A Clown is in the City. Oleg Popov in the city of Leningrad. (1966)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Derbysheva L.

Script writers: Braslavskiy L.

Operators: Baykov V.

Composers: Krylatov E.


The film is about Oleg Popov, a famous Soviet clown.

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Temporary description

Kinorasskaz of clown Oleg Popov: types of Leningrad, Oleg Popov is one of the streets, speaking at the circus with reprises "Traffic Light", "Drunk Lion", "cook", "Registry Office", "Perikolla", "Mukhoyedy" and other numbers (all sync.). Oleg Popov in his office in the museum, at home with his wife and daughter, skiing, fishing, is engaged in training; roosters and dogs, the assistant prepares a new number.

Reel №1

The sculptural group over the arch of the General Staff is a ray of sunshine - CU.

The reflection of the sun leaving the buildings in Leningrad - MS., CU.

Sphinx on the parapet above the Neva - MS.

Iron grilles urban gardens and parks - MS., CU.

Colossi at the entrance to the Hermitage - MS., CU. (Winter).

Circus artist - clown Oleg Popov passes through the streets of Leningrad among the bystanders watching the passers-by, their surroundings.

On the streets of rushing pedestrians, moving traffic in the winter cold day.

It takes a man, holding his hand leaving frost ear - MS.

O. Popov repeats gestures passer.

Policeman directing traffic at a street-going. - MS., PNRM. - CU.

A woman crossing the street at a red traffic light, a policeman stops a woman and makes her remark.

O. Popov watching the scene at the transition.

At street lights going off, pedestrians crossing the street at traffic lights.

Oleg Popov performing at the circus with a new number, "Traffic Light".

The audience at the circus laugh, applaud - MS., PNRM., CU.

Book O. Popov with his notes and sketches of the various cases of life.

O. Popov at a desk making sketches of his observations.

Drawing in the notebook - lion.

O. Popov join the circus with his number "Drunk lion."

O. Popov grimiruetsya.

O. Popov number "cook."

Children laugh at the circus - CU.

Reel №2

Speech O. Popov at the circus with the number "registrar".

O. Popov performs the number "Pericoli" (synchronous).

O. Popov at a desk working on a new number, making sketches in the halls of the Tretyakov Gallery, the picture looks for new materials for their program.

Repin painting "The Cossacks» - PNRM.

The painting "Moscow street XVII century» - LS., CU.

O. Popov portrays the character of one of the paintings in the museum hall.

Landscape winter forest near Moscow - PNRM., CU.

O. Popov in the woods outside Moscow on a ski trip with his wife and daughter.

Neva in Leningrad in the winter, fishermen on the river - LS., MS. PNRM.

Fisherman in the hole waiting for biting - CU.; Pulls bait with a small fry - CU.

PNRM. a fisherman in his backpack, you can see the neck of a vodka bottle out of the bag - CU.

O. Popov helps fisherman gimlet hole in the ice - MS.; Fishing.

Fish lying on ice - CU.

O. Popov caught fish - MS., CU.

Fishermen laugh - MS.

O. Popov in the metal workshop with a master tinsmith make a device for circus number of fishermen.

O. Popov with a dog and a rooster is on Square, the children trooped run for an artist.

It shows the children trained dog and rooster.

Kids have fun laughing, trying to catch the rooster.

Reel №3

O. Popov in kindergarten shows young viewers my room with a dog and a rooster.

Children laugh - MS., CU.

One girl was frightened cries, scared rooster and dog - CU., MS.

Circus poster with the program "Princess Nesmeyana» - PNRM.

Speech O. Popov and other artists with a program "Princess Nesmeyana" (synchronous).

Ivan the Fool with a stove, the number "Mukhoyedy" room with dog leaver.

The audience laughs, applauds - MS., CU.

The lights go out in a deserted since the circus - LS., MS.

PNRM. the deserted circus - LS., CU.

O. Popov rehearsing their rooms at the circus.

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