Bear circus (1957)

Documentary №61996, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:52, black-white
Production: LSDF
Director:E. Vermisheva
Screenwriters:V. Filatov
Camera operators:A. Pogorelij, S. Fomin
Anouncers:I. Gorin
Text authors:V. Gurvich
Sound mixer:Yu. Korchagin


The film tells about the Honored Artist of the republic, bear trainer V. Filatov and his pets.

Reel №1

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Reel №2

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Movie №1

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Panorama of a part of the spring forest.

View of a forest stream.

Bear in the forest.

Cubs play in the melting snow.

Cubs climb a tree.

Trainer V. I. Filatov walks with the bear Max.

Filatov with the bears in the Park.

The cameraman shoots the cubs.

Filatov with the bear Max and the cameraman go through the forest, Max helps to carry the equipment.

Filatov, approaching the bench, removes the covers and trunks with equipment from Max.

The cubs on the bench are playing with each other.

Filatov with cubs in his arms.

Filatov's face.

Cover of Filatov's book "Bear Circus".

Filatov works at his desk.

The portrait of his grandfather Filatov.

Photos of Filatov with his grandfather and parents.

Photos of Filatov as a child.

Filatov talks about the beginning of his work in the circus from the age of five, about working with bears from the age of 16, talks about training bears as hard work (synchronously).

Filatov and his assistants during the preparation of the next number with trained bears, teaching the bear to ride a bicycle.

Rehearsal of a new trick with a bear named Potap, the bear resists and is naughty, rushes at the trainer and runs away from the arena.

Bear Max enters the arena on his hind legs, embraces Filatov.

Max shoos the cameraman away.

Potap is dragged into the arena.

Filatov is working with Potapov.

Filatov wipes his face with a towel.

The hunters bring little bear cubs to Filatov's apartment.

Cubs in the room for young animals.

One of the employees feeds the bear with a spoon and from a bottle.

The bear cub is sitting on a pot.

The cubs look in the mirror.

Teaching the bear to ride a bicycle, encouraging it with sugar.

Filatov teaches the bear cub Silva to ride a scooter.

Filatov's assistants discover the loss of a bear cub named Kazbek.

An employee of the circus runs through the streets and looks for Kazbek.

Children ride on scooters at the Kazan Cathedral.

Kazbek approaches the scooter left on the ground, picks it up and begins to ride.

Adults and children watch the bear cub on a scooter, take pictures of it.

An employee of the circus comes and takes Kazbek on a leash, takes him away.

The children run in droves after the bear cub.

Kazbek's return to the circus.

Filatov is practicing a new trick with a bear acrobat under the dome of the circus.

Filatov watches the course of the rehearsal.

The director approaches Filatov, consults with him.

Distribution of dietary food to bears.

Kazbek refuses to eat.

The veterinarian examines Kazbek.

Filatov is next to Kazbek.

The doctor prescribes medicine to Kazbek.

An employee of the circus gives Kazbek medicine.

Filatov's wife, Yulia Vasilyevna, and his daughters, Tanya and Lyusya, are at home.

Tanya shows her father a report card with excellent grades.

Lyudmila helps her father sort out the mail.

Letters sent to Filatov from the audience.

Filatov picks up the phone.

The pioneers invite Filatov to the Leningrad Palace of Pioneers.

Filatov and bear Max fill the car with gasoline from a canister.

The Gypsy bear pumps up the tires with a hand pump.

Filatov driving a car.

A bear named Monkey starts the engine with the handle.

Max brings a suitcase full of suits.

Filatov and the bears go to the Palace of Pioneers.

A car with bears rides through the streets of Leningrad, followed by a bear on a motorcycle.

The car goes along Nevsky Prospekt.

The face of the traffic controller.

The pioneers meet Filatov and his pets climbing the central staircase of the Palace of Pioneers.

The little bears Gypsy and Monkey under the direction of Filatov perform in front of young spectators, rollerblading.

Children's faces.

The bear Lyuska enters as a juggler.

Filatov shows the children a small bear cub.

Bear in the hands of children.

Filatov leaves with Max the bear.

View of a part of the bike track.

Filatov rides his bike on the track during a training session.

Max Bear on the grandstand of the bike track.

Max climbs over the barrier.

Max gets on his bike.

Max follows Filatov around the track.

Master of Sports G. Kurylenko rides next to Max.

Max pulls off the track, Filatov's assistants remove him from the bike.

Kurylenko and other cyclists sit next to Max after the end of the training session.

Behind the scenes, circus performers of various genres prepare to enter the arena during the evening performance.

Filatov puts on makeup.

Performance of riders in the circus arena.

Bears are prepared to go to the arena, dress them in costumes.

Max goes to Filatov's dressing room, Filatov goes out with Max.

The audience applauds.

Filatov bears before entering the arena.

The host of the program corrects the makeup in front of the mirror.

Max the bear looks in the mirror.

Max in a fire helmet forbids Filatov to smoke behind the scenes.

Filatov enters the arena in a cart drawn by a trio of bears.

The performance of the bears in the arena with different numbers.

Filatov in the arena with Max the bear in a clown costume.

Bears Potap and Arkashka perform an acrobatic number.

The performance of the bear Lyuska on two stairs, the faces of Filatov and the audience.

Bears on bicycles ride around the arena.

Boxing match of bears with Filatov as a judge.

The girl presents Filatov with a bouquet of flowers.

Filatov with a bouquet in his hands, standing in the arena, thanks the audience.

The audience applauds.


Filatov Valentin Ivanovich -- circus performer, animal trainer

Calendar: 1957

Locations: Leningrad [848]

Seasons: Spring [825]

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