country road. Landscapes of the Black Sea. Landscapes of the Caucasus Mountains. Village Konstantinovo. Streets, buildings, surroundings of the village. Senokos. A shepherd with a herd. City of Moscow. Building of the former printing IDSytin. Monument M. Koltsov. Baku. Minarets. Fountains. Cottage in Mardakan (near Baku). Monument 26 Baku commissars. Photos Esenin, his family members, close friends over the years. Photos by Duncan. Books Esenin. Newspaper articles illustrating the biography of the poet. Behind the scene sound poetry Esenin. Newsreel. Types of Moscow, the movement of road transport, pedestrians. Chronicle of the period of the First World War: farewell to the front, wounded, hospitals, hospital train, Lenin at the opening of a memorial plaque "fell in the struggle for peace and brotherhood of peoples" (November 7, 1918). Chronicle of the Civil War: the destruction of industry, agriculture, railway, destroyed residential buildings; crying child. 1920, Moscow. Passers-by on the streets, in shop windows, street trade. Street. 1930. Movement of aircraft, automobiles, passenger trains, steamer. Types of Paris, the Eiffel Tower (France). Types of Berlin (Germany). Demonstration models of clothes. Speech jazz orchestra. Dances of the public in a cafe. Crowd on the beach. City of New York. Buildings, streets. Skyscrapers. Exchange. Brokers on the Exchange. A. Duncan dancing in front of an audience. Baku. Streets and buildings. Bazaar. Teahouse. Kirov.

Reel №1

Winter birch forest landscapes - PNRM., MS., Hitting, LS.

Birch branches swaying long braids on the winter wind - CU.

Newsreel 1918:

S.Esenin at the opening of the monument to poet Koltsov in Moscow - CU.

Rural Landscape: village Konstantinovo, was born and grew up Yesenin, lost in deep snow drifts - LS.

Village Konstantinovo summer (Rural Landscape) - LS.

The farmer sows in the field of rye from the basket - LS.

Sweeps lark - LS.

Field of ripening rye, blooming daisies.

Storm cloud in the sky - LS.

Field of rye, country road - LS.

Dilapidated village huts - MS.


Animation: photo - Sergei Yesenin: child, teenager among the villagers Konstantinovo.

Photo: Sergei Yesenin grandfather Fyodor Titov - CU.

Work-worn hands of the old farmer - grandfather Esenina - CU.

Peasant hut: the room.

Fired oven in the house - MS.

An old peasant woman spinning at the window and the child at her feet - MS.

From the window of the hut visible birch - MS. (Summer).

Field grass - CU.

The trees in the forest, lit by the rays of the sun-PNRM. (Bottom-up), MS. (Summer).

Russian forest (midland) - CU. PNRM.

On a country road in a field is an old woman with a boy - LS., Departure.

Summer landscape with river meadows - PNRM., LS., MS.

Herd of horses in the night in the meadow by the river - LS., MS., CU. (Night).

Moon over the swampy meadow - LS.

The reflection of the full moon in the river (and the water is calm and crisp) - CU.

Horse drinking from a river in the reflection of the moon and the water with the moon displayed divergent communities.

Evening plan - MS.

The boys in the night by the fire - LS., MS.

The meadow herd of horses galloping - MS.

Konstantinovo village, the church at the edge of the village.

Summer - LS.

Country road among the ripening grain is a young man with a bag over his shoulder - LS.

Clones of ripe ears of rye - MS., CU.

Evening landscape with the setting sun over the meadow - LS.

Prerevolutionary Chronicle 1910-1917gg.

Moscow (Kazansky railway station area and the South Bridge) - LS.

Horse-drawn carts on the streets of Moscow - MS.

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour - PNRM., MS.

Domes of churches - CU.

Monument to Alexander Pushkin, floating clouds over the monument - MS.

Photo: Sergei Yesenin in adolescence.

Animation: a portrait of Sergei Yesenin against Moscow's streets - CU.

Ivan the Great Bell - MS.

Street in Zamoskvorechye - LS.

Yesenin with his father in Moscow - photo.

Photo: sign "butcher NV Krylov "on a house in Strochenovskiy Lane, where the father of Alexander Nikitich Esenina and the poet himself.

Photo: Father Sergei Yesenin and other clerks butcher.

Animation: Sergei Yesenin in the butcher shop.

