38 Minutes in Italy. (1965)

Documentary №6182, 4 parts, duration: 0:38:16
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Gutman I.
Screenwriters:Nekrasov V.
Camera operators:Gutman I.
Composers:Meerovich M.
Anouncers:Nekrasov V.


The view film telling about the history and sights of Italy.

Temporary description:

Italy. Landscapes. Rome. Streets, squares. The buildings of ancient, ancient and modern architecture. Fountains. Capitol. Roman Forum. Monument wolf. Monuments M. Aurelius, D. Bruno, L. da Vinci, D. Garibaldi, King Victor Emmanuel and others. River Tiber. The movement of cars, cabs. Exhibition-fair of artists on the street Via Margutta. Among those present: J. Rodari daughter (giving an interview in the Italian language (synchronously)), Mario del Monaco with his wife. Residents of the city different sex, age on the streets, in street cafes. The military parade, solemn procession in honor of the Republic Day. Turin. Streets and buildings. Landscapes neighborhoods. Vatican. The square and the Cathedral of St. Peter. Pass the monks and nuns. Personnel news: the ceremony of electing the Pope's College of Cardinals, greeting, ceremonial procession, prayers of Pope Paul VI. Carousel of roundabouts " - Pageantry of the papal guard. Milan. Buildings of banks, offices of various companies, stock exchanges. Milan Cathedral. Demonstration of workers in the Duomo Square on May 1. Territory and the shell of large industrial enterprises. The strike at the factories of Fiat, Alfa Romeo and others. Demonstration of the strikers, the police. Photos and news stories, shot on April 5, 1944 the leaders of the guerrilla movement in Piedmont: D. Perotti, F. Bilbisa, K. Bevilakkua, D. Bileri, P. Brachchini, E. Dzhakino, E. Dzhambone, M. Montano. The plaque on the spot shooting. Meetings with the participation of former guerrillas, including: F. Kapurro, A. Bottero. Cemetery of Italian partisans and resistance fighters. Grave F. Poletaeva. Tanker "Fedor Poletayev" in the sea. Personnel Chronicles [1930th, 1945. ]. B. Mussolini gives a speech (synchronously in Italian), photographed, working behind a desk. 1943-1945 GG Italian partisans (resistance fighters) train explosion on the railway. The movement ended. Explosion.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Travel on the road by car.

Landscapes with travel.

Travel by car to Rome.

Rome, removed from the height of the hill Gianicolo - LS., PNRM.

Monument she-wolf suckled, according to legend, the twins Romulus and Remus, who owe their name to Rome - LS., CU.

Wolves live, live on Capitol Hill - MS.

Capitol - the citadel of ancient Rome - LS. PNRM., MS.

Monument to Emperor Marcus Aurelius - CU., LS.

Colosseum or Flavian Amphitheater ruins - LS., PNRM.

Terms (baths) Emperor Caracalla - the ruins: the walls and space for waiting - MS., CU., LS.

Roman Forum - the political center of Rome with the VI. BC - LS. (With a / t), PNRM.

Fountain Square Navona - CU. PNRM., LS.

"Boat" Bernini - the fountain in memory of the great flood in 1624 - MS., CU., LS.

Tourists and residents on the street.

Pictures of street photography.

Man selling album with views of Rome.

Monuments of Giordano Bruno, Leonardo da Vinci, Garibaldi, Columbus, Pietro Mikka, Victor Emmanuel Second, Emanuele di Savoia - MS., CU. plans.

Morning promenade, gardeners are flowers on the truck, dig the ground.

The construction of the building.

Rome's Trastevere: alley.

Children playing in the street, talking, men, women.

The channel man with a fishing rod.

Piazza Venezia - LS., (With a / t).

Via del Corso.

Stairs to the Plaza de España and Plaza de España

Flower sales.

Cabbies on the Phaeton.

Horse eats grain from sacks.

Via Margutta, which annually in May and June, arranged an exhibition of paintings - Fair artists.

Various paintings, including abstract painting on the walls of houses.

Motif - different plans.

Picture-CU., MS.

Paintings by Renato Guttuso - MS., CU.

It also draws children.

Girl sticks his picture on the wall.

Artists talk to each other (background conversation in Italian).

Pass the police, the monk.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Children's drawings - CU.; Their author - Laoletta, daughter of Gianni Rodari - author of the famous Chippolino - CU.

Gianni Rodari with daughter (at home).

Rodari speaks into the microphone in Italian (synchronous) - MS.; PNRM. from his books on the shelves.

The walk, limping slightly (after a car accident), is a singer Mario del Monaco - LS., MS.

Letters sent to him - CU. PNRM.

Mario speaks into the microphone in Italian about the upcoming trip to Moscow (synchronous) - MS., CU.

Mountain landscape.


Flowering branches.


PNRM. through the streets of Turin.

Men relaxing in the park.

Rome, is a nun.

