YUKTE - SOURCE. (1989)

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Producer Krasnoyarsk studio

Director: Zayceva I.

Script writers: N.Gajduk

Operators: S.Chaplinskij, I.Zajceva


About the lifestyle of the Evenki and the descendants of Russian Cossacks. About how historical events of our homeland otrazalis on the fates of two characters - a noble reindeer herder and simple peasant.

Reel №1

The film tells the Evenk reindeer herders living in Krasnoyarka province, about their lives and way of life.

The film tells about one of the old Cossack settlements - Zaimka designed to plan the construction of hydroelectric power station under flooding.

The film was filming the following:

Part 1.

Creek runs through the trees in the forest.

Ships sailing on the river.

The crew at work.

Captain on the bridge, gives the team (sinhr.).

Panorama herd reindeer.

Evenk boy with a whip of deer.

Family Evenki herders moved to another berth: adults and children riding on a reindeer ride through the forest.

Family herders on the new parking lot.

Girl leads deer.

Men for butchering deer.

View plague tent in which the family lives.

Small child walks near the plague.

A herd of deer in the forest.

Fog creeps over the river, through the taiga.

Head of the family tells about the life of the Evenki reindeer herders (sinhr.).

One of the men is in talks on the radio (sinhr.) asks for a helicopter for a sick child.

General view of the radio.

In the tent at the entrance sits a woman with a child.

Another child, dressed in coat, sitting leaning against the pillows.

Part 2.

Evenk woman from a family of herders excrete reindeer hides.

View hung skins.

Man-Evenk talks about the hard life of herders (sinhr. and frame.).

View plague, where the family lives of reindeer herders.

Children sit in the tent at the stove, the woman washes in the pelvis.

Moving to a new family of reindeer herders parking.

General view of the taiga, ships, floating down the river (from a helicopter).

Black-and-white footage devoted to arrival in the village Zaimka its former residents, to celebrate the 270th anniversary of the village: the people on the deck of the ship, dancing,  sing; meeting on the beach with the accordion, priplyvayushih guests, people exchange greetings, talk (sinhr.).

Former residents of the village are on the street, remember their homes (sinhr.).

Building type Zaimskoy Nezhemskogo elementary school district of Krasnoyarsk region.

Managing the 2nd department of the local farm tells (sinhr. and frame.) About themselves, about the village and its impending fate in connection with the construction of another hydropower.

Taiga landscape.

Evenk children look-in ilyuminator aircraft.

Part 3.

General view of the taiga (removed from vertoleta0.Muzhchina-Evenk says (sinhr. and frame.) About the life of reindeer herders.

General view of the river.

Black-and-white footage devoted to a meeting of former and current residents of the village of New settlement, in connection with its 270th anniversary: ​​exchange greetings, talk (sinhr. and frame.).

A resident of the village at home, sitting at a table with a samovar, talks about her life (and sinhr. per frame.).

Interior view of the room, household village life.

Village landscape: Cow grazing in the meadow by the river, the village street.

Ships sailing on the river.

Captain on the bridge, gives interviews (sinhr.).

Deer in the snow in the woods.

Near doe fawn.

Mature woman Evenki (CU.plan.).

Key words

Features of national life. Rural settlements. Life. River transport. Landscapes. Schooling. Livestock.

Reel №2

Reel №3