Newsreel 1910 1917gg.

Carcasses hanging in the shop - MS.

One of the streets of Moscow at night - LS.

Lit a kerosene lamp in the window - CU.

Rain drops on a window, lit a kerosene lamp - CU.

The building of the printing house "Partnership Sytin," where he worked Yesenin.

Photo: reading-room printing, Sergei Yesenin among employees.

Work in the printing presses, there is a children's magazine "Small World" and the other with poems by Sergei Yesenin.

Reel №2

Buzzing factory whistle - CU.

Animation: printing shop, stopped working during the strike.

Rush to the report of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian royal printing Sytin workers strike in 1913.

The empty building typography Sytina during strike - CU. PNRM.

Animation: a portrait of Sergei Yesenin against documents "secret police", the house on Sergei Yesenin in 1913, taken for suspected involvement in the strike typographical workers.

Newsreel beginning of 1910-1917gg.

Autumn landscapes of Moscow, puddles on the pavement.

The leaves are falling in the pond in the park.

Reflection of trees in water, ponds and puddles.

Evening autumn landscape, a reflection of the trunks of trees in the water.

Reflection of a girl in the water - MS.

Photo: Sergei Yesenin nineteen - CU., Hitting.

On a wide snow-covered field horse and sleigh rides to the village Konstantinovo Ryazan region.

Winter landscape with fields, forests and a small village surrounded by snow drifts - LS.

Two birch trees on a snowy meadow - MS.

Ground wind is blowing strong on the uneven surface of the field - LS.

Village in winter, in the windows glow lights - LS.

Unfrozen stream flows of deep snow - MS.

Dark clouds in the winter sky - MS.

A hole in the river, a reflection of the month in the hole - MS.

Most of birch flung snow, wind swings long braids branches.

Wattle in a snowy field - LS.

Birch summer, the wind shakes the branches - LS.

Herd of cows grazing in the woods, a shepherd plays the horn - LS., MS.

Hay meadows, men mow the grass with scythes, hay rakes ted women - LS.

Girls and women, dressed in fancy peasant dress, sing and dance while on holiday in haymaking.

Sunset over the meadows haystacks in the meadows - LS.

Reflection Admiralty spire in Neve - MS.

Leningrad (shot across the river: the bridges) - LS.

Animation: a portrait of Sergei Yesenin amid streets of Petrograd.

Photo: Alexander Blok - CU.

And poet Sergei Yesenin Gorodetsky - CU.; Yesenin and N. Klyuyev - CU.

Animation: posters on poles, printed poems by Sergei Yesenin.

Book by Sergei Yesenin "Radunitsa» - CU., Hitting.

Photo 1916: Sergei Yesenin - MS.

Printed lines of verse Comedy.

Landscapes of Russian nature, illustrating poems by Sergei Yesenin.

The sun sets behind the dark clouds over the river - LS.

Photo: Sergei Yesenin in uniform in 1916 - CU.

Newsreel, 1918-1923,.:

Square in Petrograd with a monument to Alexander III - LS. PNRM.

Transportation of the wounded who arrived in Petrograd from the front lines of World War I, on public transport - MS.

Women accompany their husbands to the front - MS.

-Military hospital train N 143, which served as a medical orderly Yesenin - LS.

Sergei Yesenin and other pictures at the train station.

The train leaves for the wounded in the front lines - LS.

Soldiers buried in the cemetery of his comrades, wooden crosses on the graves of soldiers.

Wounded soldiers who came to Tsarskoe hospitals.

Hospital building in Fedorovskoye town, where he worked Yesenin in the fall of 1916.

Newsreel beginning of 1910-1917gg.

The wounded - LS.

Peasant reap in the rye sickles - LS.

Peasant in a field with a plow looks away - LS.

Reel №3

Animation: summer landscape with haystack.

The same landscape in winter - NPL, LS.

Photo: Sergei Yesenin in uniform - CU.

Newsreel 1917:

Animation: a portrait of Sergei Yesenin on a background frame of the revolutionary events.

Villagers flee to the meeting - LS.

Rally the peasants in the village after the announcement of the decree of the land taken by the Soviet government.

"Izvestia" newspaper with the text "Decree on Land» - CU.

Peasant woman with a baby hears a speaker at the rally - CU.

Photo: Sergei Yesenin stands of birch (filmed collisions) - MS.