Gets out and goes to the Square of the monk.


Peter's Square, St.

Peter's Cathedral in the distance.

Cathedral colonnade - MS.

Vatican - a country in the heart of Rome.

One of the entrances to the Vatican, the papal guard.

Newsreel of the 1950's.

Solemn election of a new Pope: the Cardinals are sitting in a room Sistine Chapel (elections last few days out of the room and the Cardinals do not release).

Lock the gates of the cathedral on the bolt.

Guards at the gate.

The crowd, waiting for the new darling on the square outside the cathedral.

Hot baby drinks water, the woman unconscious.

The crowd watching the smoke from the pipe: black smoke visible - Dad has not been elected, white smoke - the Pope is elected.

One of the cardinal announces the name of the newly elected Pope - Cardinal Montinini, who took the name Paul VI (synchronously).

The listeners in the area.

Pope Paul VI took the papal chair.

It carried.

Modern Survey - Vatican.

Pope from the window of his residence a prayer before a huge crowd in the square in front of St.

Peter (simultaneously in Latin) - LS.

The crowd listens to prayers.

Protecting the Pope at the gate - Swiss Guard in dress XVI century. (Costumes designed from drawings by Raphael).

Presentation of the stadium "Carousel of roundabouts": scenes from the history of Sardinian Grenadiers, combat scenes, parade.


The military parade on the occasion of the national holiday - Republic Day are war veterans, alpine arrows - MS. LS.

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Continued military parade: passing tanks, rockets, fly planes, leaving a band of colors of the Italian flag.

Newsreel 1940.:

German soldiers marching.

Mussolini's speeches.

Mussolini is photographed at the monument to Emperor Augustus, and on horseback.

Killed Mussolini.

Italian partisans of the wounded on stretchers are on winter mountain trails.

Partisan hand prints the newspaper "L'Unita".

Guerrillas blew railroad tracks.

Falls composition.

Photo: Rifle landfill Martinetti, where 5 April 1944 had been shot eight antifascists, leaders of the partisan movement in Piedmont - CU.

The paper with the names and photographs were shot:

Giuseppe Perrot - Brigadier General Franco Salbis - artillery captain, Quinto Bevilakkua - working - socialist, Giulio Bileri - biblioterkar, Paolo Brachchini - teacher, Errico Dzhakino - employee, a Socialist, Euzebio Dzhanbone - turner, a Communist, Massimo Montrano - employee.

Photo: Cathedral in Turin, where they were arrested, the hall where the trial took place.

Prison 'Nusve "where they sat, on death row, where they spent the last night, a chair to which they are tied before the execution, the place of execution.

Letters of some of the executed.

Photo: report of the death penalty with the last words of the condemned: "Viva Italy Liberia" (Long live free Italy).

Contemporary photography - Sunrise - MS., LS.

Location shooting guerrillas now - a plaque, wreaths and flowers.

Former guerrillas Mario Burundi - CU.; Kapurro Francesco, now the owner of the gas station (filmed with friends near the gas station of the war years).

Piedmontese peasant family Angela Botter in the house, in which the leaders were going to guerrilla groups.

The plaque on the spot where two peasants were hanged for what they are sheltered and fed the guerrillas - CU.

Meeting April 25, 1964 the day of liberation of Italy, dedicated to the memory of the fallen heroes.

Italians are, men and women, with colored scarves around the neck (the colors of the national flag).

The speaker said.

In the cemetery at the grave of her son, 20-year-old Renato Lavedzarro, who died on the day of the liberation of Italy, his father, an old man.

Renato portrait and the inscription on the tombstone.

The graves of Italian and Russian soldiers who died in battle.

Tomb of the national hero of Italy, the Russian soldier Fyodor Poletayev (Genoa).

Portrait and flowers on the grave.

Is built in Genoa and named after Fyodor Poletayev ship tanker.

On the day of departure the ship home Fedor fighting friends who came to carry out the tanker, say goodbye to him with the flag under which he fought Fedor.

On the building - the emblem of the neo-fascist party MSI.

Multrabota - b \ w against the ISI logo appears Mussolini.

Workers' demonstration in Milan, dedicated to the celebration of the 1st of May.

Demonstrators come with red flags and banners.

Rally on the walls of the Duomo of Milan Cathedral.

He spoke.


Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

At the port there are fishing boats - fishermen on strike.

Cat walking on the pier, sniffs fishnets - CU.

Factory workers on strike "Moto Dzhilera" plant "Remote Control," car factory "Alfa Romeo".

Workers picket.

A two-hour general strike.

The workers go with slogans.

Workers on the roof of the plant.

PNRM. with a / t on road to the plant "Fiat".

Buildings of banks, stock exchanges.

The street dealers are negotiating group.

The streets and squares of Rome, street scenes - different. plans

Italian children - different. plans.

Cafe on the street.

Trevi Fountain - LS.plan, panorama.

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