Grassy field - LS.

Newsreel 1918:

Yesenin at the opening of the monument to poet Koltsov in Moscow - CU.

The people at the monument Koltsov - MS.

Moscow Kremlin Wall - MS.

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the first anniversary of the revolution opens plaque "fell in the struggle for peace and the brotherhood of peoples" in the Kremlin wall.

The plaque on the Kremlin wall in honor of the fallen heroes - CU.

Newsreel, 1918-1923,.:

Marching columns of Red on Red Square.

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Square during the parade - CU.

Due to an explosion on the battlefield.

Red Army soldiers go into battle.

War-torn railroad destroyed bridge.

Costs of inaction windmill - CU., LS.

Portrait of Sergei Yesenin - CU.

Newsreel 1920.:

Unsown field - LS.

Ramshackle peasant houses.

Poor farmer is at the door of his old house.

Wallow harrow and plow - CU.

Animation: occasional spikes on dry field.

Newsreel 1920.:

A hungry child is crying sitting on the road - CU.

Railroad tracks - CU.

It takes a passenger train - LS.

Steppe - LS. (With us), MS.

Animation: double exposure - a portrait of Sergei Yesenin against the railway (with motion).

Newsreel 1920.:

Colt runs along the side of the railway - LS., MS., Rapid.

Wheels coming locomotive - CU.

Racing engine.

Reflection in the water coming passenger train.

Photo: Sergei Yesenin's eyes - CU.

Newsreel 1920.:

A poor peasant family in times of famine away from home.

The dirt road is a beggar with a wallet - LS.

The streets of Moscow in the years of the NEP - LS., MS.

The movement of vehicles on the streets.

Pedestrians on the streets of Moscow - LS., MS. (Summer).

Miscellaneous goods in the windows of shops and stalls.

City Market, sells a food, industrial and other products.

Different varieties of sausages are sold in the shop.

Sitting street children - CU.

The restaurant orchestra plays - LS., MS.

Having fun drunken men and women drink wine, beer in the restaurant - LS., MS.

Drunken faces chewing Nepmen the cafe - CU.

Drunk women at the tables in the restaurant - CU.

Animation: Photo of Sergei Yesenin.

Photo: mother and father Sergei Yesenin - CU.

Promotional poster cafe dining - CU.

Promotional poster cafe Imagist "The stable Pegasus» - CU.

Other posters in 1921.

Photo: Sergei Yesenin Imagist group - MS.

Books Imagist - CU.

Selling books in the old Moscow.

Theatre Square - LS.

Reel №4

Quadriga on the front of the Bolshoi Theater - CU.

Animation: posters and photographs of Isadora Duncan on the background of the Bolshoi Theatre, Ayseidora Duncan in the hall of the Bolshoi Theater, Isadora Duncan at the Bolshoi Theatre.

Sergei Yesenin and Isadora Duncan in the dressing room.

Newsreel 1920.:

The foreign airport is landing passengers on the plane - LS., MS., CU.

Plane takes off.

Animation: the inscription on the background of European cities, where she performed Isadora Duncan during tours of Sergei Yesenin.

Newsreel 1920.:

Isadora Duncan's speech to the audience - MS.

The streets of Berlin.

People on the streets - MS., LS.

Dancing at the cafe - LS.

Plays jazz band.

Feet dancing people - CU.

In the kitchen preparing meals, the waiter pours a glass of wine - MS., CU.

People eat and drink in the cafe - MS., CU.

At the beach resort of European audience entertained.

Women in bathing suits on the beach dancing the cancan.

Men with musical instruments march marching into the water.

Yesenin resting on the beach.

Busy traffic of cars on the streets, pedestrians on the sidewalks in Berlin - different.

Home in Berlin, which was flat Alexei Tolstoy and poet Natalia Grandievskoy.

Photo: portrait of Alexei Tolstoy and Natalia Grandievskoy.

Portrait of Maxim Gorky.

Portrait of Sergei Yesenin, made during his stay in Berlin, and a meeting with Russian writers in the house of Alexei Tolstoy.

Landscape Ryazan village Konstantinovo - LS.

Horses in the night by the river, evening landscapes of Russian nature - illustrations to poems by Sergei Yesenin, which he read Maxim Gorky and Alexei Tolstoy in Berlin.

Russian forest landscape with birches - LS.

Sergei Yesenin documents on foreign travel, with tours of Isadora Duncan.

Newsreel 1920.:

Passengers in the European port sit on the ocean a ship headed to America in the autumn of 1922, when Sergei Yesenin and Isadora Duncan went from Europe to New York.

Ocean-going passenger ship in the way - LS. (With a / t).

New York (from the sea) - LS.

New York skyscrapers - LS. (With a / t).

In the New York Port of passengers arriving from Europe take off reporters.

American newspapers with photographs of Sergei Yesenin and Isadora Duncan - MS., PNRM., Hitting.

Streets of New York, the mass movement of vehicles on the streets among the skyscrapers - PNRM.

Pedestrians on the sidewalks.

Animation: Duncan and Yesenin amid skyscrapers.

Newsreel 1920.:

Train rolls by rail over the city.

Oncoming traffic on the streets - CU.

Bridges in the city.

Traffic on the bridge built over the streets of the city - MS., CU.

Exchange Table - LS.

Brokers argue, worry on the stock exchange - different.

Exchange Building, people pass in front of - LS.

Are people on the sidewalk, sharply marked shadows walking on the sidewalk - LS. (With a / t).

Evening plans in New York, the cast lights lights and advertisements - LS.

Reel №5

Newsreel 1920.:

Evening fires lit NY - LS.

Decorations in - CU.

Animation: a portrait of the mother of Sergei Yesenin against the evening in New York.

Portrait of a mother of Sergei Yesenin - CU.

Winter landscapes Ryazan region, village Konstantinovo - LS.

Evening landscape of the village.

Month in the winter sky - LS.

Rowan branches with frozen, fruits obyndevevshimi - CU.

Birch branches swaying in the wind - CU.

Streets of New York - MS.

PNRM. by skyscrapers (the plane).

New York (from the ship) - LS.

A trace of the ship on the sea, foaming waves - MS.

Birch with a full-blown leaves - LS., CU.

Portrait of Sergei Yesenin (after returning from America.)

Photo: grandfather and father of Sergei Yesenin.

Sister of Alexander and Catherine - CU.

House Esenina to village Konstantinovo - CU.

Rooms in the house - MS., LS.

Portrait of the poet's mother Tatiana - photo.

Photo: Sergei Yesenin home with a book - CU.

Blooming garden at home PNRM.

Blossoming fruit trees - PNRM., MS., CU.

Country road in the field, on the road is a man - LS.

Farmers in the meadow mowed hay with scythes.

Women in the meadow hay Ted - LS.

Animation: a portrait of Sergei Yesenin amid meadows while haying.

Larks over the meadows - CU.

Peasants with scythes come with hay - LS.

The snowy peaks of the Caucasus mountains, covered with clouds - LS., CU.

Ancient towers in the mountains - LS.

Tbilisi - LS.

Corniche - MS.

Baku - MS.

One of the streets - MS.

Bazaar - MS.

Tea house on the market in Baku.

Flowering trees in Baku - MS.

Photo: Sergei Yesenin in Baku among journalists.

SM Kirov, which Yesenin met in Baku - CU.

Cottage, where he lived Yesenin - PNRM., MS., CU.

Animation: Sergei Yesenin in the alley problem.

Minaret in Baku (evening).

Evening plan of Baku - LS.

Rain in Baku - LS.

Landscapes Russian fields of ripening bread - LS., CU.

Moon over the fields of rye.

Glare of the sun on the sea surface.

Reel №6

Portrait of Sergei Yesenin rye sloping wind - CU. (Evening).

Animation: newspaper "Dawn of the East", "Baku Worker", which was published poems by Sergei Yesenin.

Rolling waves to the shore of the Caspian Sea - LS. (Evening).

Moon in the clouds - MS.

Monument to the 26 Baku Commissars - MS., CU.

Separate figures sculpted monument - CU.

Caucasus mountains under the clouds - CU.

The waves roll to the Caspian Sea coast and breaking on coastal rocks - LS., MS.

The same is removed from the passage.

It takes a passenger train - CU.

Autumn landscapes of Russian nature - MS., CU.

Wind tore off branches remaining autumn leaves - CU.

Meadow with haystacks in rainy autumn weather - LS.

Autumn cloud over the river - LS.

Flying over the meadow larks.

Portrait of Sergei Yesenin.

Photo - different.